Are They Just Rolling Out So Much Bullshit, That We Can’t Even Focus on the Most Important Things? Patriot Front Video

stock here: a video is making the rounds, hundreds of slim in shape white men with identical clothing and shields, and with some bullshit attacks by antifa as they load into rental moving vans.

Stinks to high heaven. They do have a website, and it looks quite polished, what do you think?


Omicron Variant #FaF But May Be A Blessing In Disguise

stock here. The propaganda is rolled out like a grade B horror film.

But what if we could make this Epiphany go “Viral”…..

Now let’s admit first, its Fishy as Fuck #FaF

And then let’s use their own definition for “Variant of Concern”. The only category that Omicron hits is “more contagious”. And the symptoms are “Very Mild”.

So Omicron is the PERFECT SOLUTION to obtaining broad based, durable, HERD IMMUNITY

So Omicron is the PERFECT SOLUTION to obtaining broad based, durable, HERD IMMUNITY


Democrats Pass Bill BBB That Pays News Agencies $25k Per Reporter to Keep Pushing Their False Narratives – SERIOUSLY

stock here, I have seen this in a few places but didnt see the real numbers or how they did it. Its a “tax credit” for the media operators. My source is below, and they quote the NYT!. I wonder if I can find the real source documents, or maybe that is “still under review”.

—————————– They don’t want any pesky local news source going against the narrative.

Well looky there, I found the source document and Section 138517


Graphic Content: Rabid Insane Lefties Horrific Death Threats In Voicemail to Majorie Taylor Greene, FBI does nothing

Not safe for playing at work.


Japan Prepares to Pollute the Pacific With Fukushima Radiation Water Dump

Radiological Impact Assessment Regarding the Discharge of ALPS Treated Water into the Sea (Design stage) at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

stock here, you can leave a comment here, its pretty easy.

These bastards just care about reputation, not damage to the Pacific!

TEPCO has been reviewing the details of the design and operation of facilities for securing safety to thoroughly implement measures to minimize adverse impacts on reputation.


High Resolution Graphic Purported to be COVID, Is Rich In Subliminal Detail

Someone spent a lot of money to create this, for a reason. The original is 8.5Mbytes, highly detailed.


Catherine Austin Fitts | 2nd Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

Rumble is combining with a listed company


Surprisingly — 30 to 49 Y.O. Are The Group Most Likely To Have Adverse Events From Jab, A Look At State Data

There is a site and organization called Open VAERS, like MEDALERTS, they have data base Mavens that can access the VAERS data in special ways that enable researchers.

Check them out. The download table data would be a nice feature, but the highlight and copy works better.

nukepro work for just 2 states. And Table below

Daily Stormer — Reality Based But Also Pushes Beyond the Limit on Race and Religion — Website is still up (Its based in Russia!)

He writes ALOT, making me think it is more than 1 Stormer. Below is a quote, not what I think.


But here’s the thing: there are things a whole lot worse than death, and those are the kinds of things that are going to happen to you if you let them take you alive.

They are going to bring in trannies to torture you.

They’re also going to do genetic engineering experiments on you.

So, if they come, understand: unless you can get into the woods and disappear, you’re not going to get away. They are going to take you in and they’re not going to let you out.

Say your prayers every day.


CNN Is Now Attacking Harris: Plot, Destroy Harris, Force Her Out, Replace With Hillary, and Then 25 the Biden Entity

There it is in a nutshell folks. It may not be the total answer, or it may change. But it is a hypothesis that fits the data. Many have assumed the Biden would be 25’d, and then Harris would be President. I think even the lefties now realize how decrepit Harris is, so it makes sense to just remove her entirely. Hillary and Chucky! Indeed at that point if the military didn’t step in, I would say the battle is over, and I can only imagine that the military has become even more left leaning even in the last 11 months.

That’s a pretty non-flattering photo also.

Oh My! Even someone from San Fran should be ashamed to write the paragraph below…..

The “invisible” Vice President is a narrative propagated by conservatives to instill the same old tropes about Black people who began to hold political office after the Civil War: incompetent, incapable of leadership, lazy, and shiftless. Did we forget about Pence, Cheney, Quail, Agnew, and that near-miss of a stellar Republican VP hopeful, Sarah Palin? Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to propagate this double standard, and Democrats shouldn’t fall so easily for the sleight of hand. Harris’ attacks occur because of her winning track record and competence, potentially threatening political leaders on both sides of the aisle.

5% of the Jabs = 90% of The Death / Heart Attacks / Strokes

Analysis of 143,299 VAERS Reports, 5% of the Batches Account for Almost All the Serious Adverse Events

I’ll be backing up and then migrating to WordPress. Data Mavens may want to check the data and work—-it a Tome at 250MB. 

This is the complete record, it’s a download link. 

I made quite a few charts and such. no password

This is the whole record, most batches have just 0,1, or 2 adverse events. The special ones are in chart 2. 

 I was also curious about  of these serious events, which Batches ended up in more Death, and there was quite a spread.   Some batches didn’t just put you in the hospital, they full on killed you. 

But Some Batches could only be described as “Kill Shots”

Vaxxed to Dead Days make it clear that it kills pretty quickly if it is going to kill.   Also noted that Dead people don’t report themselves as Dead.

———————————  It could easily have been seen that this Batch 213C21A was Killing and Maiming a lot of people in August. They could have easily detected that and pulled all the product for destruction and/or analysis.  


Study Finds That Female Names Are Given Much Less Censorship/Banning Than Male Names, Factor of 4 to 1

stock here: through an email group of Data Mavens the titled very interesting response was found.

This complements and amplifies, redirects my own theory that if you give power to an unattractive female, you know what they will do? Anything their handlers tell them to do. And it’s even better is they are kind of weird also. Hence ACD writes and ponders, that maybe is why so many females have been placed in high positions of our capture government….they will get away with a lot more before they are attacked, removed. Think Walensky, and that thing in Chicago, or the Strawberry fruitcake.

We may all produce some particularly poignant anti-narrative epidemiological studies, and to get them to get traction before being banned (yet again) it may be useful to channel one’s feminine side!

Researcher Trevor writes: a summary of my recent informal study of writer gender effects:

1. Situation. A local website (discussion forums used mainly by locals) that is tightly controlled by the evil-doers (several yids, paid influencers, heavy moderation).
2. Content posted. I posted factual information about pan-vax (quotes and links to medical studies, evidence of genocide, etc).
3. Gender identities. I posted using either (a) male names, (b) gender-ambiguous names, or (c) a female name (I only needed one female name).
4. Results. (a) My male names rarely achieved more than 10 posts before they were banned; (b) My gender-ambiguous names achieved somewhat higher post counts before banning; but (c) My female name achieved the highest post-counts — more than twice (a) and (b) combined.
5. Implications. These findings suggest that in a heavily-controlled (anti-truth) online environment, a male using a female identity can communicate a relatively high amount of establishment-threatening information.

Incidentally, this study involved a huge amount of my time, not only in posting all the content but also in setting up many different e-mail addresses, registering new online identities, and routing my forum access by different IP addresses.

Forum views increased sharply during the time (several months) that I posted as a female. Moderators and others seemed to be more curious than threatened by the ‘female’ contributions. As you likely know, male vs female behaviour is interpreted differently, e.g. less severe sentences for female criminals.



Hat tip to gringo ACD! his words…..

The most toxic Covid vax batch numbers end in 20A or 21A

This does not mean the others are OK, it just means that those two are the ones that make people complain. But based on Britain’s stats, they are ALL bad. Just some are (a lot) worse than others, to such an extent they look like they are probably outright weapons given to “the right people”.

Since there are now known to be 3 <large categories, with many variation within those categories> different vax variants – one for politicians and “elite”, one for general nobodies, and one for “bad people”, it is probably safe to assume that you can delete 2/3 of the vaxxes from the column he shows and conclude that your personal chance of getting a bad one are much much higher than it looks on screen. The killer batches are probably produced in higher numbers than the rest of the batches also,

And remember, this is from Vaers, which means for real world numbers you have to multiply by 100.


Laverne and Shirley Star Dead With Blood Clots

stock here: it should be beyond obvious that this guy just recently got a Vax booster, the clot shot.

Mekka had recently gone to the hospital and was struggling to walk due to the blood clots, his brother, Warren Mekjian, told TMZ, which reports there was no evidence of foul play.


Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger WHO whistleblower – vaccines as a bioweapon to depopulate – entire interview


Patterns Of Deployment Of Toxic Covid Vaccine Batches

stock here: well I have to say, if you kick ass in reality you are not bragging. But I was the first person to notice this, I think early August, I published it once and it went under the radar. The second time it got more wings and I presented it as more of an evil twist, and was immediately banned from Google, after millions of views throughout the years. Now a few people have picked up with it, and are pushing it even further.

Banned From Twitter And YouTube

Posted on November 30, 2021 by tonyheller

People on Twitter and YouTube are wondering where I am.  I was locked out of both accounts for posting a paper presented at the recent American Heart Association meeting, and a direct quote and table from the UK government.

You can find me posting on much better platforms :

Tony Heller (@TonyHeller) / Gab Social
Tony Heller – NewTube 
Tony Heller – Odysee
Tony Heller – Super U
tonyheller – Rumble
tonyheller – BitChute


Comment to OSHA From Real Citizens RE VaX Mandate, 96% against.

stock here:

I tediously copied around 50 comments, all are anti-mandate except 2.

You can view the comments, very few at 386 is what I see.

1 sample

Essential Transit Workers have been working in hazardous conditions throughout the pandemic. Most did not have proper PPE in the beginning or protective shields or mandatory masking for passengers. Now that OSHA has officially deemed our work areas hazardous to our health we should fit the official conditions to receive hazardous duty pay for all time worked during under such conditions. Mandate Hazardous Duty Pay for all Transit Workers along with Mandatory Driver Shields for all buses, Social Distancing and continue the Mandatory Masking for riders. #HazardPayForTransitWorkers

Biden’s vaccine mandate is a threat to national security and businesses nationwide, including the company my husband and I built for 23 years. In addition to losing hundreds of thousands of our military, civil servants, firefighters, police, and nurses all within a month, our nation is facing severe upheaval and a lack of safety by losing people involved in technology. We support the brave people standing up for health freedom because we know that there are many viable and effective treatments for COVID that the government is suppressing. We know that many have had COVID and have natural immunity and this important factor is being ignored. We also know that genetic variants and preconditions make our bodies unique and react differently to drugs and injections; therefore, no one solution will work for everyone. On Nov 2, 2021, Senator Ron Johnson’s D.C hearing on vaccine mandates featured a dozen heart-wrenching testimonies from the vaccine-injured. Their stories demonstrated the clear urgency to reverse the mandate.

It is clear–mandates don’t work. They don’t work for a functioning society, and they don’t work for the health and freedom of people in America. They are scientifically unfounded because the research shows that the vaccinated can also transmit the virus, contract, and die from COVID, just like the unvaccinated. See my attached testimony for the PA Senate Majority Policy Committee Regional Hearing on Monday, November 8 for the negative impacts this mandate will have on businesses.

I am a retired CMSgt and Federal Employee. OSHA has no business mandating individual personal health requirements onto a working population. This is a clear violation of HIPAA Privacy Laws and should not even be a consideration, pandemic or not. I have been an Environmental Coordinator working with OSHA, State Departments of Environmental Quality, in a role of determining actual PPE and other control measures to ensure a “safe environment”. This never included checking personnel’s vaccine status. Being military and Federal employee, I am pro-vaccination. However, the mandate of these should be limited to those on contractual basis with the government, such as the military, and ONLY after adequate time has passed to ensure there are no delayed adverse effects of a newly introduced medical procedure, drug, or other health treatment, such as this mRNA vaccine technology which has not been through the standard rigorous (Normal) phase 3 clinical trials. There are other options out there to provide “Early Treatment” of Covid-19 in the workplace. Emphasis should be placed on personal health and conditioning one’s immune system and ensuring proper supplementation with vitamins and minerals, not mandating a “one size fits all” solution with a basically untested vaccine, (according to those with common sense).

This will promote a negative morale in the workplace and will force medical decisions on American people that choose to work at something other than a small business. This is starting to sound like it’s “all about the money” and not really about the safety. This goes against all common sense standards I was brought up on throughout my entire life and career. I recommend HIGHLY AGAINST.

See attached clinical trial phases chart

There is to be no COVID-19 Vaccination mandates. The COV19 is a hoax and an exercise in manipulation. Thousands have died due to this gene mRNA jab. You are criminally complicit if you push this on the citizens. It is a depopulation tool, and everyone knows it. WE ARE AGAINST THIS.

The purpose of OSHA “to assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the nation safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve our human resources.” A mandate that requires someone to either take a medical procedure they disagree with or do weekly testing which is cost prohibitive, forcing them into the only actual option; to be discharged from their job entirely flies directly into the face of this purpose.

It has been made clear, by now, that between 25% and 30% of the population has remained unvaccinated because they have no intention of being vaccinated. How does culling 30% of the workforce an act of preserving it? I understand the intent is to provide a safe workplace but stats that unvaccinated persons are any more dangerous than vaccinated ones don’t seem to be based in truth. There may be plenty of facts in the 492 supporting documents but that does not make them empirically true.

I move on to the topic of precedent and the smallpox ruling. First, the ruling is in regard to a state mandating vaccination of its population with circumstances not congruent with these. Today we are addressing the Federal Government using its authority to strongarm corporations into usurping the rights of citizens. Second, that ruling was issued in 1902, more than 100 years after the rollout of the smallpox vaccine. The vaccines available to us at this time for prevention of Covid will still be collecting data from their clinical trial through November 2022.

How can anyone give informed consent to these vaccines if the Jury is still out? The available data from VAERS, while not scientific, does provide an overwhelming amount of data that gives reasonable people cause for caution. I’ve attached a couple of studies, but there are numerous issues and I am out of comment space.

As of November 4, 2021, 97.8% of people ages 65 years or older have received at least one dose of vaccine and 85.6% are fully vaccinated (source, CDC). This is the vulnerable population, and they seem to be well protected from the rates of vaccination. For all others, if it is true as indicated in your conclusion that vaccination effectively protects vaccinated individuals, then to mandate a vaccine on the rest of the population, against their will and with duress from threat of losing their ability to provide for themselves, is unnecessary assault.

Firing someone from their job and severing their wage and benefits will do nothing to help them, only harm them. You go on to state that fully vaccinated persons are not considered in “Grave Danger”, and so this further presents a problem If OSHA’s purpose is “to assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the nation safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve our human resources.” If the vaccine keeps people from grave danger, I don’t see the need to force others to vaccinate. If it is OSHA’s position that they are saving unvaccinated from death, then why doesn’t OSHA mandate employers to discriminate hiring those who drink alcohol or engage in other behaviors that result in death?

While I appreciate the work that went into the analysis and research of this regulation, I haven’t read all of the 492 supporting documents. I am familiar with the talking points enough to have formed this opinion and what I am communicating is simple.

The Federal Government has no legal authority to use its federal extension agencies to bypass the powers of the Individual States of the United States over their people. If a corporation, State, or County wishes to impose its own rules protect the health and safety of its workers or citizens, that is one thing. The Federal Government has absolutely no authority to issue a nationwide mandate on private employers to force employees to receive experimental medical therapies under any circumstances.

It is not the place of a federal agency to dictate medical decision-making. I anticipate many more lawsuits stemming from this mandate and am interested in following each of them.

Finally, Pharmaceuticals have become a promoted consumable good rather than medicine in a relationship between a person and their doctor. The “Science” regarding COVID Disease and vaccination seem to contradict themselves compared to every other known ailment to man, which I find very concerning. For every milestone that it appears we reach, there is some new “Scientific Consensus” which turns any perceived victory into an inconsequential happening. For instance, herd immunity is no longer possible, natural Immunity is not better than vaccinated immunity, available treatments seems to be in addition to vaccinations rather than the solution to serious illness. This unusual behavior is a giant red flag. This mandate is not a tool in the toolbox, but an experiment in the making. We have not learned enough yet. This is not the smallpox vaccine in 1902. This is potentially Thalidomide in 1960.

Since the attached guidelines have been in place (June 2020), my company has had zero COVID cases. During that time, my workers have been in over 300 residences and business in NH and ME. Some of my staff are fully vaccinated, others are not. Given over a year’s experience, mandating vaccination and/or testing of my 20 employees is overkill and overregulation. It makes absolutely no sense

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; Emergency Temporary Standard does not align with the current administration and CDC guidance. Currently the administration and CDC recommend face masks and vaccinations in order to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. This rule implies that if a worker is vaccinated they would not have to wear a mask nor be tested for COVID-19 weekly. The CDC as well as medical studies are conclusive that a fully vaccinated person can contract and infect another person whether vaccinated or not. This rule, in order to be, in fact, to protect works from grave danger should mandate that ALL employees wear a mask AND be tested weekly to reduce the spread of this virus.

Although this rule will undoubtedly be challenged in the Supreme Court and ruled to be in violation of the United States Constitution, if safety of worker is the intent, then the current rule does not meet the basic spread of infectious disease requirement.

This is unconstitutional and tyrannical! The vaccine does not stop people from catching or spreading COVID. It does however cause long term damage in many cases and sometimes death. If you look at VAERS you will see all the reported issues from this “Safe” Vaccine. I personally know 2 family members who were vaccinated and still caught COVID. I also just attended the funeral of a family friend who was fully vaccinated yet died from a heart attack AND was positive for COVID. He never had any heart issues prior. Also the numbers are very inflated, i had a family member pass last year who was given 2 years to live due to cirrhosis of the liver. He was 2 and a half years into that diagnosis when he was hospitalized, covid tested 2 times and both were negative. He then was transferred to a rehab facility where he passed 4 days later. His death certificate stated he died of COVID and had it for at least a week. Obviously falsified information in order to obtain additional COVID funding. Beyond all that, this “mandate” does not take into account people who are being told not to get the shot by their doctor. I personally have a disease that causes clogged arteries and, due to concerns of blood clots from the vaccine, i have been advised not to get it. IN addition, the long term studies of effects from these shots are NOT done and NOONE knows that they may be. Beyond all this, people will NOT comply. People will get fired. The economy will suffer greatly. There will be shortages. Utility outages with long wait times to fix. Sometimes I think this is what those in power want but I hope im wrong. This is NOT the way to go.

Re: Mandating Covid Vaccinations/Proticol for Employers with less than 100 employees. I am small essential business owner with a staff of mostly truck drivers that deliver fuel and propane to commercial, public utilities, trucking companies, agriculture, and homeowners sites. My drivers come in the office in the morning to drop off the previous day’s paperwork and pick up any other orders for the current day. During the day, other orders are given to the drivers on a call in basis. Contact is very minimal and they have their own area to come too. Office staff have their own cubicles or offices so distancing can be maintained. We have not closed our business a single day because of Covid. Employees are encourage to stay home or out of the office if they are ill. I see no purpose in mandating a vaccine in our case as we have less than 15 employees and are able to maintain our own environment whether the employee wants to be vaccinated or not. It is not my job to police the situation as they are all adults and can make their own decisions.

The cost of weekly testing is not only the cost of the test but also the time it takes from the work day and week. We are in a state with less the 2.6% unemployment and a truck driver shortage. I can not afford to lose anyone because of a mandate.

The right to choose what goes into a persons body is a fundamental and constitutional right. There must be NO coercion. Especially when there are more than several existing therapies that cure covid.

My comment is about the OSHA Covid -19 Vaccination and Testing: Emergency Temporary Standard (Docket No. OSHA-2021-0007) –

regarding the requirement that unvaccinated individuals in the workplace be required to wear face coverings and be tested weekly for Covid 19. The Lancet study published October 29, 2021 “Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study” shows that “Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated contacts. Host–virus interactions early in infection may shape the entire viral trajectory.” Because the workplace is very similar to household settings, and a vaccinated person can transmit the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) virus with similar viral load as an unvaccinated person to people who are vaccinated or unvaccinated and that an unvaccinated person is more likely to be hospitalized and/or die from a Covid infection, it seems this new emergency standard should be updated to make all employees in the workplace wear face coverings and get tested weekly. Because the consequences of hospitalization or death to the unvaccinated employee are higher than the vaccinated employee and that there is still a chance of hospitalization or death to the vaccinated employee, the ETS should be updated to require face coverings and weekly testing for all employees based on current science. To do not update the standard based on this new study would put all employees, regardless of vaccination status, at risk. Also, because vaccination status is not necessary to be know of individuals for this new face covering and standard to be implemented, if adopted, the new face covering and testing standard for all employees should be required of all employers, of all sizes, including all employers who would normally be required to follow the federal OSHA standards. Please see the attached Lancet study. Thanks, for you time. Thomas H. Foley



I am a small businessperson. I and my wife operate a small Wyoming business – a sole proprietorship – with less than 100 employees. We are not covered by the ETS as it is currently written, and – though it’s rare for a business to ASK to be regulated – in this case we would like to be.

Here is why. Our business – a small, rural Internet service provider – has been mandating vaccination since April 2021. We have been doing this voluntarily so as to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and to protect our employees, who must enter people’s homes in the course of their work, from contracting COVID-19, spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus from home to home, or causing an outbreak in the office (which would shut down the business and prevent it from providing essential services that are needed during the pandemic). So far, our vaccination policy has proven effective. None of our employees has fallen ill, and to our knowledge none have been infected. Some have received “booster” shots providing even better protection against the virus, and we offered and provided paid time off to get ALL of their shots and also to recover from any side effects (which turned out to be nearly nonexistent).

Alas, for unfortunate political reasons, there has been an effort in the state of Wyoming to outlaw employer vaccine requirements. In late October and early November, the Wyoming Legislature called an extraordinary special session specifically to combat them. It failed by a single vote to pass such a law, but did pass one forbidding vaccination requirements by “public entities.”

Because our business has less than 100 employees, it is not covered by the ETS as it is currently written and might not be covered by the final standard. Thus, there would be nothing to pre-empt a state law that imposed civil or even criminal penalties upon employers with less than 100 employees for keeping our workplace and employees safe. (Several proposed bills, any of which might be revived and passed in a future session of the Wyoming Legislature, would have done this. I have attached a copy of one of them, as provided by the Wyoming Legislative Service Office, for your perusal.) And because our small business is run out of a portion of my home, such a law could literally send me to a Wyoming jail (where COVID-19 is running rampant) if I did not allow a deadly virus into my home… absent a Federal requirement that superseded state law.

For this reason, we would like you to add language to at least the final standard – and, if possible, the ETS as well – that either requires smaller businesses to mandate vaccination or explicitly pre-empts state laws that would prohibit smaller businesses from doing so. Because so many businesses are small, such a provision would save lives. Thank you.

The COVID19 injection is a bioweapon. Anyone involved in imposing this regulation should be charged with comitting an act of war on U.S. soil.

I strongly support the proposed rule. It should be swiftly implemented and it should become a final rule. I applaud and support the Biden Administration for these necessary steps to get more Americans vaccinated and turn the tide on COVID-19.

Vaccine requirements are good for the economy. Vaccine mandates have proven successful with only a small fraction of workers choosing to leave their jobs rather than comply. Those who have chosen to not get vaccinated are the minority and the reason this mandate is even needed. The majority want the vaccine, understand vaccines work, and want to work at places were vaccination is required. Employers will gain employees.

Flu shots are mandatory in healthcare; Covid vaccines should be as well. People will elect to get vaccinated, try to get an exemption, or they will quit. Few will be willing to deal with getting tested weekly. Healthcare workers who do not make the safety of those they care for the priority are in the wrong field. Patients want to be safe and get health care from establishments they know are enforcing vaccines. This mandate will bring those who have put off health care needs due to safety back to health care institutions.

The vaccine is free. Those who choose to not get the vaccine should therefore pay for their own testing. Statistics show only a very small subset will not get vaccinated with a mandate. We‘re worrying far too much about pacifying those who choose to be unvaccinated. I urge you to strengthen our economy and protect Americans from COVID by making this mandate the final rule.

As a United States citizen I believe in Freedom of Choice. To mandate someone putting something into their body is living under a dictatorship. Those that support abortion picked up the slogan “My Body My Choice”. If that is true it should be the same for mandating the Covid vaccine!! This will effect many in different fields who have already proven, they will walk off the job, before being MADE to do something they are totally against. That creates a crisis for the economy and we really are in no position to do that, considering how bad it already is. Furthermore, the truckers of America who keep this country running. Should they ban together, and trust me they will, then NO ONE gets the good and/or services we need. All this mandate is doing, is creating complete chaos for the entire Nation. Also, letting in so many immigrants at the Southern Border and we don’t know anything about what they are bringing into this country. Why aren’t they mandated to be vaccinated before entering the country. It seems to me there are different rules for different people. Research has shown this vaccine is killing people or leaving them with severe after effects. That is another reason so many are against it. This is America and everyone should have the freedom to choose, not be mandated!!

Your organization is committing murder by trying to enforce a genetic modification shot. It is not a vaccine. Vaccines are to stop you from getting the virus this mRNA genetic modification shot has killed more people then Fake COVID did. If you play into buydens mandate we promise to sue you for try to force people out of jobs over a virus that has a 99.97 survival rate. I have shared this far and wide plan on being harrassed by we the people because you will never walk down the streets again GOD the only person to decide what we need in life. You are acting as the devil and trying to mass murder people. It is not a law and only laws can be enforced.

This all sounds great until we add the fact that all the Covid Vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL USE ONLY. Thus cannot legally be an enforced mandate.

Additionally, I must remain anonymous due to the over-reach of government regarding my own health. CDC and FDA refuse to recognize that all Americans have the legal rights and freedoms of individual medical choice

This whole regulation is a disgrace and will stop business in our country. Please completely reverse this.

This administrative rule states “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is issuing an emergency temporary standard (ETS) to protect unvaccinated employees of large employers (100 or more employees) from the risk of contracting COVID-19 by strongly encouraging vaccination.”

There is no need to forcibly protect unvaccinated people from covid. There is very little risk to healthy individuals, greater than 99.7% survival. Individuals have the responsibility for one’s own health and well-being. No one should be able to force another person ‘for their own good’ to submit to a medical procedure or practice that they do not want.

These shots are not vaccines. Changing the definition of a thing does not change the thing. And the CDC has changed the definition of a vaccine in response to this rollout. Vaccines are by the original definition supposed to prevent acquisition and transmission of a disease. These covid shots do not offer such protection. They merely offer a less intense version of the illness. “Vaccinated” people (by CDC Director Walensky’s admission) can acquire and transmit covid. In fact, currently, those countries (i.e Israel, Iceland) that have the highest vaccination rate are also dealing with the highest case rates in the world.

There are a huge variety of successful prophylactic and early treatments that have virtually no side effects. The fact that the CDC and FDA along with medical communities and doctors went to such great lengths to suppress life-saving treatments like Vitamin D, C, and the well known and used drugs HCQ and Ivermectin is criminal and deliberate. There are many people who have gotten rich from these shots being pushed. They would not have been given an EUA if there were alternatives.

The covid shots have the worst record of adverse events of any shots in the last 30 years combined! The CDC maintained website records adverse events including death from shots. This site has been evaluated by Harvard scientists who estimate only 1-10% of all adverse events are recorded.

As of October 22, 2021 these shots have caused: 17,619 deaths, 86,542 Hospitalizations, 94,163 urgent care visits, 130,795 doctor office visits, 7,706 anaphylaxis reactions, 10,4465 cases of Bell’s Palsy, 2,712 miscarriages, 8656 heart attacks, 10,956 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis, 27,277 individuals permanently disabled, 4014 cases of thrombocytopenia/low platelet, 19,584 instances of life threatening issues, 32,305 severe allergic reactions, 9,987 cases of shingles.

Multiply these adverse effects by the 10-100 times underreporting and we have carnage caused by a shot that doesn’t protect one from the disease that has a very high rate of survival.

These shots are also quickly losing their efficacy. The fact that the definition of “fully” vaccinated is changing just as fast as the definition of the word “vaccine” is not lost on those who realize this is not about health and well-being. Now to be fully vaccinated 3 shots are going to be required, possibly moving into a recurring 2x/year routine. Each time this shot is injected, you run the established huge risk of adverse effects. This is like playing Russian roulette with your immune system. You will eventually lose.

The thought that “the government” wants to “keep unvaccinated individuals safe” is ludicrous. Clearly, those choosing not to get this injection have done their research and understand the risks of their choices. It is a FAR greater risk for me to get this shot. My personal health and well-being is no one else’s concern. For those who feel the shot should be forced to protect everyone else – including those in the health professions – they clearly do not trust in the efficacy of their shots. If they actually worked, those who got them would have nothing to fear, and would not try to impose their medical decisions on others.

This is nothing short of a tyrannical mechanism of control that will be used to damage everyone who does not submit to it’s demands. This is about a shot today – what is the next thing to be imposed?

Opposition to OSHA’s proposed emergency temporary standard for vaccination and testing.

I do not support OSHA’s egregious step into anyones private healthcare information, this is a road i do not want our country to go down, i respectfully ask OSHA to retract this rule not only because it asks for private medical information, also because it is unenforceable, and will make the supply chain crisis worse than it already is.

The trucking industry is estimated to lose 87% of unvaccinated employees, and 37% of the workforce all together when the industry is already short 80,000 truckers. This is a good way to make our economy falter even worse and make americans lives more strained than they already are at this time.

I urge OSHA to retract this rule, it will only make things worse, you shouldn’t have to force people to get a vaccine, it should be up to every individual between them and their medical professionals.

This is massive government overreach that should not be levied on employers. It is unconstitutional that workers would have this mandate passed on to them simply to provide for themselves

OSHA needs to reevaluate the “grave danger” and “significant risk” posed by COVID-19. This has every appearance of being a politically based rule rather than a ruling based in actual documented risk. A review of data available today (November 5, 2021) on the CDC website shows a cumulative positive case rate for individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 (the age of the workforce) as being 25,270,887. The same site on this date shows a death rate for that age range as being 142,638. Basic math puts the risk of death due to a COVID-19 infection at 0.00564%. This is far from any reasonable definition of “grave danger” or even “significant risk”. The idea that such a comprehensive ruling as universal vaccination does not appear to be based on actual, documentaries risk undermines the dependability of OSHA’s assessment of true risk and has every appearance of being politically motivated. Individuals need to choose for themselves whether or not to accept an injection that is under experimental authorization.

This is massive government overreach that should not be levied on employers. It is unconstitutional that workers would have this mandate passed on to them simply to provide for themselves

I am opposed to the new ETS that has been published. Your new ETS regulations are illegal and a complete overreach of your duty. You have no business or authority to mandate any medical intervetions within the work place. From what I can tell, the new regulations have left out exemptions for medical, religious and philosophical reasons as to why someone would not want to subject themselves to experimental gene therapy. It is very clear you are minions doing the bidding of the Biden Regime. This ETS must be revoked immediately.

Why people aren’t encouraged to test their own T cell immunity (which is the ultimate test of immunity),rather than force feed a shot is beside me. Your own T cells beat this “VAX “any day of the week and to mandate something that is the equivalent of making people wait to go swimming after eating a hotdog is Not only foolish and absurd, but evil. Science demands dialogue and you are shutting down dialogue and worse, ruining peoples livelihoods and lives

The 1st amendment acknowledges individual right to sovereignty over their own body. The 10th amendmendment does not give any agency authority that is not provisioned in the constitution.

The federal government forcing blacks into medical trials after what the FDA did in the Tuskeegee experiments is outrageous!

For decades young mothers were told their body their choice, only to be denied free choice.

Not you Responsibility. Let the employees handle their own health. It is not up to the government or OSHA to regulate who should be vaccinated against what. Stick to your responsibility of making sure that buildings are constructed properly. Let the Health Organizations deal with the health of people. I will not mandate that anybody has a mask or this supposed COVID vaccine (which is just the flu shot and that’s not being mandated). I don’t know their medical history. They don’t know mine. If I feel the need to be given the Flu Shot, I’ll get it. I will not impose my medical beliefs on any of my workers or friends or family. Not my responsibility, nor is it yours. Or Fauci’s or Biden’s or anybody else from the government.

If you try this mandate I will simply stop going to my job managing supply chains for a large Ag company. I have abundant savings and food stockpiled to outlast any of this.

I am uniquely aware of how bad the situation actually is and am confident you will fold before I do.

Have fun not eating!

Forcing a non-sterilizing vaccine (which only protects the vaccinated person), with an unknown safety record is government overreach. We are learning more and more each week about waning efficacy and potential dangers of these vaccines. The fact that England recognizes natural immunity from previous infection and the US does not, doesn’t pass the smell test.

You are working well outside of the American Constitution and the American people not only know, but will not forget such treason. A virus with a 99.97% survival rate and an injection, proclaimed by the FDA to kill 6 out of 7 people who get it, is not justification for your actions. You will be responsible for the final nail in the coffin of American economic collapse and the deaths of millions of Americans, by the time this is done. The only outcome will be trials that make Nuremberg look like child’s play. EVERY person working within your department should reevaluate their priorities, because what you’ve done will not fade silently into the night while your pocket books get lined. We the People know.

I’m writing as a laborer, who deeply values OSHA and its commitment to workplace safety, and as a citizen who enthusiastcly chose to get their covid19 vaccinations as early as the CDC recommended. But I wish to enthusiastically dissuade you from implementing vaccine requirements from businesses. There is a very large portion of workers that this mandate will harm, as it will force them to choose between their firmly held beliefs about medical autonomy and privacy, and holding their job. Many will be forced into awful situations where they might be forced into the hazards of poverty in order to hold onto their rights. I want you to consider mental health and fear of encroachments of rights into your regulat. I want you to consider that many employers will not comply with actually requiring vaccinations but instead use your mandates as leverage to prevent their employees from speaking out about other risks to their safety that is so essential to OSHAs operation. Thank you for considering my statement.

I strongly disagree with this policy. Please do not implement it. You are encroaching on the freedom of American citizens, and not respecting religious liberty.

I find this to be extremely overreaching…and you are assuring our government in going against the constitution of the United States. Our freedoms are given by God and not by an agency directed to govern the people that fund it. You are a disgrace to Veterans and to all the citizens of the United States. Also, you might want to let Philips know you exempted remote employees .. because when I informed them this morning.. they said they didn’t care and I am still a “voluntary quit” in Feb. Thanks United States of America for telling its citizens that pay your salary to either take a shot in the arm or you can’t make money to feed or shelter your family. This country is doomed

This ETS has no basis in law and is unconstitutional. It is illegal. It should be disregarded and immediately challenged and struck down as illegal. DOL, OSHA and the executive branch do not have legal authority to impose these requirements on anyone or any business. Furthermore, it is in direct violation of HIPPA laws regarding health and medical privacy requirements between employees and employers.

Dear Department of Labor,
Your proposed tyrannical and unconstitutional ‘rules’ are a slap in the face to every red-blooded, hard-working American Citizen. My body my choice, except when it comes to vaccines apparently. The 9th and 10th amendment provide for and imply bodily autonomy. Almost everything about this proposal is in direct contradiction with existing law, specifically HIPAA regulations. Per HIPAA, an employer gathering a list of descriptions of healthcare you have received (e.g. vaccine status) coupled with specific employee information (e.g. the roster of employee names) – as stipulated in these rules – is a gross violation of the law and of privacy. The 4th amendment ought to protect my medical records – they are my personal property and you are illegally demanding they be seized without proper judicial process. American Citizens are not felons. You cannot simply demand their records without having a judge sign a warrant specifying the specific records to be seized and why as per the 4th amendment.
Finally, besides the obvious total violation of civil rights and privacy this will entail going forward, I call on you to think of the legal precedent this will set going forward. In the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, African Americans were POISONED and MURDERED by the government when they spiked their vaccines with syphilis. You threaten the employment of every minority in this great Nation and demand they take your vaccine that does not even meet FDA standards. You make them take this vaccine today, but what will be in the shots 100 years from now? Or in 1000? Do you trust every subsequent administration to not spike the vaccines to take out a targeted group or political rivals? Congress has not voted any mandate into law. This is a ill-fated power grab by one who would play at being King. An illegal edict that any and every American Citizen is duty bound to disobey if they truly believe in democracy and not in petty tyrants.
In the name of all that is Good and Holy, in the name of our Lord God and the inalienable rights he has given us, do NOT implement or enforce these onerous, illegal mandates.

You are NOT a legislative body. You CANNOT make this law because it is not a law. Your rules do not allow workers to make their own informed medical decisions during this experiment.

The Nuremberg Code:

The consent of the human subject in absolute legal capacity is required. (OSHA does not allow for this in the proposed rule!)

The research procedure should not cause any physical or mental injuries or any harm to people. (VAERS database shows over 17,000 deaths from this vaccine alone as of end of October! And, those are just the ones that have been reported!)
It should never be conducted where the risk of death of any participant or member of society is evident.(VAERS database shows over 17,000 deaths from this vaccine alone!)
The risk associated with the research process should be correlated with the benefits associated with it for social wellbeing. (This has not been proven!)

In case human subjects feel at risk of death or injury during an experiment (I certainly do!), they can quit at any moment. (YOU DO NOT ALLOW FOR THIS! We are still in the experimental phase! Check the Pfizer patents!)
If risks in a research process become so evident that it may cause harm to human subjects, the researchers should immediately stop the process. (VAERS database

If you uphold your reason to exist, that is to protect employees and employers, then you will make sure those who choose not to get vaccinated, but are forced to against their will, someone or something should be held financially accountable regardless of the adverse effect and that the individual can sue such entity!

This “rule” is a complete overreach of OSHA, as they have no legal authority to mandate biological or medical requirements of individuals. Further, this “rule”, in an attempt to strong arm the American public is void of any constitutional protocol for passing a law in this country and further holds no scientific or even procedural evidence to live under an ETS. Covid rates are down across the country, vaccinated individuals still spread covid and a 4 month timeline from announcement to implementation are a few obvious ways to demonstrate this is more about political power than the protection of employees. This gross abuse of power by OSHA must be rectified and this ETS must be lifted immediately in order to restore the credibility of the organization.

The vaccines have caused many injuries and death. They are not vaccines, gene therapy, change DNA.
They are experimental and makers have zero liability for damages they cause. The health officials have lied from the beginning about what is in the jab, it’s safety, and its efficacy. As more get the jab covid cases rise, this is seen in every country with high vaccination rate. It is unconstitutional to force heathy people to risk their life on a treatment not shown to work. Now you want to take people’s ability to work, pay rent, buy food, if not jabbed. It is cruel, it is medically negligent, it is unconstitutional.
I don’t know why members of Congress where allowed to take Ivermectin when it was banned for the people that pay your salaries. I don’t know why NIH, CDC, FDA, and gov officials are not mandated to take the covid vaccine. Actually I do, and it is reprehensible.

The vaccines have caused many injuries and death. They are not vaccines, gene therapy, change DNA.
They are experimental and makers have zero liability for damages they cause. The health officials have lied from the beginning about what is in the jab, it’s safety, and its efficacy. As more get the jab covid cases rise, this is seen in every country with high vaccination rate. It is unconstitutional to force heathy people to risk their life on a treatment not shown to work. Now you want to take people’s ability to work, pay rent, buy food, if not jabbed. It is cruel, it is medically negligent, it is unconstitutional.
I don’t know why members of Congress where allowed to take Ivermectin when it was banned for the people that pay your salaries. I don’t know why NIH, CDC, FDA, and gov officials are not mandated to take the covid vaccine. Actually I do, and it is reprehensible.

The vaccine is not effective as has been shown in Israel which experienced a higher spike in cases after vaccinations and even higher after the booster. The CDC has recognized that vaccinated people can still die from covid and transmit covid. Currently vaccinated people represent around half of serious cases in many countries.

Compelling workers to lose their jobs or accept an ineffective vaccine will permanently reduce trust in the government and medical institutions in a way that may be catastrophic for society over the coming years.

While you are going business to business please isolate the Covid 19 virus and prove it exists before you tell us to get a vaccine to protect us from something that has never been isolated .

I work for a chemical distribution company who provides chemicals to a number of industries and customers including those who produce COVID test kits and other medications to treat COVID. We, like many others in various industries, are experiencing worker shortages and supply chain issues that delay and/or prevent us from providing materials to much needed customers. We are concerned that this rule will severely impact our ability to continue to run our business, not just for our own company that is already straining under too few workers, but for the manufacturers, truckers, and warehouses that enable us to run our business. The supply chain, truckers specifically are already short handed and this rule will undoubtedly increase that. This is about more than Christmas presents; it is about water treatment for safe drinking water, it is about live-saving medicines reaching the people who need them and so much more. The disruption of business and supply around the country far outweighs any benefit this rule might have. While it is severely damaging to companies with more than 100 workers, it would be business ending for smaller companies. Please consider not enforcing this. Please also do not increase the scope or make this permanent

You lack the Authority for this, there is no medical justification for it, and I will not comply. I will materially Aid anyone else who does not comply. I will serve in a jury or testify against you. Fair warning.

To put it simply: mandating workplace vaccinations as part of a vast science experiment is not only immoral it is also unconstitutional. My comment will undoubtedly get buried with the thousands if others begging for relief from this medical tyranny but I cannot let the opportunity pass by without stating the truth. Stop this medical tyranny and protect the workers.

This is not what our for fathers intended. Follow the Bill of Rights and The Constitution of the United States of America. This is against the religious rights of Americans. The government are not doctors. How can this be a one size fits all. Leave this to the medical community to make these decision based on individuals. Stop politicizing this vaccine. My body my choice. Stop the over reach.



The general workforce population, as a numerical majority, is not at risk of death and long-term health effects from Covid-19. Vaccinated and unvaccinated alike have recovered from the infection with the virus with minimal health effects. As has been shown in studies, there is a subset of the working population, that bear a higher risk of death and permanent health effects. However, if a specific employee’s health history shows an increased risk of infection or unusual need for protection, the business should merely be required make a reasonable accommodation for that employee to work safely, such as allowing that job to be performed remotely, providing PPE, and/or regular testing for that individual. A business should not be forced to alter the lives, daily habits, and healthcare prescriptions of all the other workers both in and outside their work environment to accommodate such a minority. I believe strongly in vaccination and have been vaccinated. However, I deem it a staunch government overreach to have “almost unlimited discretion to devise means to achieve the congressionally mandated goal of protecting employee health.” Please note at the end of that quote comes “subject to the constraints of feasibility.” Not only is it not in the government’s power to make intra-bodily healthcare decisions for healthy, cognizant, hard-working Americans thousands of miles from Washington DC, it is also, in no way feasible. Civil disobedience when faced with authoritarianism is part of what it means to be American and freedom from government-produced one-size-fits-all mandates that puts worker’s livelihoods at risk is clearly government hubris at its finest.

Please do NOT impose vaccine mandates. It is “racist” by dividing people into categories based on what they think is best for their bodies. SO BAD.

This rule is a complete overreach by the government. There is absolutely no evidence that COVID-19 presents a “grave risk” to a vast majority of the workforce. Certainly no more risk than the regular seasonal flu. Implementing this policy will undoubtedly lead to people having to make choices between their health by taking an unproven vaccine and their employment. Many will leave employment and create further economic disaster for this country. We are a free nation, this is not Iran, North Korea or China.

Get fucked. We will never comply with Covid “vaccine” mandates. Read the constitution for the reasons why.

This is EVIL, TYRANNICAL, and NEVER may be implemented. We will resist.

I would like to respectfully express my opposition to requiring companies to implement a vaccine mandate in the future. I am aware that weekly testing has been offered as an option and that religious exemptions may be offered as well, but I am strongly opposed on principle to any type of medical mandate being imposed. I don’t think leadership is aware of how many valuable employees companies could potentially lose as a result of such action when we are already struggling to hire and retain top talent.
I believe the types of bribery and coercion that have been used to push the vaccine are unethical and that any mandate would ultimately be ruled as unlawful in the courts. A weekly testing option would be an undue burden on families when government and employee subsidies would ultimately be removed and could cost families potentially hundreds of dollars a week for such testing and I don’t believe that only those with a religious objection or natural immunity have the right to make this personal decision in consultation with their own doctor.


Kamala Resigns Citing Death Threats, Sexist, Racist Attacks

And then they insert Hillary, talk about the outrage factor.

Biden makes a few more serious blunders, and his own people take him out on 25. See how that works? Michele Obama appointed VP. You know, because look at the mess that old White Guys got us into……

Muhammed Ali said, “It ain’t bragging, if you can back it up.” So, excuse me for bragging, but in my almost six years as a nationally-syndicated radio and TV host, my predictions have been remarkably accurate. I’m not perfect, but I’m batting close to .990. It’s the best record of anyone in the media.

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Almost everything I’ve predicted has come true- including a stolen election based on mail-in voting without Voter ID; a communist takeover of the USA based on lockdowns, Covid mandates and open borders; and Joe Biden being a brain-dead puppet with dementia.

I was already warning on my Newsmax TV show about Biden’s clearly diminished mental capacity back in 2019 and early 2020. It’s all on tape.


Great Comment to OSHA On Mandatory Jobs, You Can Comment at OSHA Site Too, 6 More Days!

OP Found this

This is all Fraudulent and quite illegal.    The lack of applying science and natural immunity being ignored is quite telling.    It is obvious that the Jab is not about protecting people, please explain how death from all causes is significantly up and they are not COVID deaths.    Please explain how COVID patients are sent home to quarantine with no instructions, when there are great treatment protocols using simple stuff like Vit C, D3, and B Vitamins.    Please explain why some lots of “vaccine” kill hundreds, whilst other lots don’t kill any?    And why are these logistically hard to handle lots distributed all over the USA, east and west coasts, south, and midwest when it would be much easier to ship a single lot to a single place?

The Furin cleavage site, never existing in any close relative Corona virus, makes it quite clear (at least Fishy as….) that the COVID is a bio-weapon released along with a 24/7 stream of media non-sense.    The early videos out of China showing people dropping dead in the streets, and hospitals with dead body bags lining both sides of the aisles are equally damning that this is a narrative of which China is a huge participant.    The early praise of the tyrannical lockdowns in China by the WHO was quite obvious in intent “tyranny is good”.    The videos of huge truck spraying chemicals fogging entire city streets was also laughable, but they created a lot of fear.  

Of the various lots of Jabs being distributed, most have at least the Spike S Protein being generated, which targets the ACE-2 receptor sites which are numerous in Testes and Ovaries, and that seems to be a primary goal, a decrease in fertility.    The massive amounts of spontaneous abortions from jabbed pregnant women deserves the highest punishments, where punishments that would normally be cruel and unusual, should be made usual.    It is already very obvious that a huge decrease in fertility is already being seen in USA and elsewhere.

The simplest analysis of VAERS data shows that in just months, the Jab had killed more people than ALL THE OTHER vaccines, tallied up for 30 years.

The complicit and participatory mass media, owned by just a handful of men, have carried water for all the lies and intentional misdirection.    We understand how Nuremberg only applies to Government Actors, and hence the intentional “method” to try to get other Corporate actors, and lower level agencies to push the Jabs.   Those at the top pushing this narrative and crimes want protection from international courts when the full impacts of their mis-deeds become beyond glaringly obvious.

And the lies about how the Jabs prevent serious illness and death, when ICUs have more than half Jabbed people.     And then the darling company, of the narrative pushers, Pfizer, is rewarded with rebranding a 2003 anti-viral pill which can be made cheaply, and then being allowed to charge health care plans $500 and up for treatment.    And it is beyond shameful that the FDA pretending that a super safe and cheap drug, Ivermectin, was not intended for people and that it was only for Horses and Cows.   And criminal to withhold this proven anti-viral from Americans.   Duly noted: IF there was a treatment available for COVID then it would have been impossible to issue the Emergency Use Authorization for the experimental Jabs.

The preponderance of evidence all points in one direction….the first year was all directed towards one main goal….to get as many people injected with as many formulations as possible, and keep them in fear so that they keep getting injected on a regular basis.   Then when dissenting individuals take their freedom of speech “too far” against the narrative, they can be given a “special jab” that either teaches them a lesson or kills them outright.

   Then another excuse like Omicron is used to drastically ramp fear again.    It is already clear that the South African doctors that detected, and TREATED, Omicron COVID list it as a “VERY MILD” disease, so the border shutdowns and ridiculous action by bad actor State of New York, are also very telling

People of OSHA, I am putting you on notice.    You, as Government actors, can be put on trial under the international agreements of Nuremberg.   The evidence is abundantly clear that these experimental chemical agents (mislabeled as vaccines) are extremely dangerous, they are killing people acutely in large numbers, they are likely to and and being shown to have longer term dangers beyond sterilization of people, and they hardly work and they are not persistent.  

The data is clear: The risk is high and the benefits are minor, and the younger you are, the higher the risk to reward ratio becomes.   See attachments which compare the death rates from COVID for various age groups to the death rate from the Jab based on 3 selected VAERS reporting rates.

We the people DEMAND that you cease and desist in these immoral, illegal, and unconscionable actions.


Leave A Comment On OSHA Regulation for Mandatory Jab

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If you prefer to opt out of having the cookie installed on your machine or device, adjust your internet browsers cookie settings. If you use multiple browsers on your machine or device, you will need to complete this process for each browser used. Please visit for instructions for common browsers.

Handling Email

We use email addresses that you provide (e.g., signing up for notifications or filling out the “Contact Us” webform) only to respond to your request. Such application information is carefully protected and not available in or retained by web tracking software. We may forward your email to a government employee who can best answer your questions. We do not disclose, give, sell, or transfer any personal information about our visitors, unless required for law enforcement or statute.

Social Media Sites

While maintains a presence on social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) in order to share government information and engage with the public, we do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information through those sites. We also do not use personal information made available by the user to these third-party sites.

Privacy Act of 1974

The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a) protects the personal information submitted to and retained in the system. The Privacy Act regulates how the government can disclose, share, provide access to, and maintain the personal information that it collects. Not all information collected online is covered by the Privacy Act.

The Act’s major provisions require agencies to:

  • Publish a Privacy Act Notice in the Federal Register explaining the existence, character, and uses of a new or revised System of Records (SOR);
  • Keep information about you accurate, relevant, timely, and complete to assure fairness in dealing with you;
  • Allow you to, upon request, access and review your information held in a SOR and request amendment of the information if you disagree with it.

Please see the system of records notice (GSA/OGP) at

View our privacy impact assessment (PIA) at

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