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SteSptelmSopober 10m tfatoicc 1ot2n:e40dd PiMhm  · After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.47K


Adam Lee Marcus I know people who died painfully from the vaccine. Want those stories?www.instagram.com/adamleemarcusINSTAGRAM.COM@adamleemarcus is on Instagram • 25.9k people follow their account@adamleemarcus is on Instagram • 25.9k people follow their account


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Stephanie KayAdam Lee Marcus doesn’t fit their rhetoric so I’m sure they’ll pass. 😓


James C. PattersonAdam Lee Marcus dude, I’m on your side as a Conservative, but c’mon…just ain’t true. And even if they did die from the vax, they’re one in a million.


Sara Keltner EllisJames C. Patterson one in a million?? Have you read all of these replies??? You know there’s so many more than these comments.


Amy StancombeAdam Lee Marcus I got the 💉. Totally regret it. My leg was paralyzed for almost a week, now I suffer from constant acute pain I didn’t have before.


Tamara GarrettSteven Thrasher 9 of my friends family died from the vax, and yes, it was painful. Clots, sepsis and organ failure. Horrific

Angela HuffstetlerAdam Lee Marcus me too Friend 🙏 But they don’t want to hear both sides ✌🙏❤🇱🇷

Francine BussellAdam Lee Marcus – I know plenty who were injured too with neuropathy, encephalitis, GBS and 1 teen who died from inflammation surrounding the heart subsequent to the vaccine.

Sam SmithAdam Lee Marcus No they do not.

Johannah SnowDebi Brewster they’re both weapons. Why take one voluntarily..

Amy Glosser MoserFrancine Bussell same. I review hospital cases and there are lots of awful side effects and now very sick vax covid cases.

Kristin DioguardoAdam yes. I lost 3 family members to the vaccine

Dennis BlandEdwin Soto I have lived through covid last November. I will check out my odds on natural immunity, before being a lab rat!

Courtney FarleyAdam Lee Marcus My dad had the j & j jab and not long after, had a massive stroke from a blood clot and passed away!!

Jo EskyAdam Lee Marcus , me, too. Yep, they don’t want the TRUTH!

Amanda Dawn TalleyTeri Christman and I know someone personally who just lose their brother who was FULLY vaxxed and had to be put on a vent and died!! But they don’t wanna cover those stories!

Pamela J Taylor-MohnAdam Lee Marcus Tell them whether they want to hear or not. We must truth is our weapon in this war. So so sorry for your losses. 😥💔🙏

Seth BurkholderSara Keltner Ellis that’s the same argumentpeople used for “Trump couldn’t possibly have lost.. did you see all the signs and people’s lawns”? This is clearly part of the scientific method 🤡🤡🤡

Harmony Marie ConnerAdam Lee Marcus same. The VACCINE almost killed my father-in-law too. A man who literally had a perfect bill of health beforehand, but was forced to get it for his job.

Mary Melissa Yelton ShieldsAmanda Dawn Talley nobody said it was impossible to die if you got the vaccine. But your chances are a lot better with the vaccine than without.

Amanda Dawn TalleyTeri Christman doesn’t matter if u believe him or not and u think we believe the news on these stories 😂😂

Jenny Mize ToufasAdam Lee Marcus yes please share. I’m asking because there are many that say it isn’t so 😢

Mary A KastrolJenny Mize Toufas My children’s father passed away after his first shot of a massive heart attack The morning after getting it. And I believe that’s what killed him.

Albert SutlickMary A Kastrol is that what killed him or is that what you believe ? Hard data only, please.

AmyJade EnglishMary A Kastrol no – was probably going to have a heart attack either way

Mary A KastrolAmyJade English well until he comes and tells me it wasn’t the vaccine that did it… in my heart that’s what killed him.

Carrie SteckbauerMary A Kastrol my friends family member who is young had a severe stroke after 2nd dose and his dr said it was from the vax

Sally HoltenCarol Oszczakiewicz Clements they were tested on animals but all of them died so on they moved to humans.

Ali GilpinAdam Lee Marcus same here and they don’t want to hear it because it doesn’t fit there propaganda bs

Pam ConklinAdam Lee Marcus and the stories of all the people with debilitating strokes, blood clots, heart inflammation….

Kristy BranchMary A Kastrol I’m so sorry for yours and your children’s loss

Teri ChristmanAdam Walthall Hundreds probably not dozens. Pretty much everyone I know is vaccinated and I haven’t heard of any long-term issues.

Ashley WindigainJulie Mccarthy it’s funny you say that because I just saw this a few days ago at a “City of the Future” exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific! I thought maybe I wasn’t comprehending what I was reading, so I took a photo!

May be an image of text that says 'By 2050, more than two-thirds of the world's population will live in cities. While this increasing urbanization brings challenges. it also brings opportunities, none greater than lower birth rates, which will stabilize and then reduce population.'

Cara ThackerAdam Lee Marcus did you get the shot??

Katie Kurtz HansenCara Thacker If you ask a personal medical question, be prepared to tell Adam Lee Marcus when your last pap or colonoscopy was! #FairIsFair #NoOnesBusiness

Tracy Stapleton-LutkinsKatie Kurtz Hansen and how would her pap and colonoscopy history effect anyone else? Do you think colon cancer is contagious? It’s not the same.

Joe RexfordTracy Stapleton-Lutkins So what happened to my body my choice like abortion

Bennett ReederTamara Garrett lmao this is funny.

Debbie PetersenBen Shienvold not few. I know of three fully vaccinated covid deaths. Two in their 40s and one 70. It’s only rare if it doesn’t happen to you.

Tracy Stapleton-LutkinsJennifer Branesky Smith Still not the same unless you plan on sharing your genitals and body fluids every time you go to the store…. but sure, I’ll tell you. My last pap came back normal. I get checked for STDs as well and I had nothing to report. … See More

Jackie OhSeth Burkholder those fools still have their signs up. 😂

Qi PranaGareth Menzies Yes, and he’s shown here in this news clip, confetti and all…0:00 / 2:25

Debi BrewsterFrancine Bussell all that can happen from Covid too. Up to 40% of the people who survive covid have a long term disability from complications of covid. That is a lot more people

Johannah SnowAlbert Sutlick seems pretty obvious

AmyJade EnglishMary A Kastrol you don’t know that 😂 you have no evidence to support this

Craig RutledgeAdam Lee Marcus Name names. Prove it

Corey RileyBrittany Reetz they’re ‘dead’. HIPAA doesn’t matter anymore.

Katie GreeneKaren Managor It absolutely fascinates me how delusional people have become, that they think their own local people are making up stories against the vaccine. Scary.

Ethan Sheltonדינה ברזילי you couldn’t be more right. I feel for everyone in the world but especially Israel. I can’t believe this is happening again.

Kristy BranchAmy Stancombe I’m so sorry that happened to you

Adam DeOcampoTeri Christman that’s cuz we haven’t reached long term periods of time yet lmao

Sarah Prout No matter what your perspective is, strengthen and take care of your health and your immune system. I’d like to see a story about the most powerful ways to stay healthy. Not just one steady stream of fear.


KrisAnne Hall, JD I am a Constitutional lawyer. Please watch and learn your right to refuse. https://youtu.be/AKk7dnMuqzw

Episode 1382 The KrisAnne Hall Show

YOUTUBE.COMEpisode 1382 The KrisAnne Hall ShowEpisode 1382 The KrisAnne Hall Show


Spike Cohen This wasn’t the response you expected, I suspect.


Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife I’m just here for the ratio. 👍🏻


Justin Barclay Losing anyone is hard. I absolutely feel for each of these folks. Just curious, when is the story coming about those who lost loved one’s who were fully jabbed?