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How Bad Is My Batch? And Prose by Lot’s Wife

stock here: Quick Post, introducing the subject of hot Lots, may be easier to swallow if we just present it as bad quality control.


After watching the video, I urge you then read the global reactions. In all likelihood, you are unaware of these realities. If so, it’s a gap that requires your attention.

You may also gain critical awareness of the issue via this site. Science now shows that the covid ‘vaccines’ exhibit extremely poor quality control. It has been determined that there is great variability in the contents of individual batches. The site is connected to a database that allows people to obtain specific details about their batch when using number codes connected to their injection(s).





Please advise.

/dy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_6Z8DLvJw0 


It’s a Win Win!! Money We Give to Ukraine With ZERO Accounting, Is Then Sent to China to Buy Drones

Beyond absurditiy, it’s shameful. And the Republicans are in on this act also. They hate their annoying little slaves.

The Silicon Valley company Skydio sent hundreds of its best drones to Ukraine to help fight the Russians. Things didn’t go well. Skydio’s drones flew off course and were lost, victims of Russia’s electronic warfare. The company has since gone back to the drawing board to build a new fleet.

Most small drones from U.S. startups have failed to perform in combat, dashing companies’ hopes that a badge of being battle-tested would bring the startups sales and attention. It is also bad news for the Pentagon, which needs a reliable supply of thousands of small, unmanned aircraft.

“The general reputation for every class of U.S. drone in Ukraine is that they don’t work as well as other systems,” Skydio Chief Executive Adam Bry said, calling his own drone “not a very successful platform on the front lines.”


Hawaii — Initial Report, I’ll Call It Long COVID

stock here, just my third day back, so still just getting rolling. I went to deal with a minor nightmare of DMV bueracracy, the “Safety Check” for vehicles. I missed the registration by 4 days, and then you go into the “trick zone”. Vehicles must pass an ANNUAL safety check, which is not a horrible idea, as people in Hawaii don’t have to worry about their vehicles breaking down in a snow storm, and so they drive cars past their useful life with hillbilly level maintenance. Many people have no insurance even though required by law and a $1000 fine or more. Cops don’t really enforce it, and if you do have to go to court, and you temporarily put insurance on the car, and show that, it is usually thrown out.

Now since Registration and Safety are expired, you have to go get a provisional Safety Check, set up an appointment with the DMV (they love the power they got in COVID for controlling access to basic government services, and kept it in place. This also makes sure they are not “overworked” by a continuous line of annoying slaves. So I set an appointment for Monday, online. Then I will have to go in show them the provisional safety, pay for the registration $570 a year for a regular truck, and then return into the city to the safety place, and finally pay for and get the safety sticker. On the way, noticed that Honolulu is really turning into a Shit Hole. Lots of homeless, people living in their cars, all medians and edge of the road covered in trash and weeds and grass not cut for months. Many local people are being forced to just leave as they can no longer afford to live here. Milk is $7 a gallon, A chocolate bar is also $7, Gas is right around $5 per gallon. Rent that used to be $800 is now $1600. Call any business or government agency and leave a detailed message, YOU WILL NEVER get a call back, it just doesn’t work that way. They want you on the phone in person calling them, so they can berate you on why you missed the deadline, why did you wait to “the last minute” aka the deadline. I am not sure all the reasons, but they will not call you back.

The breaded chicken “Katsu”is $12.50 and the box is smaller, the mac salad is smaller, the rice scoop is smaller…..although is still tastes great.

And they “want to vaccinate you”, some places still have the “stay 6 feet apart” signs up (I try to remove any that I see). And quite a few people continue to wear masks, sometimes I think it is fear, other times I think it is more of “I care”. Even a sole person driving in a car, masked up. And most often they are just the fake masks that stop nothing.

After being gone for a year, I have to remind myself that people are quite friendly, you can just start up a conversation with anyone anywhere, and if someone looks your way it is totally appropriate to give them a smile or even a Shaka. Much different than a kind of friendly but coldness (gotten colder since COVID) in Wisconsin. So note to self….go out of your way to be friendly and acknowledge people. People from Starbucks remember me from a year ago, collective coffee grounds for compost amendments. If someone else just got the grounds, several workers will say “Sorry” and really mean it.

But back to the Shit Hole, I’ll chime in more in a few weeks. Also noted, even the rich customers are now acting cheap.


“They” Want Every Candidate Tarnished. Hit Job on RFK Junior.

stock here: MSN of course, just one of the worst offenders of Media.

RFK Jr Repeats Putin Propaganda In “Very Disturbing” Interview


Parkhomenko writes: “Straight out of Putin’s talking points and out of RFK Jr.’s mouth – here he is saying Putin merely wanted to ‘de-nazify’ Ukraine. Literally pure Putin propaganda for the invasion and war of Ukraine.”

Kennedy, who is against sending more aid to Ukraine and has said the US role in Ukraine is “terrible for the Ukrainian people.” Kennedy then asserted: “Look, Putin said ‘I don’t want to go into Crimea, let’s negotiate a peace deal.’”

stock here: its funny, kind of….they claim that “Kennedy Claims”

Kennedy claimed Putin proposed a peace deal contingent on three things: 1) Putin “wanted to keep NATO out of Ukraine”; 2) “he wanted to de-nazify Ukrainian government”; and 3) to keep Crimea a “semi-autonomous region of Russia just like Quebec is a semi-autonomous region of Canada.”

That is not a claim, It is a true statement. Early on, Putin established that one goal was de-nazi-fication of Ukraine, and I observed early on, that would require having at least temporary control of all of Ukraine.


Ukraine: Using Dead and Dying Infantry for No Consent Organ Harvesting

stock here:

h/tip Lot’s Wife

Between the child trafficking (mostly sex games and adrenochrome) it should have been expected that in this most corrupt of nations, that the military honchos would be profiting by selling off the organs of their forced conscription military men.

————————— Wife had this to say

The nearest approximation in American vernacular: a chop shop in southeast LA dealing in high-value cars. But these parts can’t be hidden in a junkyard until the right buyer comes along. They are precious materials with a short shelf life and must be expedited with speed and care. Rough excisions, bruising, and improper transit decreases sales value. https://rumble.com/v4lpt69-a-true-confession-of-a-transplantologist-in-ukraine.html

When war comes to US soil, an LLC with Pentagon certification will fulfill a similar mission. Americans killed (or wounded) defending their homes will be parted-out and sold to ailing Chinese or Russian oligarchs. In recovery, they’ll joke with bedside visitors about their new hood ornaments. Died in America.


Lauren Boebert Undergoes Emergency Surgery — Blood Clots, followed by a Hit Job

stock here: been meaning to write this a long time. Everyone on the planet should be taking an anti-clotting agent, even if you are a Pure Blood. Hint aspirin. The Injections, aka mRNA “vaccines” have blood clotting as one of their principle effects.

I flew for about 16 total hours, being subjected to around 300 people in tight formation, and certainly some of them were recently injected with mRNA. Shedding is a real thing.

Now “they” have a hit job on her of being publicly drunk.

The story itself contradicts the headline, but you know those “truth seekers” are fine with just the headline, as it confirms their biases.


Boebert was not cut off from alcohol, insiders told The Post Saturday — but she had irritated Trump during the event.

“She came over between Gavin Wax and President Trump and tried to take a selfies with the two of them. After taking a few and being unhappy with how they looked she tried to take more selfies but she was pushed away by President Trump who said, ‘That’s enough,’” one witness said.


Wisconsin Citizens Approve Law Prohibiting ZuckBucks From Private Funding of Election Activites. JEDI Zuckerberg Spent $10M just in Wisconsin To Elect the Biden Entity

stock here: I covered this story as it happened. Amazing that they could get away with this. It seems odd that existing laws could not have prevented and stopped this.


Wisconsin voters approved two constitutional amendment proposals Tuesday that prohibit private money from being used to conduct elections and mandate only legally designated government officials may administer elections. This makes Wisconsin the 28th state to ban “Zuckbucks”-style electioneering and the second to do so by constitutional amendment.

According to preliminary results, Question 1 is projected to pass. That amendment stipulates that “private donations and grants may not be applied for, accepted, expended, or used in connection with the conduct of any primary, election, or referendum.” Question 2 requires that “only election officials designated by law may perform tasks in the conduct of primaries, elections, and referendums. It was also approved by voters, according to The New York Times.


The JEDI — A Huge Problem In Society, the Jabbed Equited Diverse and Inclusive types Who Are Dangerous to Every Machine and Every Link to Society

stock here: It’s my Meme and I am claiming it now and forever.

The JEDI is strong with this one (spoken about poor fool triple jabbed, clotted up, and thinking that they are “awaken” when all they are is the sad woke.


Soft-Chew Red Pill

stock here: it’s been an issue for a long time, what will resonate with the normies? Give this a try.


This is the obviously (to us) PART of the macrocosm, but soft-skulled sometimes need kiddie chews with warm milk.

I have intentionally been downplaying the ‘heavier’ truths about the system in my red-pill efforts. I have discovered a teflon-coated red-pill … “The biggest reason Hollywood and rich Democrat types, and ESPECIALLY RINOs are terrified of Trump getting elected is that he will take away their corrupt protection from TAX CHEATING AND INSIDER TRADING”. 100% of them stop and think about it. Even brain dead normies know those fuck-heads cheat on their taxes and steal money from us through government grift. Then you hit them with the explanation of the ‘projection’ attacks … FOR SOME FUCKED UP REASON, that is what resonates with them.



Top 5 reasons the BALTIMORE BRIDGE destruction was likely an INSIDE JOB rather than an “accident” or “cyber attack”

stock here: Natural News had this take, they don’t get into the Angles, Speed, Sizes, and Physics as I have done. Here

Baltimore Infrastructure Attack. Confirmed. This Was No Accident

Top 5 reasons the Baltimore Bridge destruction was likely an inside job rather than an “accidental crash” or “cyber attack”

  1. Mainstream media immediately worked in tandem to call it an accident across all fake new media, including internet print, radio and television news.
  2. This bridge destruction cripples the supply of gasoline-powered vehicles for years to come, fueling the communist installation of government-controlled electric vehicles for the fake “climate change” agenda.
  3. The port was a major thoroughfare for fuels that keep the U.S. economy functional, which the Biden Regime wants to cripple for more control of the population.
  4. This is a huge hit to U.S. infrastructure, just like burning down food production facilities, fertilizer plants and other resource structures needed to feed the populace.
  5. This is just another brick in the wall for cementing the communist overthrow of the Republic, so expect many more bridges and tunnels to be “accidentally” destroyed by the Biden Regime soon.