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About Nukepro

Nukepro started right after Fukushima 3-11-2011

Being an energy expert, I was a “fan” of energy technologies, and I thought it was cool that nuclear was being embraced as “green”. Until I studied what the industry had become. A horribly greedy AND inept business model that controlled their regulators.

After Unit 3 blew sky high on released video, they went into full censorship mode. And many digital warriors worked hard to expose their lies. The US news media were still referring to the Fukushima units as “reactors” and as is often the case with me, I woke at 3AM with a mission to find the real truth. I uncovered a series of pictures and information that I pieced into an email to spread to friends and family. One recipient wrote back early in the morning that I should submit that to Zerohedge, which I did and it went viral. Instantly, there were hundreds of thousands of eyes watching the tragedy of Fukushima unfold.