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Pirelli, Satanism, and The Trilateral Commission

Are we really back here to the MK Ultra Fractured Triggerable personality, and Satanism?

I have copied all the images to the bottom. They are quite creative, if you like the Satanic twist.

Lifted From



Sigil of Baphomet? Check.

Profuse butterflies and prominent mirrors signaling mind-controlled sex slaves (MKUltra-induced fractured personas / Dissociative Identity Disorder). Check.

A golden cherub mocked and scorned through reimagining as a lascivious sex object/Whore of Babylon? Check.

Serpent — in the ill-disguised form of an oversize golden bracelet — encircling the arm of a sex slave who is flecked with rainbows, controlling and devouring her? Check.

Transhumanist, anti-soul and anti-nuclear family agenda represented by a gender-fluid warrior who, on closer inspection, turns out to have nonhuman lower legs and feet? Check.

Eve’s Apple held close by a model as a precious and vaunted objet d’art worthy of its weight in gold, in mocking defiance of its true meaning as a symbol of humankind’s susceptibility to enslavement by unchecked lust and greed? The model representative and celebratory of humans chained to — enslaved by — based desires run amok? Check.


Pirelli — Controlled by those that control the Trilateral Commission

“Marco Tronchetti Provera is an Italian businessman. He was the chief executive officer of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. from 1992 to 2022 and its executive vice chairman since October 20, 2015.

“He is the chairman of Marco Tronchetti Provera & C. S.p.A., a holding which he controls and which indirectly holds 50% of Camfin S.p.A. (where he was Chairman until December 2013). Camfin indirectly holds 41% of Marco Polo Industrial Holding S.p.A., the major shareholder who controls Pirelli & C. S.p.A.”

“Member of the Italian Group of the Trilateral Commission.”

“Since September 2020: Member of the Italian Aspen Institute.”



Marco Tronchetti Provera
Lord Mandelson
David Miliband
Zanny Minton Beddoes: Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

etc. etc. etc.


Judicial Watch

stock here, just what is up with Judicial Watch? And why does he present as “one guy” and not a team. Pick a target, light it up, polarize it……

Is all that is possible is to just to expose how corrupt they are, without actually doing anything to reign that in?

Its those who own the media, would be my first target. Sure they are trying to create outrage, over stupid stuff, mocking us even more thusly. But if truth were put in print, the systems that be would not be able to exist in the manner they currently exist in.

San Francisco DA Won’t Release Details of Paul Pelosi Assault

  An attack on the spouse of the Speaker of the House is of considerable interest, but the San Francisco district attorney refused to provide documents and video of the police activity at the home of Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, where David Wayne DePape was arrested following an alleged assault on October 28, 2022.

Among the items District Attorney Brooke Jenkins refused to release are a recording of Paul Pelosi’s 911 call and police officers’ body camera footage. Nikki Moore, assistant district attorney, took the unusual step of providing some details about the incident response to our California Public Records Act request: The two persons present at the Pelosi home when the SFPD arrived where [sic] Mr. Pelosi and Mr. DePape. Please see the online posted document that reflects that Mr. Pelosi was the only person in the home at the time of the attack. See https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/11/01/us/david-de-pape-motion-to-detain.html. You can obtain an official copy of this court record from the Superior Court. In our November 2022 request to the district attorney, we noted a news report stating that news organizations had been rebuffed on similar requests and, pursuant to the California Public Records Act, we asked for, in addition to the recording and camera footage: All records of communications, including emails and text messages, between the District Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco Police Department concerning the incident. We also asked for communications with several federal agencies, including the Justice Department, the Capitol Police, and the FBI. And we asked for the identities of the persons at the Pelosi home at the time of the incident.

In declining the information we requested, Assistant DA Moore cited Section 6254 of California law, which governs records requests, and specifically subsection (f), which allows for the withholding from the public of certain “records of investigations conducted by the Office of the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, the Office of Emergency Services and any state or local police agency …”

There is significant public interest in the terrible attack on Paul Pelosi and it is odd that the local authorities are withholding basic information about the incident.

In our previous work, in September, we received records from the California Highway Patrol Public Records Unit that included 44 photos and five hours of audio/video footage depicting the misconduct and arrest of Paul Pelosi. The material shows that Mr. Pelosi invoked his wife’s name and shared his police charity membership during the arrest for suspected alcohol intoxication while driving.

Judicial Watch Appeal Seeks FBI January 6 Communications with Banks

We are pushing back on the attempt to curtail our investigation into the full details about the January 6 disturbance.

We want the details about what looks to be an unprecedented abuse of the financial privacy of countless innocent Americans by big banks and the FBI.

We filed an appeal challenging a U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia decision allowing the FBI to withhold records of communication between the FBI and several financial institutions about the reported transfer of financial transaction records of people in DC, Maryland and Virginia on January 5 and January 6, 2021 (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 22-5209).

The FBI’s cover-up should be rejected, and the records made public.

Our appeal, filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, comes in the FOIA lawsuit we filed after the FBI failed to respond to a February 10, 2021, FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice(No. 1:21-cv-01216)). We are asking for: All records of communication between the FBI and any financial institution, including but not limited to Bank of America, Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Discover, and/or American Express, in which the FBI sought transaction data for those financial institutions’ debit and credit card account holders who made purchases in Washington, DC, Maryland and/or Virginia on January 5, 2021, and/or January 6, 2021. In our appellate brief, we argue: This appeal arises from what appears to be an unprecedented abuse of the financial privacy of thousands of Americans. Substantial and compelling evidence demonstrates that the FBI sought and received records from financial institutions of anyone who used a credit card or engaged in other transactions in the Washington, D.C. area on January 5 or 6, 2021. This would include many thousands of persons living in the Washington, DC area, including possibly members of this Court. In our appeal we point out that the lower court was mistaken when it upheld the FBI’s Glomar response (neither confirming nor denying the existence of records) because the FBI previously acknowledged the existence of the records in multiple ways. For instance, court records filed in support of a criminal case include the FBI’s statement of facts that provides the defendant’s address, which was obtained through “his Bank of America account and recent Expedia transactions.”

In another case, the FBI “confirmed that it obtained records from PNC Bank and discusses in detail the multiple ways that it used the financial data.”

Additionally, “financial records obtained from JP Morgan Chase bank corroborate [the defendant] used a credit card issued in his name to purchase gas and food enroute to Washington, DC …”

We cite two additional cases where the FBI describes in publicly available court records its use of financial records in the January 6 investigation.

We conclude: [Judicial Watch] more than adequately demonstrated that the FBI may have sought and received records from financial institutions of anyone who used a credit card or engaged in other transactions in the Washington, DC area on January 5 or 6. If so, this would be an unprecedented abuse of the financial privacy of thousands of Americans. [Judicial Watch’s] FOIA request to investigate this should not be blocked by a meritless Glomar response. We are engaged in a comprehensive, independent investigation into the January 6 disturbance.

In February 2022, we filed an opposition to the U.S. Capitol Police’s (USCP) effort to shut down Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuit for January 6 videos and emails. Through its police department, Congress argues that the videos and emails are not public records, there is no public interest in their release, and that “sovereign immunity” prevents citizens from suing for their release.

And we recently sued the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Justice for records related to the housing of U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd at Joint Base Andrews after he shot and killed U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

TSA Director Accused of Unlawfully Deploying Assets to Mexican Border

The Biden administration’s open border policy is creating internal government confusion. The Air Marshal National Council accuses Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of violating federal law and overstepping their authority for assigning air marshals to assist with the illegal immigration crisis. Our Corruption Chronicles blog reports: The head of the federal agency created after 9/11 to protect the nation’s transportation system is accused of fraud, waste, and abuse of authority for unlawfully deploying assets to the Mexican border to perform duties unrelated to transportation, according to a report filed with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General. In the formal complaint to the DHS watchdog, the Air Marshal National Council, which represents thousands of Federal Air Marshals (FAM) nationwide, accuses Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator David Pekoske and FAM Director Tirrell Stevenson of violating federal law and overstepping their authority for assigning the highly trained aviation security specialists to assist the U.S. Border Patrol with the illegal immigration crisis. FAM operates under TSA and both function under DHS.

“The TSA personnel are being sent to El Paso TX, San Diego CA, Laredo TX, McAllen TX, Tucson AZ, and Yuma AZ,” the complaint states, adding that internal agency documents reveal the “highly skilled FAMs” are being sent to the southwest border to perform “Hospital Watch, Transportation, Law Enforcement Searches, Welfare Checks, and Entry Control.” The duties have no relation to TSA’s core mission of transportation security, the filing says, and instead the air marshals will assist migrants who have crossed the border into the United States. TSA was created after 2001 to help prevent another terrorist attack, though the agency is famous for its lapses, including a big one just days ago when a man was allowed to board a plane in Cincinnati with two box cutters. FAM is charged with protecting commercial passenger flights by deterring and countering the risk of terrorist activity. At the very least it seems like a waste to send the highly trained law enforcement agents to the border to babysit illegal immigrants.

“The statute does not give the Administrator any authority to deploy TSA or FAM employees to the southern border to perform non transportation security related matters,” the complaint to the DHS IG states. “Further, under section (g) the statute describes what the Administrators authority is if an emergency, as defined by the Secretary of Homeland Security, is declared.” The act makes clear that the legislative intent is to only allow TSA to exercise authority and deploy its assets for transportation security, the report to the DHS watchdog confirms. “To date Mr. Pekoske nor Mr. Stevenson have declared the deployments to be related to transportation security,” according to the complaint. Furthermore, the duties, “Hospital Watch, Entry Control, Law Enforcement searches, and Transportation,” could not be interpreted to have any nexus to the TSA core mission of transportation security. Additionally, the document notes that Congress has not appropriated any funds in the TSA budget for border security, making any money expended for the cause a violation of the Antideficiency Act which prohibits federal employees from obligating funds unless Congress has approved the amount and purpose of the spending.

A few weeks ago Judicial Watch obtained the DHS memorandum to the nation’s air marshal force announcing that officers would soon be sent to the southern border to help deal with “a surge in irregular migration.” The notice states that “the unprecedented volume of Noncitizen Migrants (NCMs) currently apprehended mandates immediate further action to protect the life and safety of federal personnel and noncitizens in CBP [Customs and Border Protection] custody.” It is the first acknowledgment, albeit leaked involuntarily, by the Biden administration that there is indeed a crisis along the nation’s famously porous southern border. “To support its mission, CBP is seeking federal employees from DHS Components and other federal agencies to be placed on reimbursable TDY assignments to assist in critical support functions,” the widely circulated mandate reads, adding that “LE/FAMS has been directed by DHS to support this request.” Air marshals interviewed by Judicial Watch expressed outrage that they are being pulled from their critical inflight security duties to assist with the mayhem created by the Biden administration’s failed immigration policies. Until next week…

I am all a Twitter Twatter

The timing of the Twitter purchase with Midterms is noted.

Check out these leftists rejoicing on their firing. They would gladly lock you down, push dangerous injections, promote controlled government narratives, jack up your energy costs, and censor anyone talking about real helpful information, like Ivermectin or HCQ or “the steal”.

They exist, and they will be going somewhere else. Let’s hope Twitter survives and is not marginalized by these leftists operating at some other electronic Gulag.

I think this might not be parody, not staged. In Justin’s Canada, I can believe it.


Swarm of Earthquakes in Western Texas — Analysis of How Odd It Is

stock here, a 20 year look back says yes this is odd, but probably not the pale horse galloping in.

Lets do a 20 year search of the area


Get Ready!! Fox News Is Playing Every “Trump Suit” of the Theater of the Absurd

My morning epiphany “Theater of the Absurd”. Although Fox is theoretically owned by Murdoch, Fox will play the deep state’s cards when it is most crucial. The type of headlines displayed today make me think we are in one of those times. Stay Frosty!

Although the “red wave” was stunted by obvious steals….and no one is even talking about that (hint hint Fox your pay masters told you to shut up)….the red wave still occurred. Just not large enough to upset (coin) the Balance of Injustice.

And finally, the best lies contain elements of truth….the Hollywood News machine succumbs to the obvious, and admits that the real Nazis flourished in Ukraine after the 2014 Obama machine led the installation of literal comedian Zelinsky. But the spin now is that “America has Neo-Nazis (MAGA LOL), and their counterparts in Ukraine are being used to “Fight Russia” because anything is OK to do to “Fight Russia”.


Dilbert and March 11th Eugenics

Submitted by ACD and reproduced here, Note The March 11, Evil Date. Same as Fukushima, Same as announcement of Global Pandemic in 2020. Apparently the Spanish Flu was also announced as a Pandemic on March 11, 1918

To get to the mirthless roots of “Dilbert Learns the Truth”, one might look for the nearest rabbit hole — or three — and begin connecting dots.  I’ll give you two dots to get you started!

DOT ONE.  Here’s one dot recently brought to public attention.

November 14, 2022 http://henrymakow.com/
[See also attached — the complete memorandum]

In a memo March 11, 1969,  Frederick S. Jaffe, Vice-president of Rockefeller-sponsored Planned Parenthood – World Population, outlined examples of proposed measures to reduce United States fertility.

Henry Makow:  Depopulation is Purpose of Homosexuality & Feminism — 1969 Rockefeller Memo

There it is in black and white. Depopulation is the reason for the encouragement of homosexuality and feminism. 

“Encourage increased homosexuality”

” Encourage women to work” along with

” Fertility control agents in water supply.”

They put these agents in our cultural water supply.

They put these agents in the toxic “vaccines” and used a phony pandemic to trick people into taking them.NOTE:  For many pointers to and down THIS rabbit hole, use search terms that include Eugenics, Society, “Planned Parenthood“.  You can toss in “Margaret Sanger“, too, depending on the search engine you use.  Be aware that search results may well be filtered….These are SENSITIVE rabbit holes, even off-limits!

DOT TWO.  Here’s several examples of projects run by intelligence agencies in the category of what Miles Mathis calls “Men-Are-Pigs”.  On-going TO THIS VERY DAY, these projects complement nicely the lists of possible measures outlined for consideration of Planned Parenthood. 





ACD:  Poor Dilbert!


Trump Announces His Run Is At Least as Important as The Sovereignty of the USA

stock here — so blame me for my come on title? Although I think the coffin is nailed fairly tightly, Trump as President again would be several more nails in that coffin.

I’ll make this quick. The 17 Candidates (Q) foreshadowing ending up with Trump, “Trust the plan”. Either Trump or Hillary would have got us to this point. “Their” plan is pretty good and it’s working for the collapse, takeover, and control without dissent of the annoying little slaves of the USA (who will still outproduce almost all of the world).

Trump was used to divide us, and he played right into it. He just jousted with the media, he did not fix the media. He did not eliminate the marxist leftists within the Military.

We knew there would be big cheating on the 2020 elections, but Trump failed to take effective action to prevent the huge cheating, or at least, to catch them in prosecutable compromised conditions with iron clad enforcement.

We know that Trump had his heart in the right place in terms of promoting and improving the USA. But allowing himself to be drawn into little fights, was a huge mistake.

And Trump should at this time, fade into history, and enjoy the rest of his life, out of the public eye. He should not allow himself to be used as an instrument of division.

Here is Mandy Bombard doing an analysis of Trump body language.



Henry Makow Brilliantly Sums Up 90% of All Important Goings On, and BTW It Is Those who Hide Behind Judaism

This is his general site link, you may have to scroll down to November 16th



Even the Russians Are “Playing Vaccine” As A Way to Extract Wealth — Prime Minister Buying $10M Houses

stock here: I had thought that Russia might just call bullshit on the COVID vaccine issue, but I was wrong, they jumped on that bandwagon. Anything that smells like money shall be q-tip SChwab’d forever, like the misguided PCR tests.

This guy describes much of the graft…..


This Prime Minister lady has raked in 10’s of Million through the bullshit Pandemic and subsequent insanity. She has one house in

These effers been dealing drugs for decades now.


Inside Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister’s $9.7 Million Portuguese Mansion With 100sqm Bathroom


Grist pays well!


If the Crypto-Jews Weren’t Doing So Much Bad Juju, They Wouldn’t Be Hated So Much, But YOU Will Be “Reported”

I received the above email today. There is some shady funding of this group. It is becoming more and more obvious that select Jews, and the Crypto-Jews (fake Jews that hide behind the shield of Anti-Semitism as they perform their despicable acts) are intentionally screwing up your world, degrading your life. Is shame on them strong enough.

This site questions their shady financing


Is exposing them strong enough?

They all need to be reported. The Jesuits are some real sons-a-bitches too. Not all of course, many of these types of groups have many respectable members, that are used to try to whitewash the whole group.

Contact Them Here


How to Prove The Cheat. Simple, Run High Quality Large Scale Polls of the Voters In Each and Every Questionable Area

stock here. This might cost $50M to do large scale poling, or about what we launder through Ukraine every 3 hours. But one could prove, to a 99.999% certainty if a cheat had occurred.

Why would they not do this? They know that keeping the 2 party system split in a perpetual “power struggle” is to their benefit, regardless of how effed we are. I’ll make this suggestion to Ron Johnson, one of the few humans in Congress.

For instance, there is no way that Kari Lake lost to the Hobb thing. in one poll Nov 1, they polled 985 people, giving a margin of error of 3.1%. They could poll 100,000 people and have a 99% confidence Interval and the margin of error would be small at 0.4%

What a laughable banana republic we live in. It was super important that Lake was cancelled, as her next step would likely be a run at president, Lake as pres, Desantis stepping down to be the VP.

6 days later and they still haven’t counted 2% of the vote, about 50,000.

Margin of error can be calculated using the following formula:

MOE = z*√((p*(1−p))/n)

Here’s a breakdown of each of the values:

‘z*’ is the z-score that corresponds to the desired confidence level

‘p’ is the sample proportion

‘n’ is the sample size


1010 Studies showing the Hazards of the VXX

stock here:

List with links for 1010 studies showing the hazards of the so called VXX. hat tip Lot’s Wife

Cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination in the UK: a multicentre cohort study: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)01608-1/Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia with disseminated intravascular coagulation and death after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1052305721003414Fatal cerebral hemorrhage after COVID-19 vaccine: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33928772/Myocarditis after mRNA vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, a case series: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2666602221000409Three cases of acute venous thromboembolism in women after vaccination against COVID-19: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2213333X21003929Acute thrombosis of the coronary tree after vaccination against COVID-19: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1936879821003988US case reports of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after vaccination with Ad26.COV2.S (against covid-19), March 2 to April 21, 2020: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33929487/Portal vein thrombosis associated with ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccine: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/langas/article/PIIS2468-1253(21)00197-7/Management of cerebral and splanchnic vein thrombosis associated with thrombocytopenia in subjects previously vaccinated with Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca): position statement of the Italian Society for the Study of Hemostasis and Thrombosis (SISET): https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33871350/Vaccine-induced immune immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis after vaccination with COVID-19; a systematic review: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022510X21003014Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome associated with COVID-19 vaccines: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0735675721004381Covid-19 vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia: a commentary on an important and practical clinical dilemma: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0033062021000505Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome associated with COVID-19 viral vector vaccines: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0953620521001904COVID-19 vaccine-induced immune-immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia: an emerging cause of splanchnic vein thrombosis: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1665268121000557The roles of platelets in COVID-19-associated coagulopathy and vaccine-induced immune thrombotic immune thrombocytopenia (covid): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1050173821000967Roots of autoimmunity of thrombotic events after COVID-19 vaccination: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1568997221002160Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis after vaccination: the United Kingdom experience: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)01788-8/fulltextThrombotic immune thrombocytopenia induced by SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejme2106315Myocarditis after immunization with COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in members of the US military. This article reports that in “23 male patients, including 22 previously healthy military members, myocarditis was identified within 4 days after receipt of the vaccine”: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/fullarticle/2781601Thrombosis and thrombocytopenia after vaccination with ChAdOx1 nCoV-19: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2104882?query=recirc_curatedRelated_articleAssociation of myocarditis with the BNT162b2 messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine in a case series of children: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34374740/Thrombotic thrombocytopenia after vaccination with ChAdOx1 nCov-19: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2104840?query=recirc_curatedRelated_articlePost-mortem findings in vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (covid-19): https://haematologica.org/article/view/haematol.2021.279075Thrombocytopenia, including immune thrombocytopenia after receiving COVID-19 mRNA vaccines reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X21005247Acute symptomatic myocarditis in seven adolescents after Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2021/06/04/peds.2021-052478Aphasia seven days after the second dose of an mRNA-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Brain MRI revealed an intracerebral hemorrhage (ICBH) in the left temporal lobe in a 52-year-old man. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2589238X21000292#f0005Comparison of vaccine-induced thrombotic episodes between ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and Ad26.COV.2.S vaccines: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0896841121000895Hypothesis behind the very rare cases of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0049384821003315Blood clots and bleeding episodes after BNT162b2 and ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination: analysis of European data: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0896841121000937Cerebral venous thrombosis after BNT162b2 mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1052305721003098Primary adrenal insufficiency associated with thrombotic immune thrombocytopenia induced by the Oxford-AstraZeneca ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine 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case of a middle-aged Asian male with cerebral venous thrombosis after AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0735675721005714Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and thrombocytopenia after COVID-19 vaccination: report of two cases in the United Kingdom: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S088915912100163XImmune thrombocytopenic purpura after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine (ChAdOx1 nCov-19): https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0006497121013963.Antiphospholipid antibodies and risk of thrombophilia after COVID-19 vaccination: the straw that breaks the camel’s back?: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XzajasO8VMMnC3CdxSBKks1o7kiOLXFQVaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, a rare but severe case of friendly fire in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic: What pathogenesis?: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0953620521002314Diagnostic-therapeutic recommendations of the ad-hoc FACME 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Re-writing History in Real Time…Leftists Try to Redefine “Woke” Instead of a Jab to Their Vacuous “Policies” and Pretend it Really Mean Aware of Systemic Racism

The level of lies, deception, propaganda are beyond disgusting!


This type of argument about woke, will only work on the Woke, LOL

Maurice Mitchell, the national director of the Working Families Party and the Social Movement Strategist with Movement 4 Black Lives, calls conservative use of “woke” a “dog-whistle.

“Because ‘woke’ is associated with Black people, it’s been a useful club for those who want to beat those seeking justice over the head with white grievance politics to win elections without deploying explicitly racist terms,” Mitchell said.


“No Jab For Me”

stock, this is a great website with a wealth of information and resources. I used to visit often then it fell off my radar. Now it is back on.



Isn’t It Odd — The Chief of “Homeland Security” Is a Jew Born in Cuba

His name doesn’t immediately give him away.

He just asked for the resignation of the Customs and Border Patrol chief, who oversees 60,000 people, wow that is a lot.

Well he was a POS since he was a promoter of Sanctuary Cities.

“Biden border chief ripped for skipping, sleeping in meetings despite migrant crisis”


Let me predict, he will be replaced by a Jew of color.

Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban-born Jew, confirmed as Homeland Security secretary


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HUGE ! National Institute of Health Documents The Gory Details of Pandemic and Vaccine Damage

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This is now published in a known medical journal. Surgical Neurology International, as picked up by the National Library of Medicine, and PubMed.

It is a correct and massive statement of how the fake Pandemic was really rolled out. I didn’t see anything in there that seemed wrong.

They do bring up the “hot lots” and cite a January 2022 paper that analyzes them. In July of 2021 I discovered the hot lots and how they were being distributed widely, in a logistically difficult way, in other words “for a reason”. This author stops a bit short of my Epiphany in July 2021 that the intent was a slo-depop whilst they control their slaves dissent and replace us with Robots and AI.

Have at it! I am glad the formatting copied nicely.


COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

Russell L. Blaylock

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.[3,6,57] We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

For the first time in American history a president, governors, mayors, hospital administrators and federal bureaucrats are determining medical treatments based not on accurate scientifically based or even experience based information, but rather to force the acceptance of special forms of care and “prevention”—including remdesivir, use of respirators and ultimately a series of essentially untested messenger RNA vaccines. For the first time in history medical treatment, protocols are not being formulated based on the experience of the physicians treating the largest number of patients successfully, but rather individuals and bureaucracies that have never treated a single patient—including Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, EcoHealth Alliance, the CDC, WHO, state public health officers and hospital administrators.[23,38]

The media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc), medical societies, state medical boards and the owners of social media have appointed themselves to be the sole source of information concerning this so-called “pandemic”. Websites have been removed, highly credentialed and experienced clinical doctors and scientific experts in the field of infectious diseases have been demonized, careers have been destroyed and all dissenting information has been labeled “misinformation” and “dangerous lies”, even when sourced from top experts in the fields of virology, infectious diseases, pulmonary critical care, and epidemiology. These blackouts of truth occur even when this information is backed by extensive scientific citations from some of the most qualified medical specialists in the world.[23] Incredibly, even individuals, such as Dr. Michael Yeadon, a retired ex-Chief Scientist, and vice-president for the science division of Pfizer Pharmaceutical company in the UK, who charged the company with making an extremely dangerous vaccine, is ignored and demonized. Further, he, along with other highly qualified scientists have stated that no one should take this vaccine.

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most cited experts in his field, who has successfully treated over 2000 COVID patients by using a protocol of early treatment (which the so-called experts completely ignored), has been the victim of a particularly vicious assault by those benefiting financially from the vaccines. He has published his results in peer reviewed journals, reporting an 80% reduction in hospitalizations and a 75% reduction in deaths by using early treatment.[44] Despite this, he is under an unrelenting series of attacks by the information controllers, none of which have treated a single patient.

Neither Anthony Fauci, the CDC, WHO nor any medical governmental establishment has ever offered any early treatment other than Tylenol, hydration and call an ambulance once you have difficulty breathing. This is unprecedented in the entire history of medical care as early treatment of infections is critical to saving lives and preventing severe complications. Not only have these medical organizations and federal lapdogs not even suggested early treatment, they attacked anyone who attempted to initiate such treatment with all the weapons at their disposal—loss of license, removal of hospital privileges, shaming, destruction of reputations and even arrest.[2]

A good example of this outrage against freedom of speech and providing informed consent information is the recent suspension by the medical board in Maine of Dr. Meryl Nass’ medical license and the ordering of her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for prescribing Ivermectin and sharing her expertise in this field.[9,65] I know Dr, Nass personally and can vouch for her integrity, brilliance and dedication to truth. Her scientific credentials are impeccable. This behavior by a medical licensing board is reminiscent of the methodology of the Soviet KGB during the period when dissidents were incarcerated in psychiatric gulags to silence their dissent.

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Another unprecedented tactic is to remove dissenting doctors from their positions as journal editors, reviewers and retracting of their scientific papers from journals, even after these papers have been in print. Until this pandemic event, I have never seen so many journal papers being retracted— the vast majority promoting alternatives to official dogma, especially if the papers question vaccine safety. Normally a submitted paper or study is reviewed by experts in the field, called peer review. These reviews can be quite intense and nit picking in detail, insisting that all errors within the paper be corrected before publication. So, unless fraud or some other major hidden problem is discovered after the paper is in print, the paper remains in the scientific literature.

We are now witnessing a growing number of excellent scientific papers, written by top experts in the field, being retracted from major medical and scientific journals weeks, months and even years after publication. A careful review indicates that in far too many instances the authors dared question accepted dogma by the controllers of scientific publications—especially concerning the safety, alternative treatments or efficacy of vaccines.[12,63] These journals rely on extensive adverting by pharmaceutical companies for their revenue. Several instances have occurred where powerful pharmaceutical companies exerted their influence on owners of these journals to remove articles that in any way question these companies’ products.[13,34,35]

Worse still is the actual designing of medical articles for promoting drugs and pharmaceutical products that involve fake studies, so-called ghostwritten articles.[49,64] Richard Horton is quoted by the Guardian as saying “journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry.”[13,63] Proven fraudulent “ghostwritten” articles sponsored by pharmaceutical giants have appeared regularly in top clinical journals, such as JAMA, and New England Journal of Medicine—never to be removed despite proven scientific abuse and manipulation of data.[49,63]

Ghostwritten articles involve using planning companies whose job it is to design articles containing manipulated data to support a pharmaceutical product and then have these articles accepted by high-impact clinical journals, that is, the journals most likely to affect clinical decision making of doctors. Further, they supply doctors in clinical practice with free reprints of these manipulated articles. The Guardian found 250 companies engaged in this ghostwriting business. The final step in designing these articles for publication in the most prestigious journals is to recruit well recognized medical experts from prestigious institutions, to add their name to these articles. These recruited medical authors are either paid upon agreeing to add their name to these pre- written articles or they do so for the prestige of having their name on an article in a prestigious medical journal.[11]

Of vital importance is the observation by experts in the field of medical publishing that nothing has been done to stop this abuse. Medical ethicists have lamented that because of this widespread practice “you can’t trust anything.” While some journals insist on disclosure information, most doctors reading these articles ignore this information or excuse it and several journals make disclosure more difficult by requiring the reader to find the disclosure statements at another location. Many journals do not police such statements and omissions by authors are common and without punishment.

As concerns the information made available to the public, virtually all the media is under the control of these pharmaceutical giants or others who are benefitting from this “pandemic”. Their stories are all the same, both in content and even wording. Orchestrated coverups occur daily and massive data exposing the lies being generated by these information controllers are hidden from the public. All data coming over the national media (TV, newspaper and magazines), as well as the local news you watch every day, comes only from “official” sources—most of which are lies, distortions or completely manufactured out of whole cloth—all aimed to deceive the public.

Television media receives the majority of its advertising budget from the international pharmaceutical companies—this creates an irresistible influence to report all concocted studies supporting their vaccines and other so-called treatments.[14] In 2020 alone the pharmaceutical industries spent 6.56 billion dollars on such advertising.[13,14] Pharma TV advertising amounted to 4.58 billion, an incredible 75% of their budget. That buys a lot of influence and control over the media. World famous experts within all fields of infectious diseases are excluded from media exposure and from social media should they in any way deviate against the concocted lies and distortions by the makers of these vaccines. In addition, these pharmaceutical companies spend tens of millions on social media advertising, with Pfizer leading the pack with $55 million in 2020.[14]

While these attacks on free speech are terrifying enough, even worse is the virtually universal control hospital administrators have exercised over the details of medical care in hospitals. These hirelings are now instructing doctors which treatment protocols they will adhere to and which treatments they will not use, no matter how harmful the “approved” treatments are or how beneficial the “unapproved” treatments are.[33,57]

Never in the history of American medicine have hospital administrators dictated to its physicians how they will practice medicine and what medications they can use. The CDC has no authority to dictate to hospitals or doctors concerning medical treatments. Yet, most physicians complied without the slightest resistance.

The federal Care Act encouraged this human disaster by offering all US hospitals up to 39,000 dollars for each ICU patient they put on respirators, despite the fact that early on it was obvious that the respirators were a major cause of death among these unsuspecting, trusting patients. In addition, the hospitals received 12,000 dollars for each patient that was admitted to the ICU—explaining, in my opinion and others, why all federal medical bureaucracies (CDC, FDA, NIAID, NIH, etc) did all in their power to prevent life- saving early treatments.[46] Letting patients deteriorate to the point they needed hospitalization, meant big money for all hospitals. A growing number of hospitals are in danger of bankruptcy, and many have closed their doors, even before this “pandemic”.[50] Most of these hospitals are now owned by national or international corporations, including teaching hospitals.[10]

It is also interesting to note that with the arrival of this “pandemic” we have witnessed a surge in hospital corporate chains buying up a number of these financially at-risk hospitals.[1,54] It has been noted that billions in Federal Covid aid is being used by these hospital giants to acquire these financially endangered hospitals, further increasing the power of corporate medicine over physician independence. Physicians expelled from their hospitals are finding it difficult to find other hospitals staffs to join since they too may be owned by the same corporate giant. As a result, vaccine mandate policies include far larger numbers of hospital employees. For example, Mayo Clinic fired 700 employees for exercising their right to refuse a dangerous, essentially untested experimental vaccine.[51,57] Mayo Clinic did this despite the fact that many of these employees worked during the worst of the epidemic and are being fired when the Omicron variant is the dominant strain of the virus, has the pathogenicity of a common cold for most and the vaccines are ineffective in preventing the infection.

In addition, it has been proven that the vaccinated asymptomatic person has a nasopharyngeal titer of the virus as high as an infected unvaccinated person. If the purpose of the vaccine mandate is to prevent viral spread among the hospital staff and patients, then it is the vaccinated who present the greatest risk of transmission, not the unvaccinated. The difference is that a sick unvaccinated person would not go to work, the asymptomatic vaccinated spreader will.

What we do know is that major medical centers, such as Mayo Clinic, receive tens of millions of dollars in NIH grants each year as well as monies from the pharmaceutical makers of these experimental “vaccines”. In my view, that is the real consideration driving these policies. If this could be proven in a court of law the administrators making these mandates should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sued by all injured parties.

The hospital bankruptcy problem has grown increasingly acute due to hospitals vaccine mandates and resulting large number of hospitals staff, especially nurses, refusing to be forcibly vaccinated.[17,51] This is all unprecedented in the history of medical care. Doctors within hospitals are responsible for the treatment of their individual patients and work directly with these patients and their families to initiate these treatments. Outside organizations, such as the CDC, have no authority to intervene in these treatments and to do so exposes the patients to grave errors by an organization that has never treated a single COVID-19 patient.

When this pandemic started, hospitals were ordered by the CDC to follow a treatment protocol that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients, most of whom would have recovered had proper treatments been allowed.[43,44] The majority of these deaths could have been prevented had doctors been allowed to use early treatment with such products as Ivermectin, hydroxy-chloroquine and a number of other safe drugs and natural compounds. It has been estimated, based on results by physicians treating the most covid patients successfully, that of the 800,000 people that we are told died from Covid, 640,000 could have not only been saved, but could have, in many cases, returned to their pre-infection health status had mandated early treatment with these proven methods been used. This neglect of early treatment constitutes mass murder. That means 160,000 would have actually died, far less than the number dying at the hands of bureaucracies, medical associations and medical boards that refused to stand up for their patients. According to studies of early treatment of thousands of patients by brave, caring doctors, seventy-five to eighty percent of the deaths could have been prevented.[43,44]

Incredibly, these knowledgeable doctors were prevented from saving these Covid-19 infected people. It should be an embarrassment to the medical profession that so many doctors mindlessly followed the deadly protocols established by the controllers of medicine.

One must also keep in mind that this event never satisfied the criteria for a pandemic. The World Health Organization changed the criteria to make this a pandemic. To qualify for a pandemic status the virus must have a high mortality rate for the vast majority of people, which it didn’t (with a 99.98% survival rate), and it must have no known existing treatments—which this virus had—in fact, a growing number of very successful treatments.

The draconian measures established to contain this contrived “pandemic” have never been shown to be successful, such as masking the public, lockdowns, and social distancing. A number of carefully done studies during previous flu seasons demonstrated that masks, of any kind, had never prevented the spread of the virus among the public.[60]

In fact, some very good studies suggested that the masks actually spread the virus by giving people a false sense of security and other factors, such as the observation that people were constantly breaking sterile technique by touching their mask, improper removal and by leakage of infectious aerosols around the edges of the mask. In addition masks were being disposed of in parking lots, walking trails, laid on tabletops in restaurants and placed in pockets and purses.

Within a few minutes of putting on the mask, a number of pathogenic bacteria can be cultured from the masks, putting the immune suppressed person at a high risk of bacterial pneumonia and children at a higher risk of meningitis.[16] A study by researchers at the University of Florida cultured over 11 pathogenic bacteria from the inside of the mask worn by children in schools.[40]

It was also known that children were at essentially no risk of either getting sick from the virus or transmitting it.

In addition, it was also known that wearing a mask for over 4 hours (as occurs in all schools) results in significant hypoxia (low blood oxygen levels) and hypercapnia (high CO2 levels), which have a number of deleterious effects on health, including impairing the development of the child’s brain.[4,72,52]

We have known that brain development continues long after the grade school years. A recent study found that children born during the “pandemic” have significantly lower IQs—yet school boards, school principals and other educational bureaucrats are obviously unconcerned.[18]

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The designers of this pandemic anticipated a pushback by the public and that major embarrassing questions would be asked. To prevent this, the controllers fed the media a number of tactics, one of the most commonly used was and is the “fact check” scam. With each confrontation with carefully documented evidence, the media “fact checkers” countered with the charge of “misinformation”, and an unfounded “conspiracy theory” charge that was, in their lexicon, “debunked”. Never were we told who the fact checkers were or the source of their “debunking” information—we were just to believe the “fact checkers”. A recent court case established under oath that facebook “fact checkers” used their own staff opinion and not real experts to check “facts”.[59] When sources are in fact revealed they are invariably the corrupt CDC, WHO or Anthony Fauci or just their opinion. Here is a list of things that were labeled as “myths” and “misinformation” that were later proven to be true.

  • The asymptomatic vaccinated are spreading the virus equally as with unvaccinated symptomatic infected.
  • The vaccines cannot protect adequately against new variants, such as Delta and Omicron.
  • Natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity and is most likely lifelong.
  • Vaccine immunity not only wanes after several months, but all immune cells are impaired for prolonged periods, putting the vaccinated at a high risk of all infections and cancer.
  • COVID vaccines can cause a significant incidence of blood clots and other serious side effects
  • The vaccine proponents will demand numerous boosters as each variant appears on the scene.
  • Fauci will insist on the covid vaccine for small children and even babies.
  • Vaccine passports will be required to enter a business, fly in a plane, and use public transportation
  • There will be internment camps for the unvaccinated (as in Australia, Austria and Canada)
  • The unvaccinated will be denied employment.
  • There are secret agreements between the government, elitist institutions, and vaccine makers
  • Many hospitals were either empty or had low occupancy during the pandemic.
  • The spike protein from the vaccine enters the nucleus of the cell, altering cell DNA repair function.
  • Hundreds of thousands have been killed by the vaccines and many times more have been permanently damaged.
  • Early treatment could have saved the lives of most of the 700,000 who died.
  • Vaccine-induced myocarditis (which was denied initially) is a significant problem and clears over a short period.
  • Special deadly lots (batches) of these vaccines are mixed with the mass of other Covid-19 vaccines

Several of these claims by those opposing these vaccines now appear on the CDC website—most still identified as “myths”. Today, extensive evidence has confirmed that each of these so-called “myths” were in fact true. Many are even admitted by the “saint of vaccines”, Anthony Fauci. For example, we were told, even by our cognitively impaired President, that once the vaccine was released all the vaccinated people could take off their masks. Oops! We were told shortly afterward— the vaccinated have high concentrations (titers) of the virus in their noses and mouths (nasopharynx) and can transmit the virus to others in which they come into contact—especially their own family members. On go the masks once again— in fact double masking is recommended. The vaccinated are now known to be the main superspreaders of the virus and hospitals are filled with the sick vaccinated and people suffering from serious vaccine complications.[27,42,45]

Another tactic by the vaccine proponents is to demonize those who reject being vaccinated for a variety of reasons. The media refers to these critically thinking individuals as “anti-vaxxers”, “vaccine deniers”, “Vaccine resisters”, “murders”, “enemies of the greater good” and as being the ones prolonging the pandemic. I have been appalled by the vicious, often heartless attacks by some of the people on social media when a parent or loved one relates a story of the terrible suffering and eventual death, they or their loved one suffered as a result of the vaccines. Some psychopaths tweet that they are glad that the loved one died or that the dead vaccinated person was an enemy of good for telling of the event and should be banned. This is hard to conceptualize. This level of cruelty is terrifying, and signifies the collapse of a moral, decent, and compassionate society.

It is bad enough for the public to sink this low, but the media, political leaders, hospital administrators, medical associations and medical licensing boards are acting in a similar morally dysfunctional and cruel way.

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Has scientific evidence, carefully done studies, clinical experience and medical logic had any effect on stopping these ineffective and dangerous vaccines? Absolutely not! The draconian efforts to vaccinate everyone on the planet continues (except the elite, postal workers, members of Congress and other insiders).[31,62]

In the case of all other drugs and previous conventional vaccines under review by the FDA, the otherwise unexplained deaths of 50 or less individuals would result in a halt in further distribution of the product, as happened on 1976 with the swine flu vaccine. With over 18,000 deaths being reported by the VAERS system for the period December 14, 2020 and December 31st, 2021 as well as 139,126 serious injuries (including deaths) for the same period there is still no interest in stopping this deadly vaccine program.[61] Worse, there is no serious investigation by any government agency to determine why these people are dying and being seriously and permanently injured by these vaccines.[15,67] What we do see is a continuous series of coverups and evasions by the vaccine makers and their promoters.

The war against effective cheap and very safe repurposed drugs and natural compounds, that have proven beyond all doubt to have saved millions of lives all over the world, has not only continued but has stepped up in intensity.[32,34,43]

Doctors are told they cannot provide these life-saving compounds for their patients and if they do, they will be removed from the hospital, have their medical license removed or be punished in many other ways. A great many pharmacies have refused to fill prescriptions for lvermectin or hydroxy- chloroquine, despite the fact that millions of people have taken these drugs safely for over 60 years in the case of hydroxy chloroquine and decades for Ivermectin.[33,36] This refusal to fill prescriptions is unprecedented and has been engineered by those wanting to prevent alternative methods of treatment, all based on protecting vaccine expansion to all. Several companies that make hydroxy chloroquine agreed to empty their stocks of the drug by donating them to the Strategic National Stockpile, making this drug far more difficult to get.[33] Why would the government do that when over 30 well-done studies have shown that this drug reduced deaths anywhere from 66% to 92% in other countries, such as India, Egypt, Argentina, France, Nigeria, Spain, Peru, Mexico, and others?[23]

The critics of these two life-saving drugs are most often funded by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, both of which are making millions from these vaccines.[48,15]

To further stop the use of these drugs, the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates/Anthony Fauci funded fake research to make the case that hydroxy chloroquine was a dangerous drug and could damage the heart.[34] To make this fraudulent case the researchers administered the sickest of covid patients a near lethal dose of the drug, in a dose far higher than used on any covid patient by Dr. Kory, McCullough and other “real”, and compassionate doctors, physicians who were actually treating covid patients.[23]

The controlled, lap-dog media, of course, hammered the public with stories of the deadly effect of hydroxy- chloroquine, all with a terrified look of fake panic. All these stories of ivermectin dangers were shown to be untrue and some of the stories were incredibly preposterous.[37,43]

The attack on Ivermectin was even more vicious than against hydroxy-chloroquine. All of this, and a great deal more is meticulously chronicled in Robert Kennedy, Jr’s excellent new book—The Real Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.[32] If you are truly concerned with the truth and with all that has occurred since this atrocity started, you must not only read, but study this book carefully. It is fully referenced and covers all topics in great detail. This is a designed human tragedy of Biblical proportions by some of the most vile, heartless, psychopaths in history.

Millions have been deliberately killed and crippled, not only by this engineered virus, but by the vaccine itself and by the draconian measures used by these governments to “control the pandemic spread”. We must not ignore the “deaths by despair” caused by these draconian measures, which can exceed hundreds of thousands. Millions have starved in third world countries as a result. In the United States alone, of the 800,000 who died, claimed by the medical bureaucracies, well over 600,000 of these deaths were the result of the purposeful neglect of early treatment, blocking the use of highly effective and safe repurposed drugs, such as hydroxy-chloroquine and Ivermectin, and the forced use of deadly treatments such as remdesivir and use of ventilators. This does not count the deaths of despair and neglected medical care caused by the lockdown and hospital measures forced on healthcare systems.

To compound all this, because of vaccine mandates among all hospital personnel, thousands of nurses and other hospital workers have resigned or been fired.[17,30,51] This has resulted in critical shortages of these vital healthcare workers and dangerous reductions of ICU beds in many hospitals. In addition, as occurred in the Lewis County Healthcare System, a specialty-hospital system in Lowville, N.Y., closed its maternity unit following the resignation of 30 hospital staff over the state’s disastrous vaccine mandate orders. The irony in all these cases of resignations is that the administrators unhesitatingly accepted these mass staffing losses despite rantings about suffering from short staffing during a “crisis”. This is especially puzzling when we learned that the vaccines did not prevent viral transmission and the present predominant variant is of extremely low pathogenicity.

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While most researchers, virologists, infectious disease researchers and epidemiologists have been intimidated into silence, a growing number of high integrity individuals with tremendous expertise have come forward to tell the truth—that is, that these vaccines are deadly.

Most new vaccines must go through extensive safety testing for years before they are approved. New technologies, such as the mRNA and DNA vaccines, require a minimum of 10 years of careful testing and extensive follow-up. These new so-called vaccines were “tested” for only 2 months and then the results of these safety test were and continue to be kept secret. Testimony before Senator Ron Johnson by several who participated in the 2 months study indicates that virtually no follow-up of the participants of the pre-release study was ever done.[67] Complains of complications were ignored and despite promises by Pfizer that all medical expenses caused by the “vaccines” would be paid by Pfizer, these individuals stated that none were paid.[66] Some medical expenses exceed 100,000 dollars.

As an example of the deception by Pfizer, and the other makers of mRNA vaccines, is the case of 12-year-old Maddie de Garay, who participated in the Pfizer vaccine pre-release safety study. At Sen. Johnson’s presentation with the families of the vaccine injured, her mother told of her child’s recurrent seizures, that she is now confined to a wheelchair, must be tube fed and suffers permanent brain damage. On the Pfizer safety evaluation submitted to the FDA her only side effect is listed as having a “stomachache”. Each person submitted similar horrifying stories.

The Japanese resorted to a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) lawsuit to force Pfizer to release its secret biodistribution study. The reason Pfizer wanted it kept secret is that it demonstrated that Pfizer lied to the public and the regulatory agencies about the fate of the injected vaccine contents (the mRNA enclosed nano-lipid carrier). They claimed that it remained at the site of the injection (the shoulder), when in fact their own study found that it rapidly spread throughout the entire body by the bloodstream within 48 hours.

The study also found that these deadly nano-lipid carriers collected in very high concentrations in several organs, including the reproductive organs of males and females, the heart, the liver, the bone marrow, and the spleen (a major immune organ). The highest concentration was in the ovaries and the bone marrow. These nano-lipid carriers also were deposited in the brain.

Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist from Idaho reported a dramatic spike in highly aggressive cancers among vaccinated individuals, (not reported in the Media). He found a frighteningly high incidence of highly aggressive cancers in vaccinated individuals, especially highly invasive melanomas in young people and uterine cancers in women.[26] Other reports of activation of previously controlled cancers are also appearing among vaccinated cancer patients.[47] Thus far, no studies have been done to confirm these reports, but it is unlikely such studies will be done, at least studies funded by grants from the NIH.

The high concentration of spike proteins found in the ovaries in the biodistribution study could very well impair fertility in young women, alter menstruation, and could put them at an increased risk of ovarian cancer. The high concentration in the bone marrow, could also put the vaccinated at a high risk of leukemia and lymphoma. The leukemia risk is very worrisome now that they have started vaccinating children as young as 5 years of age. No long-term studies have been conducted by any of these makers of Covid-19 vaccines, especially as regards the risk of cancer induction. Chronic inflammation is intimately linked to cancer induction, growth and invasion and vaccines stimulate inflammation.

Cancer patients are being told they should get vaccinated with these deadly vaccines. This, in my opinion, is insane. Newer studies have shown that this type of vaccine inserts the spike protein within the nucleus of the immune cells (and most likely many cell types) and once there, inhibits two very important DNA repair enzymes, BRCA1 and 53BP1, whose duty it is to repair damage to the cell’s DNA.[29] Unrepaired DNA damage plays a major role in cancer.

There is a hereditary disease called xeroderma pigmentosum in which the DNA repair enzymes are defective. These ill-fated individuals develop multiple skin cancers and a very high incidence of organ cancer as a result. Here we have a vaccine that does the same thing, but to a less extensive degree.

One of the defective repair enzymes caused by these vaccines is called BRCA1, which is associated with a significantly higher incidence of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

It should be noted that no studies were ever done on several critical aspects of this type of vaccine.

  • They have never been tested for long term effects
  • They have never been tested for induction of autoimmunity
  • They have never been properly tested for safety during any stage of pregnancy
  • No follow-up studies have been done on the babies of vaccinated women
  • There are no long-term studies on the children of vaccinated pregnant women after their birth (Especially as neurodevelopmental milestone occur).
  • It has never been tested for effects on a long list of medical conditions:
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Neurodegenerative diseases
    • Neuropsychiatric effects
    • Induction of autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia
    • Long term immune function
    • Vertical transmission of defects and disorders
    • Cancer
    • Autoimmune disorders

Previous experience with the flu vaccines clearly demonstrates that the safety studies done by researchers and clinical doctors with ties to pharmaceutical companies were essentially all either poorly done or purposefully designed to falsely show safety and coverup side effects and complications. This was dramatically demonstrated with the previously mentioned phony studies designed to indicate that hydroxy Chloroquine and Ivermectin were ineffective and too dangerous to use.[34,36,37] These fake studies resulted in millions of deaths and severe health disasters worldwide. As stated, 80% of all deaths were unnecessary and could have been prevented with inexpensive, safe repurposed medications with a very long safety history among millions who have taken them for decades or even a lifetime.[43,44]

It is beyond ironic that those claiming that they are responsible for protecting our health approved a poorly tested set of vaccines that has resulted in more deaths in less than a year of use than all the other vaccines combined given over the past 30 years. Their excuse when confronted was—“we had to overlook some safety measures because this was a deadly pandemic”.[28,46]

In 1986 President Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which gave blanket protection to pharmaceutical makers of vaccines against injury litigation by families of vaccine injured individuals. The Supreme Court, in a 57-page opinion, ruled in favor of the vaccine companies, effectively allowing vaccine makers to manufacture and distribute dangerous, often ineffective vaccines to the population without fear of legal consequences. The court did insist on a vaccine injury compensation system which has paid out only a very small number of rewards to a large number of severely injured individuals. It is known that it is very difficult to receive these awards. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, since 1988 the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has agreed to pay 3,597 awards among 19,098 vaccine injured individuals applying amounting to a total sum of $3.8 billion. This was prior to the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccines, in which the deaths alone exceed all deaths related to all the vaccines combined over a thirty-year period.

In 2018 President Trump signed into law the “right-to-try” law which allowed the use of experimental drugs and all unconventional treatments to be used in cases of extreme medical conditions. As we have seen with the refusal of many hospitals and even blanket refusal by states to allow Ivermectin, hydroxy-chloroquine or any other unapproved “official” methods to treat even terminal Covid-19 cases, these nefarious individuals have ignored this law.

Strangely, they did not use this same logic or the law when it came to Ivermectin and Hydroxy Chloroquine, both of which had undergone extensive safety testing by over 30 clinical studies of a high quality and given glowing reports on both efficacy and safety in numerous countries. In addition, we had a record of use for up to 60 years by millions of people, using these drugs worldwide, with an excellent safety record. It was obvious that a group of very powerful people in conjunction with pharmaceutical conglomerates didn’t want the pandemic to end and wanted vaccines as the only treatment option. Kennedy’s book makes this case using extensive evidence and citations.[14,32]

Dr. James Thorpe, an expert in maternal-fetal medicine, demonstrates that these covoid-19 vaccines given during pregnancy have resulted in a 50-fold higher incidence of miscarriage than reported with all other vaccines combined.[28] When we examine his graph on fetal malformations there was a 144-fold higher incidence of fetal malformation with the Covid-19 vaccines given during pregnancy as compared to all other vaccines combined. Yet, the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology endorse the safety of these vaccines for all stages of pregnancy and among women breast feeding their babies.

It is noteworthy that these medical specialty groups have received significant funding from Pfizer pharmaceutical company. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, just in the 4th quarter of 2010, received a total of $11,000 from Pfizer Pharmaceutical company alone.[70] Funding from NIH grants are much higher.[20] The best way to lose these grants is to criticize the source of the funds, their products or pet programs. Peter Duesberg, because of his daring to question Fauci’s pet theory of AIDS caused by HIV virus, was no longer awarded any of the 30 grant applications he submitted after going public. Prior to this episode, as the leading authority on retroviruses in the world, he had never been turned down for an NIH grant.[39] This is how the “corrupted” system works, even though much of the grant money comes from our taxes.

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A new study has now surfaced, the results of which are terrifying.[25] A researcher at Kingston University in London, has completed an extensive analysis of the VAERs data (a subdepartment of the CDC which collects voluntary vaccine complication data), in which he grouped reported deaths following the vaccines according to the manufacturer’s lot numbers of the vaccines. Vaccines are manufactured in large batches called lots. What he discovered was that the vaccines are divided into over 20,000 lots and that one out of every 200 of these batches (lots) is demonstrably deadly to anyone who receives a vaccine from that lot, which includes thousands of vaccine doses.

He examined all manufactured vaccines—Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson (Janssen), etc. He found that among every 200 batches of the vaccine from Pfizer and other makers, one batch of the 200 was found to be over 50x more deadly than vaccines batches from other lots. The other vaccine lots (batches) were also causing deaths and disabilities, but nowhere near to this extent. These deadly batches should have appeared randomly among all “vaccines” if it was an unintentional event. However, he found that 5% of the vaccines were responsible for 90% of the serious adverse events, including deaths. The incidence of deaths and serious complications among these “hot lots” varied from over 1000% to several thousand percent higher than comparable safer lots. If you think this was by accident—think again. This is not the first time “hot lots” were, in my opinion, purposefully manufactured and sent across the nation—usually vaccines designed for children. In one such scandal, “hot lots” of a vaccine ended up all in one state and the damage immediately became evident. What was the manufacture’s response? It wasn’t to remove the deadly batches of the vaccine. He ordered his company to scatter the hot lots across the nation so that authorities would not see the obvious deadly effect.

All lots of a vaccine are numbered—for example Modera labels them with such codes as 013M20A. It was noted that the batch numbers ended in either 20A or 21A. Batches ending in 20A were much more toxic than the ones ending in 21A. The batches ending in 20A had about 1700 adverse events, versus a few hundred to twenty or thirty events for the 21A batches. This example explains why some people had few or no adverse events after taking the vaccine while others are either killed or severely and permanently harmed. To see the researcher’s explanation, go to https://www.bitchute.com/video/6xIYPZBkydsu/ In my opinion these examples strongly suggest an intentional alteration of the production of the “vaccine” to include deadly batches.

I have met and worked with a number of people concerned with vaccine safety and I can tell you they are not the evil anti-vaxxers you are told they are. They are highly principled, moral, compassionate people, many of which are top researchers and people who have studied the issue extensively. Robert Kennedy, Jr, Barbara Lou Fisher, Dr. Meryl Nass, Professor Christopher Shaw, Megan Redshaw, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Neil Z. Miller, Dr. Lucija Tomjinovic, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Steve Kirsch and Dr. Peter McCullough just to name a few. These people have nothing to gain and a lot to lose. They are attacked viciously by the media, government agencies, and elite billionaires who think they should control the world and everyone in it.

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There are many things about this “pandemic” that are unprecedented in medical history. One of the most startling is that at the height of the pandemic so few autopsies, especially total autopsies, were being done. A mysterious virus was rapidly spreading around the world, a selected group of people with weakened immune systems were getting seriously ill and many were dying and the one way we could rapidly gain the most knowledge about this virus—an autopsy, was being discouraged.

Guerriero noted that by the end of April, 2020 approximately 150,000 people had died, yet there were only 16 autopsies performed and reported in the medical literature.[24] Among these, only seven were complete autopsies, the remaining 9 being partial or by needle biopsy or incisional biopsy. Only after 170,000 deaths by Covid-19 and four months into the pandemic were the first series of autopsies actually done, that is, more than ten. And only after 280,000 deaths and another month, were the first large series of autopsies performed, some 80 in number.[22] Sperhake, in a call for autopsies to be done without question, noted that the first full autopsy reported in the literature along with photomicrographs appeared in a medico-legal journal from China in February 2020.[41,68] Sperhake expressed confusion as to why there was a reluctance to perform autopsies during the crisis, but he knew it was not coming from the pathologists. The medical literature was littered with appeals by pathologist for more autopsies to be performed.[58] Sperhake further noted that the Robert Koch Institute (The German health monitoring system) at least initially advised against doing autopsies. He also knew that at the time 200 participating autopsy institutions in the United States had done at least 225 autopsies among 14 states.

Some have claimed that this dearth of autopsies was based on the government’s fear of infection among the pathologists, but a study of 225 autopsies on Covid-19 cases demonstrated only one case of infection among the pathologist and this was concluded to have been an infection contracted elsewhere.[19] Guerriero ends his article calling for more autopsies with this observation: “Shoulder to shoulder, clinical and forensic pathologists overcame the obstructions of autopsy studies in Covid-19 victims and hereby generated valuable knowledge on the pathophysiology of the interaction between the SARS-CoV-2 and the human body, thus contributing to our understanding of the disease.”[24]

Suspicion concerning the worldwide reluctance of nations to allow full post mortem studies of Covid-19 victims may be based on the idea that it was more than by chance. There are at least two possibilities that stand out. First, those leading the progression of this “non-pandemic” event into a perceived worldwide “deadly pandemic”, were hiding an important secret that autopsies could document. Namely, just how many of the deaths were actually caused by the virus? To implement draconian measures, such as mandated mask wearing, lockdowns, destruction of businesses, and eventually mandated forced vaccination, they needed very large numbers of covid-19 infected dead. Fear would be the driving force for all these destructive pandemic control programs.

Elder et al in his study classified the autopsy findings into four groups.[22]

  1. Certain Covid-19 death
  2. Probably Covid-19 death
  3. Possible Covid-19 death
  4. Not associated with Covid-19, despite the positive test.

What possibly concerned or even terrified the engineers of this pandemic was that autopsies just might, and did, show that a number of these so-called Covid-19 deaths in truth died of their comorbid diseases. In the vast majority of autopsy studies reported, pathologists noted multiple comorbid conditions, most of which at the extremes of life could alone be fatal. Previously it was known that common cold viruses had an 8% mortality in nursing homes.

In addition, valuable evidence could be obtained from the autopsies that would improve clinical treatments and could possibly demonstrate the deadly effect of the CDC mandated protocols all hospitals were required to follow, such as the use of respirators and the deadly, kidney-destroying drug remdesivir. The autopsies also demonstrated accumulating medical errors and poor-quality care, as the shielding of doctors in intensive care units from the eyes of family members inevitably leads to poorer quality care as reported by several nurses working in these areas.[5355]

As bad as all this was, the very same thing is being done in the case of Covid vaccine deaths—very few complete autopsies have been done to understand why these people died, that is, until recently. Two highly qualified researchers, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi a microbiologist and highly qualified expert in infectious disease and Dr. Arne Burkhardt, a pathologist who is a widely published authority having been a professor of pathology at several prestigious institutions, recently performed autopsies on 15 people having died after vaccination. What they found explains why so many are dying and experiencing organ damage and deadly blood clots.[5]

They determined that 14 of the fifteen people died as a result of the vaccines and not of other causes. Dr. Burkhardt, the pathologist, observed widespread evidence of an immune attack on the autopsied individuals’ organs and tissues— especially their heart. This evidence included extensive invasion of small blood vessels with massive numbers of lymphocytes, which cause extensive cell destruction when unleashed. Other organs, such as the lungs and liver, were observed to have extensive damage as well. These findings indicate the vaccines were causing the body to attack itself with deadly consequences. One can easily see why Anthony Fauci, as well as public health officers and all who are heavily promoting these vaccines, publicly discouraged autopsies on the vaccinated who subsequently died. One can also see that in the case of vaccines, that were essentially untested prior to being approved for the general public, at least the regulatory agencies should have been required to carefully monitor and analyze all serious complications, and certainly deaths, linked to these vaccines. The best way to do that is with complete autopsies.

While we learned important information from these autopsies what is really needed are special studies of the tissues of those who have died after vaccination for the presence of spike protein infiltration throughout the organs and tissues. This would be critical information, as such infiltration would result in severe damage to all tissues and organs involved—especially the heart, the brain, and the immune system. Animal studies have demonstrated this. In these vaccinated individuals the source of these spike proteins would be the injected nanolipid carriers of the spike protein producing mRNA. It is obvious that the government health authorities and pharmaceutical manufacturers of these “vaccines” do not want these critical studies done as the public would be outraged and demand an end to the vaccination program and prosecution of the involved individuals who covered this up.

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We are all living through one of the most drastic changes in our culture, economic system, as well as political system in our nation’s history as well as the rest of the world. We have been told that we will never return to “normal” and that a great reset has been designed to create a “new world order”. This has all been outlined by Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, in his book on the “Great Reset”.[66] This book gives a great deal of insight as to the thinking of the utopians who are proud to claim this pandemic “crisis” as their way to usher in a new world. This new world order has been on the drawing boards of the elite manipulators for over a century.[73,74] In this paper I have concentrated on the devastating effects this has had on the medical care system in the United States, but also includes much of the Western world. In past papers I have discussed the slow erosion of traditional medical care in the United States and how this system has become increasingly bureaucratized and regimented.[7,8] This process was rapidly accelerating, but the appearance of this, in my opinion, manufactured “pandemic” has transformed our health care system over night.

As you have seen, an unprecedented series of events have taken place within this system. Hospital administrators, for example, assumed the position of medical dictators, ordering doctors to follow protocols derived not from those having extensive experience in treating this virus, but rather from a medical bureaucracy that has never treated a single COVID-19 patient. The mandated use of respirators on ICU Covid-19 patients, for example, was imposed in all medical systems and dissenting physicians were rapidly removed from their positions as caregivers, despite their demonstration of markedly improved treatment methods. Further, doctors were told to use the drug remdesivir despite its proven toxicity, lack of effectiveness and high complication rate. They were told to use drugs that impaired respiration and mask every patient, despite the patient’s impaired breathing. In each case, those who refused to abuse their patients were removed from the hospital and even faced a loss of license—or worse.

For the first time in modern medical history, early medical treatment of these infected patients was ignored nationwide. Studies have shown that early medical treatment was saving 80% of higher number of these infected people when initiated by independent doctors.[43,44] Early treatment could have saved over 640,000 lives over the course of this “pandemic”. Despite the demonstration of the power of these early treatments, the forces controlling medical care continued this destructive policy.

Families were not allowed to see their loved ones, forcing these very sick individuals in the hospitals to face their deaths alone. To add insult to injury, funerals were limited to a few grieving family members, who were not allowed to even sit together. All the while large stores, such as Walmart and Cosco were allowed to operate with minimal restrictions. Nursing home patients were also not allowed to have family visitations, again being forced to die a lonely death. All the while, in a number of states, the most transparent being in New York state, infected elderly were purposefully transferred from hospitals into nursing homes, resulting in a very high death rates of these nursing home residents. At the beginning of this “pandemic” over 50% of all death were occurring in nursing homes.

Throughout this “pandemic” we have been fed an unending series of lies, distortions and disinformation by the media, the public health officials, medical bureaucracies (CDC, FDA and WHO) and medical associations. Physicians, scientists, and experts in infectious treatments who formed associations designed to develop more effective and safer treatments, were regularly demonized, harassed, shamed, humiliated, and experience a loss of licensure, loss of hospital privileges and, in at least one case, ordered to have a psychiatric examination.[2,65,71]

Anthony Fauci was given essentially absolute control of all forms of medical care during this event, including insisting that drugs he profited from be used by all treating physicians. He ordered the use of masks, despite at first laughing at the use of masks to filter a virus. Governors, mayors, and many businesses followed his orders without question.

The draconian measures being used, masking, lockdowns, testing of the uninfected, use of the inaccurate PCR test, social distancing, and contact tracing had been shown previously to be of little or no use during previous pandemics, yet all attempts to reject these methods were to no avail. Some states ignored these draconian orders and had either the same or fewer cases, as well as deaths, as the states with the most strictly enforced measures. Again, no amount of evidence or obvious demonstration along these lines had any effect on ending these socially destructive measures. Even when entire countries, such as Sweden, which avoided all these measures, demonstrated equal rates of infections and hospitalization as nations with the strictest, very draconian measures, no policy change by the controlling institutions occurred. No amount of evidence changed anything.

Experts in the psychology of destructive events, such as economic collapses, major disasters and previous pandemics demonstrated that draconian measures come with an enormous cost in the form of “deaths of despair” and in a dramatic increase in serious psychological disorders. The effects of these pandemic measures on children’s neurodevelopment is catastrophic and to a large extent irreversible.

Over time tens of thousands could die as a result of this damage. Even when these predictions began to appear, the controllers of this “pandemic” continued full steam ahead. Drastic increases in suicides, a rise in obesity, a rise in drug and alcohol use, a worsening of many health measures and a terrifying rise in psychiatric disorders, especially depression and anxiety, were ignored by the officials controlling this event.

We eventually learned that many of the deaths were a result of medical neglect. Individuals with chronic medical conditions, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological diseases were no longer being followed properly in their clinics and doctor’s offices. Non-emergency surgeries were put on hold. Many of these patients chose to die at home rather than risk going to the hospitals and many considered hospitals “death houses”.

Records of deaths have shown that there was a rise in deaths among those aged 75 and older, mostly explained by Covid-19 infections, but for those between the ages of 65 to 74, deaths had been increasing well before the pandemic onset.[69] Between ages of 18 and aged 65 years, records demonstrate a shocking hike in non-Covid-19 deaths. Some of these deaths were explained by a dramatic increase in drug-related deaths, some 20,000 more than 2019. Alcohol related deaths also increased substantially, and homicides increased almost 30% in the 18 to 65-year group.

The head of the insurance company OneAmerica stated that their data indicated that the death rate for individuals aged 18 to 64 had increased 40% over the pre-pandemic period.[21] Scott Davidson, the company’s CEO, stated that this represented the highest death rate in the history of insurance records, which does extensive data collections on death rates each year. Davidson also noted that this high of a death rate increase has never been seen in the history of death data collection. Previous catastrophes of monumental extent increased death rates no more than 10 percent, 40% is unprecedented.

Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s chief medical officer, stated that hospitalizations in Indiana are higher than at any point in the past five years. This is of critical importance since the vaccines were supposed to significantly reduce deaths, but the opposite has happened. Hospitals are being flooded with vaccine complications and people in critical condition from medical neglect caused by the lockdowns and other pandemic measures.[46,56]

A dramatic number of these people are now dying, with the spike occurring after the vaccines were introduced. The lies flowing from those who have appointed themselves as medical dictators are endless. First, we were told that the lockdown would last only two weeks, they lasted over a year. Then we were told that masks were ineffective and did not need to be worn. Quickly that was reversed. Then we were told the cloth mask was very effective, now it’s not and everyone should be wearing an N95 mask and before that that they should double mask. We were told there was a severe shortage of respirators, then we discover they are sitting unused in warehouses and in city dumps, still in their packing crates. We were informed that the hospitals were filled mostly with the unvaccinated and later found the exact opposite was true the world over. We were told that the vaccine was 95% effective, only to learn that in fact the vaccines cause a progressive erosion of innate immunity.

Upon release of the vaccines, women were told the vaccines were safe during all states of pregnancy, only to find out no studies had been done on safety during pregnancy during the “safety tests” prior to release of the vaccine. We were told that careful testing on volunteers before the EUA approval for public use demonstrated extreme safety of the vaccines, only to learn that these unfortunate subjects were not followed, medical complications caused by the vaccines were not paid for and the media covered this all up.[67] We also learned that the pharmaceutical makers of the vaccines were told by the FDA that further animal testing was unnecessary (the general public would be the Guinea pigs.) Incredibly, we were told that the Pfizer’s new mRNA vaccines had been approved by the FDA, which was a cleaver deception, in that another vaccine had approval (comirnaty) and not the one being used, the BioNTech vaccine. The approved comirnaty vaccine was not available in the United States. The national media told the public that the Pfizer vaccine had been approved and was no longer classed as experimental, a blatant lie. These deadly lies continue. It is time to stop this insanity and bring these people to justice.

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Microsoft Outlook Lets Hundreds of Spam Through, Every Day, Even When I Flag The Sender — Protonmail Lets ZERO Spam Through

Gates and Microsoft are truly part of the axis of Evil. They want you distracted, they want to waste your time, they want to keep stupid messages in front of you at all times.

Linkedin is also in bed with Microsoft, they should be viewed with suspicion.

A quick review did not indicate any great options to Outlook, for what I use it for, for my primary source of business communications, sorting easily into folders, good searching, auto filling email names as I type, good spam filtering.

Any one done their due diligence on this topic? Of course I am concerned that microsoft is selling my information, intercepting my emails, etc.


Dear Tyrants, You Are Losing

stock here, submitted by flyingcuttlefish

JP is great, and he nails this one. We will not comply, not now, not ever. We never fell for your bullshit, most of us here anyway. And second down, a compilation of

stock here. There is one personality trait, of likely many, all intertwined at the same time, that is “authoritarian”. One of the classic theories is T. Adorno’s, along with several others ALL at Berkeley, were funded with studying Authoritarianism….get this….to help understand anti-semitism. My oh My!!!!! 1% of the population!!!!! But its the most important thing. Many of the authoritarian tyrants hide their evil behind the shield of Jewishness so they can carry on their dastardly deeds with everyone afraid to point out their bullshit, or risk being called antisematic

his theory has 3 main tenants, and if we adhere to these, we would come to the conclusion that what is going on in the world goes beyond just Authoritarianism. Because in order to divide us and degrade us, they total throw out traditional values. So what are the pieces of what is going on? Control freaks? Buttercups so shallow, weak, and sensitive that they cannot tolerate even a voice of dissent criticizing them in any way….Zuckerberg’s “It gets to you”

Adorno’s theory

  • Hostile toward people of inferior status but obedient to people with higher statuses.
  • Very rigid in their opinions and beliefs.
  • Conventional; they defend traditional values.


And there is also the its just “greedy evil effers”. I cannot GROK the issues with Satanism, what drives people into that? Are they just inherently bad? Were they abused as children? Do they hate authority so much that they traverse to the largest alternate authoritarian grouping?

All thoughts appreciated

Many years back I pondered the strange immigrations going on in Europe, and through collaboration online came up with the “make everything suck, destroy all national identity” and just burden the system with non-integrating criminals and sloths. Played in spades. Then the sites were laser focused on collapsing the USA. “They” still control all the media, how do we fix that?


What Was Known in December 2020 as the Injections Were Rolled Out? A List of Truth

stock here, a lot was known. And now 2 years later, there are still sheep that cannot see what is beyond obvious in front of them. h/t Amazing Polly

Drosten Review: https://cormandrostenreview.com/

Great Barrington Declaration: https://gbdeclaration.org/

Michael Levitt: https://www.stanforddaily.com/2020/08/02/qa-michael-levitt-on-why-there-shouldnt-be-a-lockdown-how-hes-been-tracking-coronavirus/

500 German Doctors for Truth re COVID: https://humansarefree.com/2020/09/german-doctors-on-covid-19-we-have-a-lot-of-evidence-that-its-a-fake-story-all-over-the-world.html

Primary Doctors Medical Journal: https://pdmj.org/about/

Drosten PCR challenge: https://2020news.de/en/drosten-pcr-test-study-withdrawal-requested-due-to-scientific-error-and-massive-conflict-of-interest/

Wodarg / Yeadon call for halt to vaccine / petition: https://2020news.de/en/dr-wodarg-and-dr-yeadon-request-a-stop-of-all-corona-vaccination-studies-and-call-for-co-signing-the-petition/

VIDEO: Dr. James Lyons-Weiler re COVID fallacies & vaccine dangers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkGB1-YFn1Q&feature=emb_logo

ASK THE EXPERTS / The Question on Everyone’s Mind: re vaccines & fake-pandemic: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PlhepmJHZhlQ/

Corona Committee Evidence: Reiner Fuelmich on phone with Dr. Hockertz: https://player.vimeo.com/video/487879592

Mix-n-Match Vax UK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9027097/People-mix-match-coronavirus-vaccines-jab-chiefs-say.html

Fertility warnings not printed on leaflet for recipients: https://vaccineimpact.com/2020/uk-government-warns-doctors-about-infertility-possibility-with-pfizer-covid-vaccine-but-no-warning-to-patients/

Beate Bahner: https://lacrunadellago.net/2020/04/15/german-lawyer-beate-bahner-was-taken-to-a-mental-institution/?lang=en

German Lawyers Initiate Class Action Lawsuit VIDEO Fuellmich: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/12/05/coronavirus-lawsuit.aspx?cid_medium=etaf&cid=share

Ioannidis: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-ioannidis-affair-a-tale-of-major-scientific-overreaction/

Richie Allen Show: https://tunein.com/radio/The-Richie-Allen-Show-s236521/