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Shape of Coronal Holes Theorized to Influence Frequencies and Resonance of It’s Impacts on Earth Based Geo-Effects

stock here. Once in a while we get an oddly shaped Coronal hole which could act as a double whammy. That is all, a theory. A few day back we had a very unusual coronal hole.


The Triple Vaccinated Are The Most Likely to Be Hospitalized With COVID

stock here: ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement. We knew about it before the vaccine was released. Now the chickens come home to roost.


Another Method to Download Videos from Twitter


Then per a moderator suggestion I uploaded to Vid8 which seems to be made from the same people who run POAL

Above should be Joe Rogan talking about January 6th


New “Press Secretary” Spews Racist Rhetoric Non-Stop

stock here. I grabbed this from Twitter. The first part was easy, just drop in the twitter URL. It starts playing the MP4 in a new window, with no instructions or indications on where the file is or how to save it. These things are frustrating….when the most obvious thing desired is obscured. I guess it’s a free tool and you just have to get used to it. HINT: right click on the new window video.


Biden tells a story about putting a DEAD DOG on a random woman’s doorstep…

stock here, this comment from the comment stream. I get it. The point is that these people are so tone deaf, so out of touch with reality, that they think this could ever be funny. Also in the age of Corona, but even before Corona, no one in their right mind would walk up to a dead dog and just pick it up. But Joe is an abusive man, so in his world, this abuse to the woman is “funny”

Pru Baker@pb098765·Replying to @RNCResearchHe’s talking about responding to a voter in a humerous way. What’s so hard to understand? Is this the big distraction for the day?


Biden and Family Are Dog Abusers — Only Hollywood Is Trying to Write the Dog Script Into Their Lives


The above link is from a suspended account at Twitter, does anyone know how to recover the original video and tweet?


Biden and his dogs. Last year, one just died, and they had to give the other young one away because “the dog couldn’t adjust to the white house”. Dogs can adjust to just about any situation, including not perfectly consistent treatment from it’s “owners”. Dogs cannot adjust to abuse. These dogs act out and bite people (several incidents each) because they are abused.

Remember the fake Biden picture of Biden supposedly laying on a big pillow at their house in Delaware, it was all fake. But the messiest of the house was obvious. The “president” of the world’s greatest country cannot afford a housekeeper? Especially after taking 10% of every Hunter Biden shady deal “for the big guy”. Why is that, why would they not want a housekeeper? I mean I have a house keeper working right now to get my place spic and span.

The answer is, because they don’t want anyone to see what really goes on at that house. Capite?

Hollywood continues to write the scripts that the Cabal and Propaganda stations are carrying water on. And they are trying to include the “normal family” meme, by including one of the most beloved types of dogs. No one in the Biden family has the ability to act as the Alpha for these strong and strong willed, and strong minded dogs.

A twitter account that posted a picture of lame Biden tripping over his new puppy, has since been suspended. But these are the comments which remain……

Wall Street Shaman@FreakTrader·Replying to @imUrB00giemanGood dog21

Joe Sullivan@JoeSullivan75·Replying to @imUrB00giemanCan’t wait to see how Jen explains and defends this.1593

Tricia Aimee@AimeeTricia·Replying to @imUrB00giemanStop giving him dogs.541738

Codfather@codfather1776·Replying to @imUrB00giemanLooks like he fell after

Donegalshooter@Donegalshooter·Replying to @imUrB00giemanIt looked like Joe fell on his face just out of site of the camera.32115

Gerard Melancon@TeamGeeMoney·Yep sure does113

Linda “Susie” Miller@susieq91964·Replying to @imUrB00giemanHe just kicked his dog??? OMG123

Barry Cudas@barry_cudas·Replying to @imUrB00giemanDogs are a good judge of character.210200

JamesT (X)@pantar1·Replying to @imUrB00giemanDid that dope fall?174136

Marshallsam  @marshallsam·Replying to @imUrB00giemanSad ol Dude. Shame on his family.31

Who would chase a dog to grab the dog’s tail? Someone who is a liar, or someone who knows nothing about dogs.


The pretty evil day of March 13th (313) was the day to issue a rare update on the new GSD Commander at the white house. These people are so tone deaf to even let these pictures out.

My dogs have never looked back at me like this during a walk. I will occasionally give them free reign to use their whole 6′ but usually I am holding the lease pretty tight so they stay right by my side.



Hunger Games, Little Clown Tyrants, and Gun Control

stock here: a few weeks back we identified “Hunger Games” and one of the 4 horsemen, Famine. Now we watch the “Outrage Machine” as we are shown pictures of empty shelves of “Baby Formula”. Yes Joe Biden is giving all our Baby Formula to illegal immigrants….and Roe vs Wade….he is killing babies in 2 ways. Sheesh.

Look at this picture of Zelenski with Rinos.

  1. He is a tiny man
  2. He is a clown actor comedian
  3. He looks pissed. He wanted a “ride” but they made him an offer. You stay and do what we tell you and we won’t start “acciddenting” your family.

Now back to Hunger Games…..perfect, a mass murder at a food store….very dangerous place to be going, the food store. Noted Black Mayor

Another black mayor, he looks kind of clean cut, kind of like Obama. He was projected into Mayorship by having the well liked White Mayor, by transported to heaven….Ambassador to Luxembourg. Shooting in Milwaukee. Milwaukee was a big player in the stolen election.



Adding Context: Not Only Are Prices Up 30% to 50%, The US Dollar Has Been Getting Stronger and Stronger, Capite?

stock here: I watch currencies, and stocks. I just had a 450% gain on buying puts in prediction of the S&P500 crash which happened perfectly on time. This nicely protected my long positions which are likely multi-decade “investments” in “trust the system LOL”.

I watch precious metals too, and silver has been bodyslammed 30%. They hate real money. They successfully trapped many people buying into a blow off top, and now decimated them….making sure that large swathes of people are burned and will “never again” trust precious metals.

But here we have a double whammy. Every currency except the USD is being walked down, and USD is on steady path up. So our purchasing power should be huge and prices should go down for foreign goods….so how come they are not?

That there is a very interesting question. I see the Cabal’s hand in play in multiple ways.

What do y’all think?


They Want You To Know That You Are Being Abused

stock here: just said this to my like minded pure blooded neighbor yesterday. She was like “there is no one out there to protect us”.

Saw this in the AM, a salient comment!

I suspect that all along, “the plan” has been to eventually REVEAL that the covid response is an utter fraud, and that the covid jabs were designed to be harmful and further cull the population. Why the plan to reveal? To cause people to get behind revolutions around the world deceptively initiated by those who are in cahoots with, “the Plan.” Some politicians, deep state minions, and bureaucrats will likely become scapegoats and fall guys; that’s not to say they’re not guilty as hell. Some of the perpetrators of the plot may be ignorant they are being used and set up. Some of them may be willing or semi-willing actors if they are blackmailed or promised a facelift and retirement in the tropics. I can’t get over how Biden just endlessly hams it up as a bad actor. I believe he is deliberately showing himself as a sinister character. Even his senile moments could all be bad acting. Hunter’s laptop may have been deliberately planted by him with his father’s blessing, in order to cause a catalyst for revolution. Perhaps someone forcibly recruited the Biden family into the plot in exchange for leniency, or facelifts in the tropics while someone else gets executed in their place.

I expect to see more and more revelations about vaccine damage and even covid fraud or weaponization covered by the msm. Eventually bombshell information will be released stunning the world. I suspect one of the promises by those who will promulgate revolution is to create an…< ? >

I suspect one of the promises by those who will promulgate revolution is to create an antidote for the mRNA gene jabs. This may be how the NWO and beast kingdom of the antichrist arises by stealth. Remember those who kill Jesus’ followers will believe they are serving God. The antichrist, whoever he is, will initially seem like a great hope and hero as opposed to those politically correct hacks who force feed wokeism and nonsensical destructive policies. At least this is a scenario to monitor!


ABC News About “Increase In COVID” Is Only Eclipsed In Insanity by the “Quality” of the Comment Section

Join the discussion…LOL, stock here. I rarely check ABC but I had a free hour on my hands so I surfed pretty widely last night. Read the comments….the remaining sheep at ABC have gotten their talking points a bit more refined, but still vacuous. This is what the problem is, they exist, they are out there. There are easy targets by those that seek to manipulate.

sorry, both Outlook and WordPress locked up, and I can’t find the ABC story again. But it is hardly necessary, it was about how COVID hospitalizations in USA were going up, 2500 per day for 360,000,000 people. And no comment on degree of severity or treatment protocols, so more of the same bullshit


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    Kristine • 18 hours agoThere is a difference between getting admitted because of covid and getting admitted with covid.
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      @TexDoc78154 • 18 hours agoCan we stop arguing and apply some common sense about COVID.Get vaccinated, 3 doses for most of us. 4th dose for the vulnerable.Get tested if sick.Get medical help if you are positive, we have both oral antivirals and IV monoclonal antibodies to help you.Stay home if positive till you are well.
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          banned by the hill  @TexDoc78154 • an hour ago3 doses…just so stupid….why not just get it and get over it?
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              MrMeanie  @TexDoc78154 • 17 hours agoWhere’s my jab? I gotta gits my jab! I got 4 jabs but I know I need at least 10!Where’s my jab, I gotta gits my next jab!
                 2ReplyShare ›
                EH Bridge  @TexDoc78154 • 16 hours agoPerfect. You hit it all spot on.I’d just add wear a x-95/94 mask as much as reasonably possible.
                   1ReplyShare ›
                    Jameson Roberts  EH Bridge • 16 hours ago • editedSo Kamala Harris is double vaccinated, double boosted, and wears a K95/94 mask. She still caught Coronavirus. And there isn’t any scientific proof that’s what kept her from going to the hospital and why she had mild symptoms. Proof? I caught Coronavirus before there were vaccines. I coughed a couple of times had a 100.1 fever off and on for a couple of days while laying around on my couch. The third day I was over it.
                       2ReplyShare ›
                        EH Bridge  Jameson Roberts • 2 hours agoDon’t cause more deaths and more hospitalizations with deflection from the seriousness of the disease.My middle aged son caught it and lost 13 pounds from it.
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                            V for Vendetta 🌹  Jameson Roberts • 16 hours agoPlease… get educated about this before you ramble about what you think is “proof” based on what happened to you.Different people are impacted differently by COVID… and some are hospitalized and surprise… almost 1 million died. Those 1 million apparently didn’t just have a cough or have the luxury of waiting it out on their couch. They were likely hospitalized and died.If people are getting COVID… it’s most often because they aren’t always wearing a mask in a crowded setting… or in an enclosed area where infected people could have been. Because she is vaccinated, Kamala Harris showed no symptoms… yet they still test her and everyone else so they can be kept aware if they get infected.And don’t say “no there isn’t any scientific proof” why she wasn’t hospitalized… because you apparently haven’t a clue… just talking BS out of the side of your mouth…
                               2ReplyShare ›
                              Steve Vilkos  Jameson Roberts • 11 hours agohere is the main problem with your “analysis”: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU
                                ReplyShare ›
                              V for Vendetta 🌹  @TexDoc78154 • 16 hours ago • editedAhhhh… it’s always good to hear a voice of reason…It’s just a shame there are still too many people out there that aren’t listening to reason. Some don’t even care if they get infected, get sick, or pass it onto anyone else. They have it in their heads it’s like the flu… so if they pass it onto someone else… and they become hospitalized or die… that’s their problem.True StoryI had a friend who had 3 vaccinations, yet took a cruise ship to Spain a few weeks ago. At the end of his cruise, he didn’t feel well, but the ship did a quick test and told him he was negative (which was a lie). A few days later, he was to fly to Israel for a week’s vacation.But they tested him before his flight and he tested positive so they wouldn’t let him on. He had to find a Barcelona hotel to stay for 7 days, was still positive, but paid $75 to get a US doctor to email him a “CDC permission note” to fly back to US. Apparently, the airline didn’t even check passengers so he didn’t even need his note.After getting home… he still tested positive, yet kept telling me he’s just a tad sick, but likely not transmittable and he was tired of self quarantine. I told him he was being selfish… and to wait until he tested negative. He ultimately did… but his initial mentality mirrors those of some people who don’t care if anyone else gets infected.That’s why I still wear a mask whenever I go out… and make sure if I’m eating… I sit outdoors or at a distance from others… as my trust levels are low in regards to people’s selfishness.I may not get hospitalized or die… but I wouldn’t like that to happen to anyone else who might have pre-existing conditions that might not survive an infection…
                                 1ReplyShare ›Show 1 new reply
                                  jason  V for Vendetta 🌹 • 16 hours agoWell our president told us to live our lives and do what you feel safe doing you dont like it take it up with him
                                    ReplyShare ›
                                      V for Vendetta 🌹  jason • 16 hours agoAny person who is stupid enough to listen to a politician… especially one who isn’t a trained medical person… should get their head examined.Remember… politicians are politicians… and by their nature… they often lie or make stupid inaccurate statements. Same is true of all these TV and online media pundits who tell you the opposite of what your doctor would tell you. They also lie… or distort the truth.But… that’s up to you if you prefer getting your medical advice from anyone other than your physician or from a medical expert…
                                        ReplyShare ›
                                          jason  V for Vendetta 🌹 • 15 hours agoJust saying if you have a bone to pick its with him who promised to make covid his #1 priority which he has definitely not
                                            ReplyShare ›
                                              V for Vendetta 🌹  jason • 14 hours agoI don’t have a bone to pick with him… as I don’t rely on politicians as much as I do my personal physician and the CDC.As far as politicians trying to change intransigent, stubborn or just plain ignorant people who won’t follow medical advice or heed their warnings… there is nothing any politician can do about that… regardless whether that person is a Republican, Democrat or Independent.Let’s face it… even when Donald Trump was urging his supporters to get vaccinated… he got booed. So… if he’s not able to convince his own supporters… then name one politician who can??As long as we live in a country that is so divided… you are not going to get the cooperation from everyone. And blaming any particular politician is partisan nonsense…
                                                ReplyShare ›
                                          Le’Ours  @TexDoc78154 • 16 hours agoBut what about Spring break? /s
                                            ReplyShare ›
                                              John Tucker  @TexDoc78154 • 16 hours agolol why do you think its spreads faster and more heavily in vaccinated areas ?
                                                ReplyShare ›
                                                  Pizza!  @TexDoc78154 • 14 hours agoIt takes 3 weeks. Opening for business interests and discarding vaccine, masks and social distancing mandates is only going to make the current financial situation the country is in worse.
                                                    ReplyShare ›
                                                    Max Headroom • 17 hours agoA little early for the midterm variant.
                                                       1ReplyShare ›Show 1 new reply
                                                      MrMeanie • 17 hours agoNotice how the wording leads people to think “WOW people are going to the hospital FOR covid at higher rates”They simply test everyone for covid that is admitted to a hospital.Do they test for the flu? How are those rates going?
                                                         4ReplyShare ›Show 1 new reply
                                                      • JeB • 17 hours ago“We’re probably missing a lot,”If they are not sick enough to notice, the illness doesn’t matter. People just are not going for the silly fear mongering any more.
                                                           3ReplyShare ›
                                                            Bud • 17 hours agoIt is not over until it is over and, it is not over yet, wise up.
                                                               1ReplyShare ›Show 1 new reply
                                                                aquablue13 • 17 hours agoShouldn’t we keep Title 42 in place due to the rising health risk
                                                                  ReplyShare ›
                                                                  MK5111 • 17 hours ago • editedCruise ships seem to be super spreaders, it’s Spring, weather’s nice, Covid seemed to die down, more people taking trips, this isn’t surprising.
                                                                     1ReplyShare ›
                                                                      tafugate • 16 hours agoamericans just don’t possess the smarts, maturity, and self-sacrifice to keep an eye on the ball.
                                                                         3ReplyShare ›
                                                                        Le’Ours • 16 hours agoTwenty-five hundred shy of one million deaths from this Covid-19, confirmed. Well, we better let those illegals in to fill their jobs. It didn’t have to come to this. if only more people had got the jabs so much sooner and continued to mask on their own. They have only themselves and Trump-ers to blame, plus several thousand uneducated, anarchist lying pundits to blame.
                                                                           6ReplyShare ›

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                                                                        The Technocrats of the “Temples of Syrinx” Rush 2112 Is Prophetic

                                                                        1976 as a young lad these classic lyrics hit the stage, and instantly struck a common cord. Please review them now.

                                                                        We’ve taken care of everything
                                                                        The words you read
                                                                        The songs you sing
                                                                        The pictures that give pleasure
                                                                        To your eye
                                                                        One for all and all for one
                                                                        Work together
                                                                        Common sons
                                                                        Never need to wonder
                                                                        How or why

                                                                        Rush 2112 (or 2022)

                                                                        We are the Priests
                                                                        Of the Temples of Syrinx
                                                                        Our great computers
                                                                        Fill the hallowed halls
                                                                        We are the Priests
                                                                        Of the Temples of Syrinx
                                                                        All the gifts of life
                                                                        Are held within our walls

                                                                        Look around this world we made
                                                                        Our stock in trade
                                                                        Come and join the Brotherhood
                                                                        Of Man
                                                                        What a nice contented world
                                                                        Let the banners
                                                                        Be unfurled
                                                                        Hold the Red Star proudly
                                                                        High in hand.



                                                                        Dearth of Earthquakes on the “Eastern” Side of the Globe

                                                                        I have seen less than this, but it’s odd enough to post.

                                                                        AS Solar Cycle 25 kicks off, we should see more Sun Earth interaction. A somewhat beefier magnetic field in the context of a long term downtrend. More deflection of Galactic Cosmic Rays towards the north and south pole, and thus less cloud nucleation and less basaltic magma “charging”. All what the portion of space weather affected by the sun should see more activity, more CME, more strong Coronal Holes.

                                                                        Although curiously, we are in a temperature “pause” again. Lesser clouds should lead to higher temperatures, but we shall see.


                                                                        SCIENTIST: MRNA INJECTIONS WILL CONTINUE KILLING PEOPLE

                                                                        Mac Slavo
                                                                        May 5th, 2022

                                                                        stock here: SHTF site has been doing top notch work for many years. I can’t visit everyday, but I should.


                                                                        SCIENTIST: MRNA INJECTIONS WILL CONTINUE KILLING PEOPLE

                                                                        Mac Slavo
                                                                        May 5th, 2022

                                                                        Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai-German microbiologist and expert on the mRNA COVID-19 injections, has warned that the “vaccines” are very dangerous. They will kill more people daily, and those who survive will be easier subjects for the New World Order to control.This so-called vaccine is changing humanity and mankind,” said Bhakdi. “These vaccines are changing you right now, even though you don’t realize it. They are altering your psyche, your brain. You’re becoming different people right now… You are losing your individuality. You’re losing your personality, and you’re losing your right to say ‘I am a human being.’ You’re losing your [humanity].” Bhakdi said the vaccines “blind the minds of people” as they make people less intelligent “and this is the most dangerous part of all.”“But the worst thing is that those billions that had been injected are losing their minds – this is something that people don’t realize – and are becoming more and more controllable because they cannot say no,” he continued. “It’s fantastic. It’s brilliant – and it’s nightmarish, horrible, diabolical, Satanic. It’s got to be stopped,” he added according to a report by Natural News. Not to mention:“These vaccines are killing people. You have your myocarditis, you’ve got your strokes, heart attacks, these are all terrible. You’ve got all these athletes that are dying, you’ve got all these young people that are dying, very bad,” said Bhakdi. “It really is this mass of interlocking relationships between banks, big corporations, the military-industrial complex, people who have gotten us into this war in the Ukraine because they’re going to benefit from that in the same way they benefit from COVID-19,” said Breggin.


                                                                        Fully Sourced 2017 Article on Pizzagate.

                                                                        stock here. Wow this is from 5 years ago. It seems like an update would be in order, wish the time was there, it is not. Please check 5 of the “source” links on here and let me know what you think.

                                                                        hat tip Flying Cuttlefish

                                                                        Archived Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence (pizzagate)submitted 4 years ago by Millennial_Falcon(Updated 1/13/2017)Note: If you want to copy and paste this to save locally, click “source” at the bottom and copy that, so the embedded links will be included. Also, be aware that this is a work in progress, and there is much evidence still to be added.We do not advocate vigilantism, and suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.Disinformation Warning: Beware “black propaganda”, a tactic used to disrupt and discredit our investigation. Black propaganda involves statements or actions which are made to appear to come from one side of a conflict, but actually come from the other side, like political ventriloquism. Disinformants, or “shills,” anonymously promote intentionally fake evidence and claims, which can then be used to paint our central thesis as false. People familiar with debate can think of it as a “straw man.” This is not to say that legitimate researchers do not make mistakes, but to caution all readers that disinformants are actively attempting to disrupt this forum’s efforts. However, all evidence included in this summary is directly verifiable through embedded weblinks.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND EXPLANATION OF PIZZAGATEIntroductionThis investigation was sparked by strange emails leaked from John Podesta’s email account, some of which make bizarre references to food. One such email discussed a handkerchief Podesta left behind at a friend’s house. The handkerchief was described as having a “map that seems pizza-related.” Given the common pedophile code phrase “cheese pizza”, some readers suspected “pizza-related” may have been a reference to child sex abuse. The suspected use of “pizza” as a codeword led us to investigate a pizza restaurant mentioned in one of Podesta’s emails, namely Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, owned by an associate of the Podestas. We have found considerable evidence that Comet is a front for child sex trafficking.

                                                                        • Exhibit A: Evidence Pertaining to Comet Pizza and Ping Pong

                                                                        As demonstrated in Exhibit D, we have connected owner James Alefantis to accused child trafficker Laura Silsby, who was got off the hook by a fake attorney who was later convicted of sex-trafficking, and who was wanted for sex trafficking in four countries. Alefantis had a statue of Antinous as his Instagram profile picture. Antinous was the boy lover of a Roman Emperor, and is considered a symbol of pederasty. On his “jimmycomet” Instagram account, Alefantis posted a baby picture and made a clear pedophile reference. The brother of Jeffrey B. Smith (“werkinonmahnightcheese”), who commented on several of the suspect Instagram photos, referred to a friend as “my favorite pedo”.Listed first on Comet’s website under “friends of comet” is the band Heavy Breathing, which performs at Comet. Heavy Breathing leader “Majestic Ape” wears a ski mask and sunglasses, and uses a voice modulator, hiding his or her identity. Majestic Ape joked about pedophile Jared Fogle and said “we all have our preferences, hee hee hee”. YouTube, bringing laughter from the audience. In another video, Majestic Ape talks about killing a babyYouTube. Majestic Ape also referenced pedophilia in a caption on a music video. Heavy Breathing’s website features art involving both children and sex.An employee of Comet posted many images portraying pizza in a sexual way., further fueling our suspicion they are using “pizza” as it is commonly used by pedophiles: a symbol and codeword for sex with minors. Another example. An admitted pedophile on a dark-web pedophile forum acknowledged a trend of pedophiles using pizza parlors as fronts for child sex trafficking. Convicted sex offender Robert L. Robinson, who raped a 13-year-old girl, had a Flikr account with five pages of “favorite” pictures, half of which featured young girls, and the other half of which featured… Comet Pizza and Ping Pong.Please examine these symbols designated by the FBI as pedophile symbols. Besta Pizza, which is three doors down from Comet, had a logo that is a near-exact match of the boylover symbol. Another nearby business, Terasol, had a girl-lover symbol on their website. No direct connection to Besta or Terasol has yet been uncovered, but the logos seem quite a coincidence. With that in mind, take a look at Comet’s logo. It also resembles a pedophile symbol.General creepiness seems to surround Comet. Alefantis posted a photo of a child taped to a ping pong table. He also posted a photo of a walk-in cooler, to which he commented “#murder” and to which Jeffrey B. Smith commented “#killroom.” Alefantis also posted a picture of Tony Podesta’s sculpture modeled after a Dahmer victim and one of “spirit-cooking” queen Marina Abramovic. Comet had a painting of a man playing ping pong, to which graffiti had been added to show him ejaculating on the table and wearing a Satanic upside-down cross. Comet had murals of people with heads cut off, and the artist who painted the murals also painted adults decapitating children.Pizzagate researcher Ryan O’Neal posted a YouTube video in which he claims James Alefantis threatened his life and the lives of his familyYouTube to bully O’Neal into removing a video about Alefantis’ “Pegasus Museum” from YouTube. O’Neal showed text messages, which appear to be from Alefantis, bullying him into calling Alefantis. O’Neal claims that when he called, Alefantis immediately began screaming at him and threatening him and his family. O’Neal filed a police report over the alleged threats.

                                                                        • Exhibit B: Evidence Pertaining to John and Tony Podesta

                                                                        John Podesta is the former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton, and was the Chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidental campaign. Tony Podesta runs The Podesta Group, a major lobbying firm. The Podestas are associates of James Alefantis, as detailed in Exhibit C. They are also good friends with known and admitted pedophile, former Republican congressman Dennis Hastert. John Podesta received en email suggesting that Hastert should vanish to an undisclosed Japanese island after the news of Hastert’s pedophilia broke.Now, let’s discuss the specific emails that led to our investigation of Comet. John Podesta received an email from Tam Luzzatto saying that children of ages 11, 9, and 7 will be “in the pool for further entertainment” and stating that the children “will definitely be in that pool”.In another email, Podesta was told that he left behind a black-and-white handkerchief “with a map that seems pizza-related”. A handkerchief with a “pizza-related” map? What the…? Note that in the gay community, handkerchiefs are sometimes used as code for sexual preferences. It is possible that others have adopted this code as well. Black symbolizes bdsm/domination in this code; some have suggested that white could symbolize pedophilia, due to the association of white with innocence and purity. Furthermore, as discussed previously, “cheese pizza” is a common code phrase meaning “child pornography,” so “pizza” could be an adaptation of that.In another suspiciously cryptic email, a friend complained that Podesta had changed “strategies that have long been in place” and remarked that Podesta sent him “cheese” instead of “pasta,” asking if Podesta thought he would do better “playing dominoes on cheese than on pasta”. Why would Podesta regularly send this person pasta, why would there need to be a strategy long in place for doing so, and who plays dominoes on cheese or pasta?Tony Podesta sent John Podesta an email titled “Last night was fun.” The email read simply “still in the torture chamber”. One could argue this could have been a metaphor, but consider it in light of the fact that Tony Podesta collects art by Biljana Djurdjevic, which references or depicts extreme physical and sexual abuse of children. He also collects photos of naked teenagers, and he has a taste for art portraying cannibalism and murder, such as his headless Arch of Hysteria statue which seems to reproduce one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s decapitated victims. John Podesta also likes artwork portraying cannibalism, such as this piece is in his office.(continued in comments)

                                                                        sort by: New Bottom Intensity Old

                                                                        Sort: Top

                                                                        128[–]Millennial_Falcon [S128 points (+129|-1) 4 years ago  (edited 3.8 years ago)

                                                                        • Exhibit C: Alefantis’ Connections to the Podestas and Clintons

                                                                        James Alefantis himself was deemed one of the 50 most powerful people of Washington D.CPNG by GQ magazine.
                                                                        He was the romantic partnerof David Brock. David Brock is the Chief of Media Matters, a major instrument of the Democratic Party. Brock is also the founder of Correct the Record, a Super PAC that supported the Clinton campaign.James Alefantis is seen with Tony Podesta here andhere. An email from Alefantis to Tony Podesta, which Tony Podesta forwarded to John Podesta had an attached file which was an image of Hillary’s Logo with a pizza slice in it, above a Comet logo. Alefantis also made desserts for a Clinton campaign event. (Notice another photo with Alefantis and Tony Podesta together, and that Alefantis visited the White House on at least five occasions.) Clinton personally thanked Alefantis for cooking for one of her fundraisers. Comet received payments of over $20k from American Bridge 21st Century PAC, a primary funder of which is billionaire Clinton-backer George Soros. Payments can be seen herehere, and here.

                                                                        • Exhibit D: Additional Evidence Implicating the Clintons Specifically

                                                                        NOTE: All previously cited evidence implicates the Clintons, as John Podesta has been their right-hand man, and as James Alefantis is closely associated with the Clinton Campaign and major Democratic Party leaders.Bill Clinton is known to have flown multiple times on the “Lolita Express” of disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein to visit Epstein’s private “pedophile island,” Little St. James. Hillary Clinton also joined him on occasion. Bill Clinton even ditched the Secret Service to make these trips Interestingly, Jeffrey Epstein claimed to be a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation.Hillary Clinton was sent email updates on the prosecution of Laura Silsby, who was caught trafficking children in Haiti. Laura Silsby was got off the hook by Jorge Puello, who was later convicted of sex trafficking, and was wanted on charges of sex trafficking in four countries. Additional source. Izette Folger, a close friend of James Alefantis, gave a statement in support of Silsby. Folger is the daughter of Michael Maccoby, who coaches leaders of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, or NPH, a large organization that runs orphanages all over the world. His son, Max Maccoby, is on the Boards of Directors of an NPH orphanage called Friends of the Orphans, which is one of 760 orphanages operating in Haiti, and happens to be the orphanage from which Silsby was caught trafficking children. Max Maccoby gave an emphatic and lengthy statement of support for Comet during a contentious neighborhood commission meeting. The relevant portion of the audio file starts at 31:40.Frank Giustra owner of the Radcliffe Foundation is on the board of directors for the Clinton Foundation, and is a major Clinton Foundation donor. The logo of Elpida Home, a refugee center founded by the Radcliffe Foundation, happens to be almost identical to the pedophile boylover symbol.Now we must reveal a spark, before Podesta’s strange emails, that fueled this investigation.A purported FBI leaker posted claims on 4chan’s “/pol/,” an anonymous political forum. Admittedly, the forum he chose is not exactly reputable. However, this fits with his claim that he wanted to surround himself with noise in order to prevent his FBI superiors from detecting him, and it fits because he knew many in that anti-Clinton audience would take him seriously and investigate, employing what the forum’s users call “weaponized autism.” The alleged leaker’s central claim was that the NYPD and FBI had discovered immensely scandalous information about Hillary Clinton through Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but the FBI is not yet acting on the information for reasons we will not discuss here. For our purposes, the relevant allegation is this: The purported leaker alleged that the Clinton Foundation is a front for human trafficking, including child sex trafficking. He told us, “Dig deep and you will find it. It’s sickening.” Well, we’ve been digging, and we seem to be finding it. Summaries of the leaker’s claims can be found here: Part 1Part 2Part 3.

                                                                        • Exhibit E: Media Coverup Efforts

                                                                        The same establishment elites who try to control politics also control the mainstream media (this includes Fox News). They do not want corruption of this magnitude to be exposed. As soon as word of Pizzagate went viral, the mainstream media began a coverup campaign. They began denouncing the allegations as “false,” “hoax,” and “fake news,” without directly addressing the evidence.Prima facie, the media have no basis for labeling an ongoing investigation, which is entirely rooted in real evidence, as “fake news.” In fact, Pizzagate is not an allegation of a specific, individual crime (e.g. the abuse of a specific child on a specific day and time). Rather, it is an investigation into the possibility of certain individuals being involved in certain kinds of criminal activity. Therefore, labeling Pizzagate “false/hoax/fake” is patently absurd and dishonest, especially considering the media’s refusal to address the evidence directly.The Washington D.C. Metro Police Department claimed it investigated Pizzagate and concluded the allegations are false. However, a response to an FOIA request demonstrated that no investigation was conductedYouTube. Therefore, the position of the DC Metro Police must be based on (1) the dishonest media coverage of Pizzagate, (2) willful complicity in the coverup, or (3) some combination of both.Reddit CEO Steve Huffman banned the Pizzagate research community from Reddit on bogus grounds, accusing us of engaging in a “witch hunt,” even though we only used publicly-available information, and never called for vigilantism or harrassment of any kind. While we understand Reddit may have had legitimate concerns of legal action, there is plenty of reason and evidence to believe the decision was politically motivated.Bot accounts denying PizzagateJPG have been discovered on TwitterPNG. Twitter has also been suspending accounts of users who discuss Pizzagate, and censoring #Pizzagate from its list of most tweeted hashtags. Facebook has plans to censor what it deems “fake news.”

                                                                        • Exhibit F: Further Supporting Evidence and Historical Precedents

                                                                        An Immigration and Customs Enforcement sting operation called “Project Flicker” caught 5,200 people purchasing child pornographyYouTube. Of these, at least 264 were Pentagon employees or Pentagon contractors. Some of them had security clearances at the top-secret level or higher.There was a 1994 Discovery Channel DocumentaryYouTube that covered pedophilia rampant in our government, but it was banned and never aired.Washington Post reported that sex slavery is a big problem in D.C.The largest pedophile ring ever discovered was exposed by the FBI coincidentally after Anthony Weiner’s laptop was taken.Another pedophile ring exposed in Norway.Some historical precedents include Margaret Thatcher’s coverup of VIP pedophilia in the UK, the Dutroux Affair of Belgium and the Savile scandal in the UK.

                                                                        15[–]Stab15 points (+16|-1) 3.9 years ago Comet Ping Pong – Pizzagate Summaryhttps://archive.li/RMkxi

                                                                        u/DumbScribblyUnctious 4d

                                                                        IN BRIEFhttp://pastebin.com/jXHpiN1Mhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9itWsqzFMVoYouTubeComet Pizza is a pizza place owned by James Alefantis, who is the former gay boyfriend of David Brock, the CEO of Correct The Record. It has been the venue for dozens of events for the Hillary campaign staff. John Podesta has had campaign fundraisers there for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. John’s brother and business partner Tony Podesta has his birthday party there every year.  It’s also a dive that according to reviews and photos has hidden bathroom doors and creepy murals. The bathrooms in particular have murals exclusively of nude women, as well as a great deal of graffiti relating to sex. Reviews of the restaurant are bizarrely polarized. Websites describing it positively note that there are regularly “unsupervised children running around”. Their menu include a pedophilic symbol, as do the signs and decorations of other neighboring businesses.  https://i.sli.mg/7hr0h9.jpgJPG  The music acts and the posters promoting same acts are bizarre in their presentation, content, and lyrical focus, but are still promoted as being “for all ages”. The overtly sexual content would suggest otherwise. The same has taken place in reference to videos recorded inside Comet Ping Pong by people that frequent their establishment as well as video referencing Comet Ping Pong positively from the exterior. While initially not the central focus of the investigation at the onset, Comet Ping Pong is a much more overt and much more disturbing hub of coincidences. Everyone associated with the business is making semi-overt, semi-tongue-in-cheek, and semi-sarcastic inferences towards sex with minors. The artists that work for and with the business also generate nothing but cultish imagery of disembodiment, blood, beheadings, sex, and of course pizza.  Tons of pre-existing evidence of global pedo-ring implicating governments and etc: http://pastebin.com/Jn2LfXg4James Alefantis  Comet Ping Pong owned by James Alefantis, once listed 49th “most influential” person in DC by GQ: http://www.gq.com/gallery/50-most-powerful-people-in-washington-dc#slide=49  Backup: https://i.sli.mg/h6EHML.jpgJPG  James Alefantis cought in love triangle with chief of Media Matters, David Brock; Allegations of blackmail and a payout amounting to $850,000. Brock and Alefantis were co-defendents in a suit filed by William Gray.  http://archive.is/xSXjkhttps://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/30428  James Alefantis’ instagram late 11/5/16. by morning of 11/7/16 it was set to private.  We recently found the instagram account of James Alefantis. The contents of it are indescribably bizarre and the contexts of the posts and comment chains are weird. Alefantis does not have any children nor do his closest associates, but the photos seem to be a near constant assortment of different children of a variety of ages, intermingled between posts about gay bars, clubs, photos of common rape drugs, and piles of foreign currency. After it being trawled through for 24 hours it has been set to private. A large set of archived copies can be seen here in the next section. Similarly the instagram and twitter accounts of Comet Ping Pong are being edited selectively. The accounts of the people favoriting and commenting on these posts are equally bizarre in both content, context, and demeanor.  http://archive.is/9FN8n – Girl, striped, taped to table  http://archive.is/r93DT – Michelle Obama playing Ping Pong  http://archive.is/vSqri – Girl, drinking milk  http://archive.is/vaDfJ – Girl, standing in basket  http://archive.is/jXWrG – Photo of refrigerated meat locker, weird comments  http://archive.is/0Az6u – Baby eating pizza “oh my god. Stop it” comment  http://archive.is/sSzEZ – “Boum Boum” Room (euphemism for brothel)  http://archive.is/qPJWe – Close up of an eye of a dead pig  http://archive.is/k0YJ3 – Close up of toddler boy  http://archive.is/NaP2M – Girl in yellow dress running on grass  http://archive.is/S742A – “Long Dong Pizza Shop”  http://archive.is/8xQIo – Marina Abramovic  http://archive.is/ayA91 – Someone holding girl, #chickenlover hastag (euphemism for gay pedophilia)  http://archive.is/ZwwUn – Girl and newborn  http://archive.is/Pw7Fq – “French kissing” a taxidermied dog  http://archive.is/S6jzu – Topless model  http://archive.is/hPsLM – Girl in striped shirt, at park  http://archive.is/dJoiL – Screencapture of Child Beauty pageant show episode, subtitle about pizza  http://archive.is/mKH6M – Painting of 69 position sex on-top of slice a huge of pizza.  http://archive.is/5UecO – “German Baby: $1200” photo of doll  http://archive.is/aiiUE – Two individuals staring at hole in foundation of Comet Ping Pong  http://archive.is/4uB5R – Photo of Ping Pong being played between Obama and young boy at WH Christmas Party  http://archive.is/8Bq8e – Letter Alefantis received from Hillary Clinton  https://archive.is/TS5mj – Trenching work in basement of Comet Ping Pong  https://i.sli.mg/ljC4qF.pngPNG – “Ping pong in London sounds fun” $$$$ and Xanax bottles  https://i.sli.mg/wGsp3j.pngPNG – “I LOVE KIDS” T-Shirt with two shirtless men  https://i.sli.mg/zF3Ofm.pngPNG – Yet another photo of an infant, no name  https://i.sli.mg/2FyXrV.pngPNG – Infant described as a #hotard, a portmanteau of “whore” and “retard”  https://i.sli.mg/Vus1NK.jpgJPG – NSFW from Jeff Koons and Cicciolina exhibit.  https://archive.is/FMLbx – Foursquare post with a child’s face (in striped shirt) censored with pizza slice clip-art  Susan Alefantis  Sister of James Alefantis. Wrote a letter in support of Christopher Kloman  https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/835178/kloman-letter-writers.pdfhttps://www.documentcloud.org/documents/835134-kloman-letters.htmlhttp://www.gloriaallred.com/Gloria-s-Videos-and-Statements/Potomac-School-Victims-Statements-10-18-2013.pdf  Backup: http://docdro.id/ZBW35kSChristopher Kloman was sentenced to 43 years in prison for multiple counts of child molestation.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/former-potomac-school-teacher-to-be-sentenced-in-decades-old-molestations/2013/10/17/b41ba620-3743-11e3-80c6-7e6dd8d22d8f_story.html  Backup: http://archive.is/XlqMZ  Also on the list is Kenneth Starrhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Starr#Investigation_of_the_death_of_Vince_FosterTony Podesta  Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother and the guy who has a “pasta” obsession according to many e-mails did a 3 to 4 month trip to Japan with Dennis Hastert where they both taught students. In his first year of graduate school, Hastert spent three months in Japan as part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program.[29] One of Hastert’s fellow group members was Tony Podesta (then the president of the Young Democrats at University of Illinois at Chicago Circle).  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Hastert  Hastert admitted to molesting kids when he did work as a teacher.  http://archive.is/h6Xwl  Tony Podesta still keeps in regular contact with Hastert.  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/48488  Tony Podesta has a “Huge” vault underneath his house  They are known for purchasing “awkward” works, such as video installations, that many other private collectors will not consider. “It’s easy to store them, but difficult to display them,” says Podesta. To get round the problem, he and his wife have excavated a huge subterranean vault beneath their house outside Washington – a white space 5m square and 4m high in which it will be possible to show “very complicated video pieces” on all four walls.  https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2004/apr/20/usa.world  Tony and Heather Podesta’s art collection contains a wide assortment of things that disturb the author of this Washington Post article. Which recently was deleted from Washington Post’s website.  https://archive.fo/vddrO  One shows a boy seemingly born from a sewing machine. Another finds a young girl knitting her own hair. A third has a naked woman immersed in blood-red liquid.  Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes. “They were horrified,” Heather recalls, a grin spreading across her face.  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/56859 – “Going to see Rachel Rose”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0vrpV5n4PsYouTube Pause at 0:10, attendee wearing counterclockwise spiral ring.  Continued… 1 of 5

                                                                        9[–]Stab9 points (+9|-0) 3.9 years ago  (edited 3.9 years ago)continued… 2 of 5Comet Ping Pong & “Majestic Ape”https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/37543  Podesta e-mails make mention of Comet Ping Pong, “family-friendly” restaurant/venue with ping-pong for kids:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GOluiqWYHUYouTubehttps://search.wikileaks.org/?query=comet+ping+pong&exact_phrase=&any_of=&exclude_words=&document_date_start=&document_date_end=&released_date_start=&released_date_end=&publication_type%5B%5D=46&new_search=False&order_by=most_relevant#resultshttps://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/19761http://www.sashalordpresents.com/comet/  Backup: http://archive.is/XVDy7  MANAGER OF COMET PING PONG PIZZA IN VIDEO PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 5TH, 2015 “THE SECRET IS IT’S AN EMPOWERMENT, AND EMPOWERMENT BY DEFINITION IS TRUST, SO LIKE, I TRUST THAT THE RELATIONSHIP THAT I HAVE WITH THE CUSTOMERS IS THAT THEY UNDERSTAND I LOOK OUT FOR THEM, AND IN RESPONSE, THEY LOOK OUT FOR US”  https://youtu.be/FXczVfgt7HY?t=1m36sYouTube  Backup: https://vimeo.com/190495825Vimeo  Video recorded during Sasha Lord’s birthday party at Comet Ping Pong. Individual with the microphone wearing a wig and ski mask is Majestic ape. Words used are very strange, video was deleted within an hour of it being found on youtube and had to be archived and reuploaded. “She” uploaded it a second time (as unlisted) and after a day or two switched it to private. Any remaining copies on youtube are reuploads and may or may not get taken down with DMCA notices.  https://vimeo.com/190144149Vimeo  Here’s Kleinman in the same outfit:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/heavy-breathing-s-release-of-airtight#/  Backup: http://archive.is/UQOby  In the party video, Amanda Kleinman references “secret pizza”. This same term comes up in the description of a film about a “private island” that was produced by Jame Alefantis.  On a whim, Eve, a young Swedish traveler, accepts an invitation from Peter to vacation on his family’s private island off the coast of New England. As a series of unexpected delays prevent other guests from arriving, Eve discovers that she has little in common with the increasingly erratic Peter. Gradually the idyllic natural beauty of the island gives way and Eve finds herself trapped in a state of surreality punctuated by bizarre visions, dimensional shifting and secret pizza.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4169074/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl  Amanda Kleinman’s band “Heavy Breathing” has a music video that references pedophilia. Most of the “Schtick” for her band is intentionally being provocative, weird, and awkward.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo_euND7AcsYouTube  Backup: https://vimeo.com/190587695Vimeo  “Get served at Comet Ping Pong, a hipster-heavy pizza parlor in the Upper Northwest with rough concrete walls, bathrooms hidden behind secret panels, and table tennis galore. Thin crust pies from the wood-burning oven are as much of an attraction as the regularly scheduled live bands.”  DO NOT look at the following image if you want to sleep anytime soon.  https://i.sli.mg/MFH99K.jpgJPGhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-tiu325HYQkYouTube  From the above, Amanda Kleinman might have some familiarity with “Eli” and may have been to the one to make his costume. Anything beyond those two things is supposition, but extremely creepy supposition.   David Brock’s “After Party”

                                                                        https://i.sli.mg/Rg6dO9.jpgJPG  Podesta’s invitation to an AFTER party at David Brock home (pic related, was attached in email)  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/28538  David Brock is described as “batshit crazy” by Neera Tanden. His work history also shows temperamental behavior and volatility.  https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/43904  NY Times article being discussed is this one.  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/11/us/politics/emerging-clinton-team-shows-signs-of-disquiet.html  The company that planned the event has a long roster.  http://archive.is/XWQpihttp://archive.is/zNfpP  “Here’s a party tip: If you’re hosting an impromptu dinner and want guests to show up, have Academy Award-winner Mira Sorvino as your guest of honor.  That’s exactly what Kimball Stroud did after Sorvino attended a briefing on child trafficking on Capitol Hill with Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and John Cornyn (R-Tex.), filmmaker Libby Spears (“Playground”) and several survivors of child trafficking.”  http://archive.is/wFgnK  “An Open Secret” documentary on Hollywood pedos revealed that several major Hollywood pedos had mansion pedophile parties called “after parties”.  45:09 – Mansion talk begins 45:55 – Brock Pierce is mentioned as the ringleader of the parties  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq6PYA7ceKkYouTubehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brock_Pierce  Backup: http://archive.is/gQ5WC  Pierce supports non-profit and advocacy efforts, and is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.   “PizzaPAC” – JZ Drizin and Pizza Packet

                                                                        https://www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/37543https://www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/19761  Podesta e-mail with HRC pizza logo (Design provided by James Alefantis) says to donate to “PizzaPAC.com” registered to one JZ Drizin;  There’s more on JZ Drizin here: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5bl3ny/more_research_on_comet_ping_pong_and_potential/  Itchie gross is friends with the Drizin family, but I don’t believe Joel Zev Drizin has a facebook account.  The person Podesta said to donate the money in the comet ping pong pizza email was @JZDRIZIN. His latest Retweet was from @PIZZAPACKET.  If you type JZDRIZIN into google you will find this link http://vin.place/vin/jz-drizin.18395059.html  When searching his number you will get http://www.tzachlist.com/search/?t=2&location=Florida&page=12  He goes by Zev DrizinZalmi Drizin, but mostly Joel Zev Drizin which explains his twitter handle.  http://www.breakout.today/the-stories/2016/2/2/sheida This article mentions Joel Zev Drizin and this lady who worked for him. Sheida Jafari worked for pizza packet and in this article it mentions work they did at the burning man occult festival if that’s what you want to call it.  https://burners.me/2016/10/19/breaking-burning-man-in-latest-wikileaks-data-dump/  Burning man was brought up in Wikileaks as well.  Joel Zev Dizin work experience:  Director at Map Financial Group, Inc., Member at Swanson Gentleman Hart, Inc., Member at Flatbush Patio LLC, Founder/CEO at Merchants For Charity and Founder, Board of Directors at Jewish Community Watch. (I need to find the link)  http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=13326 3rd picture from bottom is Itchie Gross who is the one who was UNFOLLOWED by the Angel of Love Adoption Agency Inc TODAY which is extremely suspicious. (follow up on the Angel of love story in a previous post so you understand) Also, Itchie gross is the same guy who DELETED his Linkedln when someone exposed his jet 4 days ago. THIS IS BEYOND SUSPICIOUS which is why I dug into these people.We need to look into these people more.  Remember, there were wikileaks mentioning to donate to pizzapac owned by the name of JZdrizin who we now know. Also, there were emails to Itchie gross and his wife about hawaii I believe. Feel free to correct anything.  On a side note, I strongly feel the Angels of love adoption story is a big deal which leads me to this…  I saw @Itchiegross follow @AmonMunyanezahttps://twitter.com/amonmunyaneza  which raised a red flag because why is a pizza company following a Pastor? It wouldn’t be odd, but after the Angel of Love Adoption Agency Inc for haiti kids account, I had to look into this.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/amonmunyaneza his current employment says Ensicom, Africa Mission Network.  His website on his twitter is inactive- amonmunyaneza.com  I went to his facebook https://www.facebook.com/munyaneza which brought me to…  Light Church Rwanda – Senior Pastor · Rusororo, Kigali, Rwanda. I serve the people of God at this community church in the outskirts of Kigali-Rwanda.  I then stumbled upon this https://www.facebook.com/AsanteMinistries  “It is with deep sadness, but new hope for the children that we must inform you that Asante Ministries International (ASANTE) will cease as a non-profit organization in the next six months.”  WHAT LED TO THIS DECISION?  

                                                                        5 replies0[–]Ang68 3.9 years ago Alefantis has a Berlin partner, Dr. Pong, that has very graphic/bloody art. He was partner in a restaurant w/Dr Pong owner in past & seems to be connected in some way still. I’m hearing connected through net…servers? One image shows a woman that appears in shower maybe naked beaten and bloodied like she was raped. She looks like she could even be dead with her eyes open. Blood is running out of her mouth.

                                                                        9[–]atheist4thecause9 points (+9|-0) 4 years ago You didn’t reference this pedophile ring that was busted of 70,000+ Internet members, did you? http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42108748/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/massive-online-pedophile-ring-busted-cops/#.WFWR0FMrJhE (https://archive.is/iMQTE))


                                                                        Hawaii Volcano! Several Thousand Never Before Released Video Coverage Now Open Sourced

                                                                        stock here: Since the 2018 Event, we have developed our general theory of Galactic Cosmic Ray “Activation” of Balsaltic Magmas, Including Space Weather Triggers for Activated Magmas. This is were we are at now in 2022. Still highly activated, but Space Weather has gone into high mode, one day last week had 6 Solar Events.


                                                                        This dataset contains Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UAS) footage from the 2018 eruption of K’lauea Volcano’s lower East Rift Zone (LERZ), Island of Hawai’i. The four-month-long eruption, from May 3 to September 5, produced lava flows that destroyed 723 structures, inundated 35.5 km2 of land, and added 3.5 km2 of new land to the Island of Hawai’i. There are 1178 UAS videos in this publication, recorded from May 27 to September 8, which have been separated into sub-pages by month. Videos taken during each month are separated into zipped files by date (YYYY/MM/DD) and location. Sub-pages for each month also contain a ReadMe text file with information pertaining to the videos, including flight end time, video duration, take off/landing location, visible active and inactive fissures, keywords, and aircraft name. A subset of these videos represents hover videos collected at nadir sites along the fissure 8 lava channel and several other locations for the purpose of measuring flow velocities and other channel monitoring. A document on the landing page describes the locations of these channel monitoring sites and the methodology used for video acquisition and recommendations for processing.


                                                                        Hawaii Complicit with CDC In Fear Mongering about COVID


                                                                        Comment seen

                                                                        Complete absurdity. Summer is coming cold and flu and all corona are leaving. This is all about fear, abuse, and control



                                                                        The Gates of Hell, Why Do They All Play Their Parts?

                                                                        All your thoughts on this great evil, are appreciated. How can we hobble his efforts?

                                                                        “the next pandemic”

                                                                        This is what they want you to believe.

                                                                        Brilliant as a Sociopath, and more likely a psychopath
                                                                        Imposters posing with hay to make them “just regular people” who may or may not exterminate most of the planet from humans.
                                                                        The extinction of species, Bill Gates, and the US military

                                                                        Great Minds think alike. Not sure my mind is as great as John Rappoport but I do have my moments.

                                                                        There is a technology called gene drives.

                                                                        It asks the question: what species should we make extinct today?

                                                                        Why are Bill Gates and the US military involved in forwarding that technology?

                                                                        A gene-drive scientist might say, “I have a plan. By manipulating genes, we can make invasive rodents extinct, on an island where humans are living.”

                                                                        In the next fraction of a second, a flurry of questions pops up.

                                                                        The overarching question is: Does this mean genetic manipulation can make ANY species extinct?

                                                                        Here is a passage from Gene Drive Files, a site with a referenced information on the subject:

                                                                        “Gene drives are a gene-editing application that allows genetic engineers to drive a single artificial trait through an entire population by ensuring that all of an organism’s offspring carry that trait. For example, recent experiments are fitting mice with ‘daughterless’ gene drives that will cascade through mouse populations so that only male pups are born, ensuring that the population becomes extinct after a few generations.”

                                                                        “Proponents have framed gene drives as a breakthrough tool for eradicating pests or invasive species. However, the Gene Drive Files reveal that these ‘conservation’ efforts are primarily supported by military funds.”

                                                                        Gene drive technology could be deployed to wipe out troublesome plant-parasites, weeds, crops, animal pests, animals, and…what about humans? Mull that over with your morning coffee.

                                                                        Several years ago, UN member nations were considering a recommendation to call a moratorium on the use of gene drives. However, Bill Gates showed up to try to squash the moratorium.

                                                                        The Gene Drive Files reports: “Documents received under Freedom of Information requests reveal that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid a private agriculture and biotechnology PR firm $1.6 million for activities on Gene Drives. This included running a covert ‘advocacy coalition’ which appears to have intended to skew the only UN expert process addressing gene drives…”

                                                                        “Following global calls in December 2016 from Southern countries and over 170 organizations for a UN moratorium on gene drives, emails to gene drive advocates received under a Freedom of Information request by Prickly Research reveal that a private public affairs firm ‘Emerging Ag’ received funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to co-ordinate the ‘fight back against gene drive moratorium proponents’.”

                                                                        There’s more from the Gene Drive Files. It involves the military:

                                                                        “A trove of emails (The Gene Drive Files) from leading U.S. gene drive researchers reveals that the U.S. Military is taking the lead in driving forward gene drive development.”

                                                                        “Emails obtained through a freedom of Information request by U.S.–based Prickly Research reveal that the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has given approximately $100 million for gene drive research, $35 million more than previously reported, making them likely the largest single funder of gene drive research on the planet. The emails also reveal that DARPA either funds or co-ordinates with almost all major players working on gene drive development as well as the key holders of patents on CRISPR gene editing technology.”

                                                                        “These funds go beyond the US; DARPA is now also directly funding gene drive researchers in Australia (including monies given to an Australian government agency, CSIRO) and researchers in the UK. The files also reveal an extremely high level of interest and activity by other sections of the U.S. military and Intelligence community.”

                                                                        For the moment, put aside the notion of intentional extinction of species. Consider unintended consequences.


                                                                        The Phases of Evil

                                                                        Been meaning to write this for a while.

                                                                        What is the next phase after Ukraine? Is it only to make Putin like weak and evil? (Hint thats not working). Or is the energy inflation the most important part to crush people and make them worry. Or is there more to the plot? And what will Phase 6 be?

                                                                        Phase 1: Election of a Grabby Abusive Abused Dementia Patient and an Over The Hill Cackling Slut of the right color.

                                                                        Phase 2: George Floyd Snuff Film. Did you know the Cop and the Floyd were both Drug Dealers working at the same nightclub, a seedy but large joint called The Nuevo Rodeo.

                                                                        Phase 3: COVID: China kicks it off with incredible, and now incredulous films of people dropping dead on the streets.

                                                                        Phase 4: The Vax: Division, Deadly to the Useless Eaters, Decrease of Fertility via the ACE2 receptor sites in the Testes and Ovaries. Slow De-pop and replace us with Robots and AI as we dies off and are not replaced

                                                                        Phase 5: Fear of Nuclear War, and Possible Nuclear War. Goad Russia into invading Ukraine to prevent the Cabal / NATO / UN from putting Nukes 5 minutes from Moscow.

                                                                        What are your thoughts on what phase 6 will be?

                                                                        Silly me. As I sat on Ala Moana beach yesterday, reading Hunger Games, it occurred to me that Stage 6 is Hunger Games. Not just expensive prices on food, but real food shortages. Farmers can’t get fertilizer, and the whole modern “method” fails without fertilizer.


                                                                        Russian Oil And Paying in Rubles

                                                                        stock here

                                                                        Saw this comment online and thought it worth posting.

                                                                        News Feed posts

                                                                        CesarettiYtnore:ttea07rs Ada f9 y3tamh0Mft  · A very interesting opinion piece.“The West will fold to pay in rubles for gas and oil from the Russia … “I’ve read the comments to be stunned. Not someone who understands us and makes a logical speech.

                                                                        Who says we’ll earn it. Who says that soon we will buy all the gas we need from Algeria, so the problem is not there. Who says it’s a useless Putin’s whimper. A little bit of everything (or nothing).

                                                                        For many years working in the oil and gas well drilling industry and for several years in the oil and Gas procurement industry (Blue Green Holding SA, in Italy present as Tamoil) here is a few information. For Italian companies it won’t make much difference to pay in one currency rather than in another.

                                                                        However, you will need to get that currency and you can only do it by buying rubles from the Russian Central Bank: you can’t find one billion euros a day in rubles at the corner of the road. And they buy rubles paying in euros or dollars. This is how it happens that the payment for supplies goes directly to the Russian State, without transiting from Russian oil companies like Gasprom. We bypass the sanctions in practice. One billion euros a day directly in the Russian cash registers and immediately spendable.

                                                                        In addition, the hunger for rubles on the market will strengthen the Russian currency, canceling or significantly decreasing the effects of devaluation on the currency provided by the sanctions. A new principle is being created. Not only euros or dollars for international transactions but also rubles that will be accepted in payment also by European companies, knowing that they are easily resellers. There is no possibility of supplying gas or oil from other suppliers in a short time. To bring gas to Italy you need gas pipes that are NOT there and those that are there are already almost at the maximum reach.

                                                                        It takes international agreements and several years to make another pipeline. To buy liquefied American gas and transport it by ship you need ships and gas that WE DON’T HAVE. In other words we have 2 or 3; to meet the need it would take 30 or 40 and they cost a lot of money (about 50 billion investments) and it takes years to build them, besides the fact that American gas is much more expensive than the Russian one, being loaded with gods also Transportation, liquidation and refasking costs. Biden said he can give us up to 15 billion liquefied gas.

                                                                        Europe needs 155 billion. If we start drilling in the Adriatic again we can pull out (in a few years) maybe 5 or 6 billion cubic meters annually. We need 30 of them, the problem is a little lighter, but it doesn’t solve it. For oil, none of the major producers have agreed to increase the production to withstand Russian oil. Saudi Arabia didn’t even want to talk to the Americans and called itself neutral and doesn’t apply sanctions to Russia .

                                                                        Venezuela has openly lined up with the Russia Let’s go to Arab Emirates. On my way to IRAN. Many Countries are tired of US interference in their homes. IRAN just can’t take it anymore. In Venezuela (for Maduro) the only good American is a dead American. Saudi “friends” got a few rascals from Americans and the young prince, if called Biden, he doesn’t even pick up the phone. The Arab Emirates have too many Russian interests on their territory to host Putin. Who’s gonna give us oil? So much oil … Santa Claus ? Nuclear ? 10 years old. The green energy? 10-15 years and stratospheric costs and still isn’t a definite and real solution, Americans?

                                                                        They can’t support the European needs. They produce a lot but they also have a huge internal need and 330 million inhabitants and alone they are absolutely unable to meet European demands. 60% of the oil that Europe consumes is Russian. It’s an ocean of oil that feeds almost half a billion cars and trucks. And it is also easily sold to other buyers such as India, for example, which has a definite hunger for it and has 3 times the inhabitants of Europe. And the price is still rising: oil at 115 dollars (il Brent even 121), gas price at 295 euro the megavator, on 23 February it was 88 euro. If we thought we would impoverish the Russians with sanctions we had the wrong strategy. We’re getting them scary rich. The ruble has already become “possible” again, from the peak of 156 rubles for a dollar, we are already at about 106 and the “race” to the ruble has not begun. Figure it out. We tickled him. Valued the coin by 20% and increased their income by 100%. There is definitely no credible alternative at the moment. In 5 years maybe. Not in 5 months. The choice is between agreeing with the Russians and maintaining a minimum of trade relations, or taking an apocalyptic economic flare.

                                                                        They would close half of the energetic factories in the country. There would be millions of unemployed. Germany has already expressed itself clearly: we do whatever you want, any sanctions, but leave oil and gas alone. Idem France which is certainly more independent than us but has identical problems. More clear than this… but leaving oil and gas alone and paying in rubles, the sanctions are like they weren’t for the Russia . They only hurt those who apply them. And the payment in rubles is not that we should “fold” to do it.

                                                                        Either we do it or they close the taps. The Russians can solve their sales problems in a reasonable time, especially oil. We’re heading to the bankruptcy: it’s safe. Sacrificing some pedestrians the Russians are winning a world class game that will change the world’s economic balance. And if it’s not called chess to the King (hopefully it’s not a madman), I don’t know what to call it. And in Italy there are people who sing victory (and can’t even play chess). I hope I have been helpful and clarified everyone’s ideas. “(Carlo De’ Couppolati; Graduate in Economics and International Relations, expert in International Contractualism)


                                                                        Event 1, April 18, 2022 Bombing NYC

                                                                        stock here: I quick posted this. It was curious. The “artifact” wordage was curious too. And it seemed cult like and Q like. Along with the Snake Venom misdirection, this seems in that lot. Distraction as other thing are happening out of view, out of discussion. Quite a few of my friends fell for it.

                                                                        So if we all just listen to this story, and each and every story, we can, as the saviors of the universe, prevent each and every event from happening. Whilst we do nothing in the real world to reign in these effers that be.

                                                                        stock out!

                                                                        And that is the plot. It’s worse than Fox being controlled opposition.