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EVs Compared to Gas Vehicles

stock here: I do have the ability to do the engineering on these figures.

I know one rule of thumb I have used successfully for Solar customers with EVs is that the average EV gets 3 miles per kWH. Average people on the street are now asking me my opinion on EVs, it seems many people are souring on them.

1 gallon of gasoline = 33.7 kWh.

Gasoline: $2.52/g (Sams Club, MO, 6Dec2023)
Public Charger: $16.18/g equivalent (.48 kWh)
Home Charger: $4.72/g equivalent (.14 kWh)

seen on ZH

stock here: submitted by Lot’s Wife. I have pondered if every “intelligent” society (and by that I mean aliens too) ends up poisoning themselves like bacteria in a petri dish, through cycle that only a small percent survive, and then repeat the cycle. Still the Psychopathy of those in the “elite” circles that drive our current “Lab Rat” phase of history….still…..

If sleep-walking in the dark is your default setting, these facts may cause you to stub a toe. Or to perhaps dispute the Democrat daydream that gender dysphoria is an evolutionary advance.


It’s also found in toilet paper. Happy evacuations now tinged with system-wide poisons. Consider implications to life span, progeny, and well being. Meanwhile, people with experience in politics and communications sit on their thumbs.




“Bellincat” Is a Western Security State Funded Progaganda Psy-Op Program

Funded by many Anonymous Donors….hmmmm


They can teach you how to avoid disinformation, by giving you disinformation…..LOL check it out



Insanity: Only 1/3 of REpublicans Believe there Will Be Voting Fraud This Year

72% of Democrats have high confidence their party will count votes “correctly”.

So one question….what has been done to increase voting security? Nothing that I have seen.

From the Epoch Times


Nearly all Democrat voters, or 93 percent, said President Biden won the election fairly, while about 21 percent of Republican voters believe he won it fair and square. Sixty-eight percent of Republicans, according to that poll, said he won the race “due to voter fraud.” Meanwhile, 58 percent of independent voters said the president won without any fraud.

So let me break this down…among independents, 42% believe that Biden would not have won, without voter fraud….

Got it?


Mearsheimer: Hamas Not the Existential Threat to Israel, No Sheet Sherlock

Mearsheimer really knows political history.

Here, he breaks it down in 2 minutes.


Civil War, and the Succession of Southern States: South Carolina Left the North In Order to “Abolish Slavery” What! Wait!

stock here, I dont have time to dig in, but maybe this first link provides information on other succeeding states.

On the 4th of March next, this party will take possession of the Government. It has announced, that the South shall be excluded from the common Territory; that the Judicial Tribunals shall be made sectional, and that a war must be waged against slavery until it shall cease throughout the United States.


Georgia seems more clear about wanting to maintain slavery, i.e. their property. But have a read yourself.



As Long As The Palestinians Have Genuine Grievances, There Will Be No End to Hamas

stock here: surely Israel realizes this. So what is their game? I wrote this November 23, and it sat in the draft pile until Dec 29 2023. Here it is.

Israel Economy Minister stated that

Barakat said that Israel would turn Hamas’ underground terrorist tunnel into the “world’s biggest cemetery.”


This seems an odd statement, unless the goal is to create global disgust, and to create large amounts of spoken anti-Jewish sentiment. Maybe the holocaust has “worn off”. And just like a cow, they can’t keep milking it for 75 years.

The article appears to way overstate the numbers, IMHO.

Those two terror groups are estimated to have approximately 50,000 fighters total.

Also in complete gaslighting disgusting irony, the Israeli military is continued to be referred to as “The Defense Force”.

Oh, and just an aside….I have never been presented with any proof that 1400 Israelis were killed in the original raid. And coming in on para-gliders seems absurd

It seems that this is part of a larger program that could erupt at any moment. Ukraine may have already played their part in the distraction, and disgust. Ukraine is wrecked as John Mearsheimer predicted. The $500B rebuild may be one of the objectives of the War Mongers that be.

The Newstatesman lumps Mearsheimer into the box of the world’s most hated thinker. Hmmmm


The presentation at the Romania Energy Center, 2018, the Future of NATO in the Age of Trump


Beyond Belief

Using low teenage girls to draw
“immigrants” into the country.


Life of Jesus As Described by the History Channel

stock, posting now, submitted by a reader.


A 32 Page Bulletin From the Masons of the Scottish Rite

Real Journalism, presenting real information to let you consume and judge, even sleuth out some real hidden truths.

It’s on Box:


INDIVIDUAL POWER: Why are people afraid to talk about it?….much less even do something about it?

stock here: I occasionally read Jon Rappoport, I think he hits a key point here…..


Because they equate it with misuse of power.

The two are not the same.

I’m talking about the power to affect events; the power to move toward more freedom from oppression, the power to sweep away the garbage of control being exercised over us.

I’m talking about the power to fight and win against evil.

The power to create an enterprise based on merit.

The power to expand that enterprise.

The power to resist slave masters.

The power to rise above the mob mislabeled “democracy.”

The power of the individual to stand up, speak out, and the power to break the chains of cause and effect that would box us in.

The power to invent new realities.

The power to reject those who say we should have no power.

The power to defeat those who claim we must be as weak as the weakest among us.

The power to go beyond the inhibiting strictures of The Group.

The power of the individual to think, and think for himself.

The power to make one’s own future.

The power to stand alone, when necessary.

The power to choose, freely, to work with other honest and honorable individuals.

The power to tear off the masks of groups who pretend to work for the greater good.

The power of the individual to succeed in what he is doing, and not abandon what he is doing because others are failing.

The power to reject the lowest common denominator.

The power to make freedom with responsibility the center of life.

The power to go beyond what we’re told the individual is capable of doing.

The power to reject the shame and guilt other people tell us we should feel. The power to shrug that off like dust.

The power to neutralize and destroy evil Collectivism.

The power to walk freely, even if others insist on crawling.

The power to remove dictatorships over body, mind, and soul.

The power to reject conformity.

The power to use all this power without enslaving others.

There is an obvious and crucial difference between individual power and hostile power over others. There should be no limit on the former, and every limit on the latter.

The law, applied correctly, should enforce the latter.

Because we live in a time of massive Collectivism, individuals are afraid to speak out on their own behalf. This is a fatal mistake.

Collectivism (the group is all) is a con designed to make it seem that enlightened leaders can rule and act on behalf of everyone in the same charitable way. This is unworkable. More than that, it’s a ruse criminals use to rise to political power. Meaning: control. They proclaim themselves prophets and messiahs of a better world—but they’re seeking slaves.

The individual stands against all forms of Collectivism and their disguises.


Within those forms, there are always individuals who aim to gain and use power over others.

If there were an individual who could take off from the ground and fly over rooftops and swoop above streets, it would take about an hour for angry mobs to gather below him, shake their fists, and try to bring him down.

Regardless of their claimed reasons for attempting to destroy him, their real reason would be: they’re pledged to weakness. That’s their ace in the hole. That’s all they have. The “flying man” is unassailable evidence that weakness is not all there is…


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops — Non-Taxed, And Promoting a Leftist Agenda

Anyone watching would have know for years that the current Pope is a Leftist, Globalist, Piece of Sheet. But now we see how this “solidarity” is distributed through the ranks…..The USCCB needs to be exposed.


I propose, for those who actively shy away from spirituality because of it’s proximity to organized religion, to consider this….with the great evil that exists in the world, if there were not a counterbalancing force of goodness, then we would truly be living in hell on earth already.


Turbo Cancers Fueled By the mRNA Injections, Swiss Data

According to Helsana, a major Swiss health insurance company, since 2016 the number of patients receiving cancer treatments has decreased. However, something changed in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, Helsana’s data shows there was a dramatic increase of 73% compared to 2020 in the number of patients receiving cancer treatments. And the high number of cancer patients continued in 2022 with an increase of 74% compared to 2020


“Experts” are worried? I’m worried about the “experts.” They seem to be having great difficulty – on a grand scale – in connecting one dot to another. (Though they are in near universal agreement in knowing ABSOLUTELY what it ISN’T). An unprecedented wave of “Baffling Syndrome” is surging through the worlds medical establishment like a tsunami. Certainly, there’s a safe and effective shot for this? They should mandate it….for the benefit of humanity. 🤥 “What’s good for the goose…..”

Korean Studies Indicate What Our Government is Hiding

December 5, 2023


Fox News Medical Advisor, Beats Around the Bush, Finishing With “The Vaccine” Is An Elephant in the Room on Excess Deaths in USA

stock here: so it appears that calling out the “Vaccine” as a long term cause of death is now “Inside the Overton Window”. They want us to know we are being abused for numerous psychological reasons.


Gaza Genocide: It’s Not A Warning, It’s a Threat: You Attack Us, We Genocide You and All of Yours

stock here: I have pondered what this meant, with Israel early on declaring it was going to make the worlds largest graveyard out of Gaza. Now I know…If you criticize the J$$s, they will Genocide everything you hold dear.

As “they” and the classic power structures that are going for world domination with no possibility of effective retort….they are saying that resistance even bad remarks, will be met with genocide. This goes for the Jesuits, the Illuminati, the super rich.


The Leftists Would Rather Burn It All To the Ground Than Relinquish the Power They Have Already Grabbed

stock here: the thought occurred to me that they would rather burn it to the ground. And part of what is occurring now is that they are burning the food plants, burning the forest, burning houses….but the main Goal is a regime change via Disaster Capitalism, using methods of the “Chicago Boys” and others. Fear via high food cost and fear of lack of food are part of that strategy. But the other burnings result in huge insurance claims, that will destabilize. And think of the Excess deaths, and how that could totally bankrupt many insurance companies. But if they don’t succeed they will be fine with burning all the rest of it.

So we can’t just de-power them. They have stolen massive financial assets, and also acquired them via monopoly type structures.

That said I worked with a PA friend to greatly upgrade my burn preparedness first aid kits. I can share if anyone wants. Yes, that is the stage we are in.

stock out


They Intend To Blast You With So Much “News” That You Will Scream For Your Further Enslavement

stock here, as we rocket into Christmas…..


Lahaina Fire: Pickup Body Burnt, Tires Popped Off The Bead, Windows all Melted. Right Next to Unpainted Picket Fence, Unscatched

stock here: That’s about all I got to say about That.


Let’s Talk About Nimrata Haley, You Know “Nikki” Sounds So Cute For a War Mongerer

stock here: I asked ChatGDP for some research help RE “Nikki”, my query was as below. But let me sound bite the highlights, in 2016 she started work in the Trump admin. By 2018 She and her husband had a net worth less than $1M. She quit Trump’s administration, joined the Boeing Board, Started giving speeches to Zionist organizations among others, and rocketed to over $8M by the end of 2022.

Nimrata always has a funny look.

Even the mainstream media seems to be pushing for Nikki Haley as the republican candidate for 2024 presidential election. That seems odd, maybe it is because the MSM hates Trump it seems. I am personally concerned because I believe the USA has been involved in way too many wars and regime changes, and Nikki Haley (what is her really name and age and spouse and kids???) seems to support every war and “operation”. She is also very involved with military contractors and is reported to have been enriched by her relation with the military industrial complex. Can you provide examples of all of this from recent history as related to Nikki Haley. Recently Joe Biden stated that he has been a Zionist for 35 years. Can you provide a two level description of what Zionism means to different factions. And is Nikki Haley also a Zionist?

Nikki Haley’s full name is Nimrata “Nikki” Haley. She was born on January 20, 1972, and her spouse is Michael Haley. They have two children.

Haley’s stance on military intervention has been perceived as hawkish. During her tenure as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (2017-2018), she was notably vocal about American military involvement, especially concerning Syria. She supported strikes against the Assad regime following chemical attacks in Syria, advocating for stronger action against the government.

Regarding her ties to the military-industrial complex, while there’s been criticism regarding potential conflicts of interest due to her associations and advocacy for increased defense spending, direct evidence of personal enrichment is less clear-cut.

Regarding Zionism, it’s a complex and multifaceted ideology. Generally, it refers to the belief in and support for the establishment and preservation of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. However, interpretations and implications of Zionism can differ widely among various factions:

  1. Supporters: For many Jewish people and supporters, Zionism represents the right to self-determination for the Jewish people and the existence of Israel as a homeland. It’s seen as a movement aimed at ensuring Jewish safety and continuity after centuries of persecution.
  2. Critics: Some view Zionism through a critical lens, particularly in relation to Palestinian rights and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They might perceive Zionism as a colonial movement that led to the displacement of Palestinians and ongoing tensions in the region.

As for Nikki Haley’s stance on Zionism, she has expressed strong support for Israel during her time in the UN, aligning with a pro-Israel stance often associated with Zionism. Haley has been outspoken in defending Israel in various international forums, asserting its right to self-defense and criticizing what she saw as biased treatment of Israel at the UN.

It’s important to note that while Joe Biden mentioned his long-standing support for Israel, identifying as a Zionist, the term carries different connotations for different individuals based on their perspectives and experiences. As for Haley, her vocal support for Israel aligns with a pro-Zionist stance in terms of advocating for Israel’s legitimacy and security.

—————————————— A further query on ties to the military contractors


Could you restate that with more detail on her interactions with US military contractors, I think she worked for one or two.ChatGPT

Nikki Haley’s career trajectory involves ties to military contractors, although her direct employment with such entities has been limited.

During her tenure as Governor of South Carolina, Haley was involved in promoting the state’s aerospace and defense industries. South Carolina hosts major defense contractors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and others. While she actively advocated for their interests to boost job creation and economic growth in her state, her advocacy didn’t necessarily translate into personal enrichment through direct employment.

After leaving her role as Governor, Haley joined the board of Boeing, a major aerospace and defense contractor, in 2019. Her appointment raised some eyebrows due to her political background and connections. Critics have pointed to potential conflicts of interest, as her role on the board of a major defense contractor might influence her policy decisions or advocacy in favor of increased defense spending.

However, concrete evidence linking her personal enrichment directly to her involvement with military contractors remains somewhat speculative and hasn’t been explicitly proven.

While her positions might suggest a favorable disposition toward defense contractors and increased military spending, any direct financial enrichment as a result of these associations hasn’t been definitively established.

Is ChatGDP Zionist? It sure appears that Chat GDP doesn’t want to talk about Nikki’s wealth. But a Forbes article clearly shows how when she quit Trump in 2018, with $1m assets, she then rocketed to $8M by 2023. Hmmmmm, like in 2022: companies like Barclays and organizations such as the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs provided more money in a day than Haley had previously earned in a year.

back to what ChatGDP came up with, it’s not quite lying, but we dont need exact year over year figures.



How about this? Is there any open sources that list her and her husbands net worth throughout the years.ChatGPT

As of my last update in January 2022, there were no comprehensive public sources that continuously track the net worth of Nikki Haley and her husband over the years. Information about the net worth of public figures often comes from disclosures made during their political careers or from estimates by financial analysts based on available information.

Nikki Haley has released some financial disclosures during her political career, which typically provide insights into her assets, investments, and sources of income during specific periods, especially when serving in government roles. These disclosures might offer snapshots of her financial situation during those times, but they don’t provide a continuous, year-by-year breakdown of her net worth.

These disclosures are often made during campaigns, when assuming public office, or in compliance with ethics regulations for public officials. The specifics can vary in terms of depth and transparency depending on the requirements of the position and the jurisdiction.

Haley’s net worth, like many public figures, may have fluctuated due to investments, board positions, speaking engagements, and other financial activities. However, publicly available and continuously updated records providing a detailed account of her net worth throughout the years aren’t typically accessible to the general public.

In Nikki’s Defense, about $2.4 Million was due to a house she bought on the ocean for $2.4M which then doubled. She must have had lots of confidence about here future income to take the mortgage on a much more expensive piece of property, way more than she had ever owned before.


Pick One: Vibrant Health – and Cultural Miasma Surfeit

I sometime get some serious good feedback. And here is one submitted by Oldster. Miasma = Bad Air, a prior simplistic view that all disease was caused by Bad Air. Surfeit is a noun or verb meaning “too much of” or as verb to indulge in too much of.

Some of it we cannot avoid, but some of it can be mitigated.


There is a catastrophic conjunction between an extremely multifaceted undermining of that previously commonplace state of human being – vibrant health – and cultural miasma surfeit.

So I think that your title here points in the right direction, but you being someone who has delved more than most into the ‘abundance’ of artificial radioactivity that humanity generally, and some people much more particularly, have been exposed to over the post WW2 period, I expect that you would consider that would be an additional negative ‘input’ into the body.

We could go on and on in that vein, but the point is we humans have been inundated for the last generations with a vast number of new ‘insults’ – let’s summarize them as hostile to vibrant health.

Then when you add in say the impact of being ‘programmed’ for years when young by television programs that depict lives that are almost never accurately representative of the real, the result is a journey in life in a whole new world: a diminished or injured nervous and physical and reproductive system engaging a media-modulated disorienting fiction posing as real.

Then one becomes surrounded by contemporaries who though not on a tv screen are playing out the part of some one within the ;matrix’.

I find your topic particularly interesting because I have been trying to fathom the appearance very recently of manifestations of group cold-blooded killer capacity – like murder for money in hospitals, via Remdesiver et al. deadly lucrative protocols – in places where one might least expect them.

So perhaps another way of saying this is that we are in a cultural context in which the development of conscience and thus potentially ‘people of good character’ requires more attention than it is being given.