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Dr. Young, Microscopic Research on mRNA Tainted Blood

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Ideas to approach your community’s lesser magistrates:

stock here: this looked like a helpful starting point, so saving it.


Ideas to approach your community’s lesser magistrates:

1.  Look up on the internet who your county commissioners are and their county clerk. On their website you can see the usual meeting times, agendas and contact numbers.

2.  Call the county clerk and ask how would someone get on the agenda at the board of commissioners meeting and ask if zoom is available for others that you would like to join you to speak at the board of commissioners meeting.

3. The clerk will share how to get on the agenda, and they will often offer 3-15 minutes for you on the agenda.  You can take that time to speak or if you need more time, such as for a presentation from a science and medical team, or any other subject matter expert, you can let them know for your subject matter you really need about 30 minutes or more and ask how would it be possible for a very important issue. 

4. The clerk will ask you what the subject of your presentation…. and you can share that it’s regarding the multiple adverse effects of the genetic covid shot to your community or friends and family, and that it is on the childhood schedule currently.  You would like to have some subject matter experts present to your commissioners in an appeal to your lesser magistrates regarding the danger of contaminated genetic shots.  Sometimes that will be enough and sometimes the clerk will ask you to reach out to the commissioner chair for permission to be on the agenda.

5. You make want to simply share that you would like them to watch a video of the presentation, or you may want the group of subject matter experts to present on zoom … let us know and we will help as much as we can to get you presenters no matter how rural or urban your county may be. We the People 50 can be some of your subject matter experts but give the group a few weeks to put your meeting on our schedule and line up testimony.

6. Have a small speech, less than 4 minutes, prepared when you speak that is timed and practiced so you can stand strong in front of the board and possible crowd. Have a resolution or action item letter to present at your meeting for their team to consider, sign and send to your AG or Governors office Etc. This may take two visits to your board, the first to educate, the second visit to present our resolution or action letter as an action item.

7. You can also approach your local state legislators, your Attorney General, Governor, your sheriff, your health district boards, your school boards, and even your US legislators with a similar approach of simply calling and asking how to do it. 

8. If you are given time with a legislative aide at the US legislators office… realize that they are the workers, researchers, and the opinion drivers of your US Rep or Senator.  It is worth your time to connect and share your valuable information with them.

9. Remember to be sincere, polite, and have no fear.  The territory that you approach is often opposition or at best neutral territory.   Prayer, having a friend go with you to be in the room as moral support, and putting on the whole armor of God will be helpful.

A book that conveys the value, authority and duty of your lesser magistrates is “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” by Matthew Trewhella.

Please let me know how I may help you in this journey!:)


Laura Demaray

Template Letter

Dear ************Team,

I am reaching out to request 30 -45 minutes of your time in *********(month or week) to present a topic that most Idaho residents have heard of but may not know the details and adverse effects to adults, children, and even livestock.  The presentation would include a brave team of scientists, or genomists, or doctors that I ask to be allowed to attend via zoom from around the nation and we will present the evidence of data, materials, and peer reviewed studies that I can leave with you for your review.  This little group of brave people risk their lives, jobs, license, certifications, and privacy to be a resource at our meeting and to share their hard-earned expertise.

I and my colleagues can make the scientifically irrefutable case that this technology is contaminated, adulterated, and misbranded causing death and disability to ******(your state). These deleterious injections and gene therapy technologies cause irreversible damage to children, fetuses, and adults and animals. This technology is now on the child schedule and will be in more products that just Covid shots, but as well in other child vaccines including flu shots. This contaminated and harmful technology is going to be in our once trustworthy livestock vaccines soon as well.  

I am a resident in *********** but will have *****County residents with me there for the presentation.   Even if this is a subject that is frightening or offensive, or even if one believes what media messages that the injections are “safe and effective” ….perhaps our presentation will be the first opportunity to hear the rest of the story.  It could be the best dialogue with some of the bravest and informed subject matter experts that you may ever have regarding this historical, and egregious DNA and life altering technology. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



Resident of *************

Home *********  Cell: *********

Email : *************


WOW — Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO

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Hamas And the Tattoo Young Woman, Another Psy-op

stock here: this has been compost from the beginning

Now they pretend that they simply cut off her head during the attack, even though she was presented in pictures weeks after the abduction. They pretend that a fragment of bone found in unknown way in unknown place by unknown people has now been confirmed to be part of her skull.

She is pretty and therefore they are using her to create sympathy for her, and thus hatred towards Hamas.

Here is a picture never seen until today, all the original ones were from the back of the truck and highly blocked out.

Further, these “ravers” were Israeli hippies. The power structure likely hated them and their festival. The elements of Hamas controlled by MOSSAD timed the attack to coincide with this event. They probably even had this girl singled out before the attack, as propaganda.


General Flynn Says Q and QAnon is a Psy-Op

stock here: This has been my position for quite some time. The best lies and psy-ops contain elements of the truth.


Scientific Review of Hazards of mRNA Technology

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Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis, Threatened With Loss of License, Jail: In Further Abuse, They Steal $5000 From Her While Forcing Her to Lie About Her Client

Bombards Body Language


Indeed, is there something about our shitty diet and the fake foods, and maybe even related to vaccines, aluminum and mercury and more…..maybe all these things have looped together to assist in fighting against the formation of the “super ego” aka the conscience.

You know with so many people up in arms about the 2020 election results, people who didn’t even hear Mr. Trumps speech, why wasn’t there any further investigation into the matter? It stands to reason that considering the glitch in the media feed on election night and Biden’s talent for putting absolutely no effort into his campaign, it seems awfully suss that Joe got the most votes in election history.

Logically it was never gonna happen. Not without some serious election fraud. In my opinion there had been sufficient evidence of fraud including eye witness testimony which couldn’t be proven due to “privacy issues”.

Plus the Dems refused to hand over material, documents were deleted, the voting machines were found to have a great number of problems and people had tampered with many of them.

The list of questions unanswered is practically endless. With all those questions and the level of civil unrest you would think it would be enough to call a do over before hastily swearing lying Biden in.

From an outsiders point of view it all seemed very orchestrated. The eyewitness accounts of certain goings on is staggering. Just like the 9/11 hearing why were certain smoking gun testimonies and logical narratives not allowed to be included in the investigations.

TOWERS DO NOT EVER COME DOWN AT FREE FALL SPEED NATAURALLY. EVER! Not without the aid of highly trained demolition experts. They think and treat us like we’re stupid and granted a majority of Americans are if not highly gullible.

Yet the official narrative of both the election and 9/11 are ridiculous and and carry restrictions about just what is allowed to be spoken of. Like What??? Uh uh. No way. Answer the damn questions and provide supporting evidence!

Let no question go unanswered or else it is fraud. Every time.. Doesn’t matter how famous, rich, or powerful you are, if you killed 3000 people you need to be held accountable. Why wasn’t Larry Silverstein called to testify considering he admitted to giving the order to “pull” tower 7. Thats a demolition term and he said it in context.

It takes about a week to wire a building to fall like all 3 towers did. There wasn’t enough damage to 7 to warrant a collapse. No way. Nor was there on the other 2 towers.

These are the sort of questions in terms of the election that are still unanswered and disregarded. Shame shame. We’re all being lied to and manipulated by people with a student body frat mentality. Seems like after the 80’s no one was able to mature mentally.

stock here: The “very stable genius” surrounded himself with snakes…..lets remember Sydney Powell who was going to release the Kraken, and filed so many cases that were so easily quashed at childish levels.

Comment on Bambards…….Glad Mandy pointed out how the mention of Giuliani’s name made this lady uncomfortable. I think about how the Jews use noisemakers or pound their fists on the table or make hissing sounds at the mention of the name Hamon to drown out the evil. I’ve always felt a strong urge to do the same thing whenever Rudy’s name is mentioned. There is a well crafted narrative about “America’s Mayor” that’s a bunch of bull schiff. I cringed when Trump brought him in closer and closer the same way I cringed when he brought in Sessions, Pence, Barr and a few others. My opinion is that Rudy is and always has been an opportunist and puts forward a fake persona. He will not hesitate to Pence Pres. Trump if he doesn’t get what he thinks he’s entitled to. I got the feeling this lady knows that, too, and supports Pres. Trump. Rudy is probably the one who got her into this frightening (for her) position. Again, just my gut reaction and opinion. I fully expect to be down voted for making this comment. The power of the decades long fake narrative is strong.

Though Patrick Byrne is a controversial figure, I trust his account of the time between the stolen election and January 6th. He, along with Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn had finagled access to President Trump and also observed the team led by Rudy, the White House counsel, and Sidney Powell, who the president intended to appoint as a replacement for Pat Cippolone, White House Counsel, but was thwarted by Mark Meadows and Cippolone in defiance of the President’s order.

In his online book, The Deep Rig, and other publications, he described Rudy as consuming 7 triple scotches during dinner, and having no willingness to understand the technology of the voting equipment that was compromised, no ability to listen and relying on mediocre and corrupt assistants. Instead of working together, those who should have been helping the President were competing with their own agendas. At best, Rudy was a person with past accomplishments who was over the hill, obsessed with his podcast, and probably an alcoholic. It was a major mistake to trust him with the strategy of contesting a stolen election, though Trump was so surrounded by backstabbers by then that I’m not surprised he made that mistake. Jenna Ellis also saw these same things. She walked into this situation pretty naive surrounded by cobras.


Matthew Perry Had Tweeted Out “Could I Be Any More Vaccinated”

stock here: I used to spend time trying to find the vaccination status of those who died young, and died suddenly. Now I rarely spend that time.

But this one jumped out at me.


Vigilant News – A New News Aggregator I Am Trying Out

Clearly, “Before It’s News” is now a limited hangout, or controlled opposition. Articles used to get 3 to 10 thousand hits, including my own. Now a powerhouse article might get 400 hits. People are sick of it. And then they continually pimp out John Rolls who just tells scary stories about every day the world is on the brink of WW3 (funny that now he is almost right, LOL, ouch)


Sunday dinner discussions included that almost no one took the last booster of Spike bullshit. In other words…the word is out, everyone now knows that the mRNA and their various formulations were a test, a bio-weapon. At the very least, they know the injections don’t “work” in terms of protection. But even those who got injected, and now know….rarely admit to themselves the damage and risk they put themselves under. It’s some kind of psychological reaction, similar to embarrassment.


Brush Junkie Travels to Maui to Report on Post Fire Reality

stock here: I believe she lives on Oahu {Correction, she lives in LA, so this was a bigger trip than hopping on the Hawaiian Airlines “bus”}, this was an important trip and reporting. Drop some comments, she is shadow banned by YouTube so spread the word by sending direct links.


US Jew Bankers Agreed to Fund WW2 in Europe If They Were to Get Awarded a “Jewish State”

stock here, this plan was frought with future problems….below is from Reddit, not necessarily my views.

Time for discussion

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r/changemyview • 8 mo. ago HuangHuaYu49

CMV: Jews have no legitimate claim to the land of modern day Israel. A two-state solution is already a major concession made by the Palestinians.

Delta(s) from OP

After reading about the Israel-Palestine conflict, I was shocked at how rarely people point out the flawed logic behind pro-Israel arguments. I do not believe Jews have a meaningful claim to the land of Israel, and a “Jewish state” should have never been established in the region. I will be debunking common arguments for a Jewish state of Israel below, and will gladly respond to any others that are brought up to this post.

  1. The Jews deserve a homeland because centuries of history have shown their safety is never guaranteed in non-Jewish countries.

I agree, Jews have every right to establish their own country so they do not have to worry about being a persecuted minority. However, Jews do not have a right to establish a Jewish state over a region that is already inhabited by non-Jewish people. If the principal concern is establishing a country where Jews can be safe, why does it have to be established in a region that is majority Muslim? There are other regions of the world with unoccupied land, but Jews insist their nation be established over the historic land of Israel. In this case, the “Jews just want a homeland” is a red herring to avoid the issue of a Jewish state being established over a region occupied by Arabs for centuries.

2) Jews legally bought land in Palestine in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Yes, Jews legally bought land during both the Ottoman and British administration of the region. However, these were regarding private ownership of the land, which is different from sovereignty of the land. Many Chinese people buy real estate in Vancouver, but it does not mean Chinese people buy the sovereignty of Vancouver. The land is still legally the territory of Canada, Chinese people cannot establish a “Chinese state” because they bought real estate in Vancouver. Therefore, Jews legally buying land in Palestine does not mean it gives them the right to establish a Jewish state on that land.

3) Jews earned the right to establish a Jewish state in Israel after it negotiated the Balfour Declaration from Britain.

This was a colonial era document. If you think colonial territory agreements should be maintained, then you are against the independence of Korea, Vietnam, India, etc. The British should have never made such promises on the first place, especially considering they made overlapping promises to the Arabs in the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence. A similar argument is that Jews earned the land after winning a war instigated by an Arab coalition. This is right by conquest, which has no longer been recognized by international law since the resolution of WW2.

4) Jews made better use of their land than the original Ottoman/Arab landowners. “Israelis like to build, Arabs like to bomb and…” Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, where gay people can have their relationship legally recognized.

People bring up these points because they believe Israelis have made “better use” of the land than their Palestinian Arabs counterparts, therefore Jews deserve the land. This is not how sovereignty works. Imperial Japan was famous for using this argument to justify the annexing/colonization of Okinawa/Taiwan/Manchuria/Korea/etc. This was almost universally condemned, and Imperial Japan is nothing more than two mushroom clouds over the ash heap of history. Even if Japan made greater crop yields/repealed some antiquated practices/provided industrial living conditions to these colonies, doesn’t change the fact they were occupying land and people against their will.

5) Arabs live much more peaceful and prosperous lives in Israel, compared to life in Palestine. Israel grants equal rights to it’s Arab citizens, many of which are part of the Israeli government.

Just because you give equal rights to Palestinian Arabs doesn’t mean you are entitled to their land. By this logic, US can annex even more of Mexico, so long as it offers the Mexicans in the region full US citizenship. It also doesn’t solve the issue that the Arabs cannot truly be equals when a Jewish state occupies a majority Muslim region. If you believe in truly equality, you would not need to enshrine Israel as a “Jewish state,” this is just to hedge against the fact the region of Palestine is majority Arab Muslims.

6) Jews were the original inhabitants of the region, Jews have maintained a continuous presence in the region of Israel throughout history.

Regardless of who the original inhabitants of the region were, the majority of the region has been inhabited by Arab Muslims for the past few centuries. If you believe being the original inhabitants entitles you to the land forever, does that mean the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand have to return the land to the indigenous population? These indigenous groups were displaced within the past 5 centuries, with some regions still being majority indigenous until the past 2 centuries, whereas Jews did not administer the region for over a millennium. I understand this is a very serious part of your identity, with the name “Palestine” already being a huge scar in your ethnic history, but we cannot undo these tragic events in your history. America is named after an Italian explorer, our capital is named after a colonizer and a slaveowner. The Jews are not the only ones who have historical trauma.

7) There was no such thing as a “Palestinian” identity until recently, they were just Arabs. Arabs have 22 countries, why can’t they accept there being one Jewish state?

Most serious people are not saying there cannot be a Jewish state. They are merely arguing that you cannot establish a Jewish state over land that is already inhabited by Arabs. Just because Arabs have a lot of land, doesn’t mean you are entitled to some of their land. By this logic, Korea is entitled to some of China’s land, Bangladesh is entitled to some of India’s land, and Mongolia is entitled to some of Russia’s land. It doesn’t matter whether the Arabs considered themselves distinctly Palestinian, they are not Jewish and do not want to be under a Jewish state.

8) Israel has always been willing to give concessions for peace, but the Palestinians always reject peace treaties.

From the very start, these peace proposals have been favored towards Israel. The 1947 borders gave the Jewish minority sovereignty over the majority of land in the region. Other sore spots include Israel wanting sovereignty over East Jerusalem, and Israel wanting their borders to encompass areas with arable land and water sources. A two state solution is already a large concession for the Palestinans to make, Israel should offer more concessions.

9) Israel wants peace, but the Palestinians choose terrorism. Israel has no choice but to make “hard decisions” for its own security. The Arab League/Muslim Brotherhood/Iran all want us blown off the map.

Palestinians had no interest in being under a Jewish state, yet it was imposed against their will. It is not unlike the Macabbeans, who revolted against their Seleucid occupiers. You can’t occupy/displace people and then be shocked when they fight back. Israel is not a perfect victim, it exacerbated the problem when it bankrolled extremists groups in Palestine in order to destabilize the opposition. While I acknowledge Israel has legitimate security concerns from hostile neighbors, what did you expect when you displaced Muslims to establish a Jewish state in a region dominated by Muslims?

Ideally, the region of Palestine should have been one state, where the rights of the Jewish minority would be enshrined in its constitution. Ultimately, I recognize that Israel has existed for almost 75 years, and at this point the one-state solution is no longer viable. Most of the world has made the right steps in accepting Israel as a member of the world. I wrote this post because I wanted to point out that the framework of the two state solution should have never been used in the first place, and the two state solution is the consequence of the UN’s failure to objectively solve the problem in 1947.

Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.


Psychological Warfare Upon the Populace — But Let’s Review why So Many People Fall for it, Fall in line.

stock here:

hat tip to Lot’s Wife who sent this story idea:

We know they are using media and social media to get instant feedback on their propaganda, and using AI to refine the analysis, and predict how to modify the propaganda to be even more effective. They know who the useful idiots are, and know how to motivate them to spread the lies. Lets review for psychological principles…..


Story at-a-glance

  • Humans may be biologically wired to go with the flow and stick with the majority group, even if they don’t agree with its intentions
  • In the 1950s, psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a now-classic social psychology experiment showing the power of peer pressure and the desire to fit in
  • Governments, corporate giants and globalists are able to shape public opinion and behavior of the masses by “manufacturing illusions of consensus”
  • False beliefs about public majority opinions may drive people to censor their true opinions about an issue, furthering an altered perception of reality and conformity
  • Even minor displays of noncompliance can give others the courage to follow, triggering a ripple effect that can change society

Plans for a totalitarian future are dependent on obedience of the masses. Without compliance, criminal authoritarians cannot succeed in their plans to gain control over society and humanity. Given the choice, it seems clear that most people would choose freedom and autonomy. Yet, history shows a different reality, one in which an evil few succeeded in laying down a nefarious path and gaining supporters to walk down it.

So, why are people so obedient, even when following along parts ways with their morals and belief systems? Academy of Ideas, which aims to promote freedom by creating videos highlighting some of the world’s greatest thinkers, spells it out in the video above.1

In short, humans may be biologically wired to go with the flow and stick with the majority group, even if they don’t agree with its intentions. But there are ways that you can consciously opt out.

Asch Conformity Experiments Show Power of Peer Pressure

In the 1950s, psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a now-classic social psychology experiment on a group of college students.2 They were shown a card with a line on it, then shown a second card with multiple lines and asked to choose which line was the same length as that on the first card. Only one answer was clearly correct.

The students were placed into groups with actors who, on the third trial, all gave the same wrong answer to the test. In this case, the students tended to follow along with the group, even though their responses were obviously incorrect.3 According to Academy of Ideas:4

“Rather than state the obvious truth, the test subjects gave the same wrong answer as the group 37% of the time, and of the 123 test subjects who took part in this experiment, two-thirds went along with the group at least once.

Asch’s experiment confirms what philosophers have been reiterating for thousands of years: for most human beings conforming to what others say and do — no matter how objectively false or absurd — takes precedence over adapting to reality and discovering the truth.”

The video then quotes psychologist Todd Rose, prior faculty member at Harvard University and author of the book, “Collective Illusions,” which suggests, “The desire to fit in is one of the most powerful, least understood forces in a society.”5 He posits that humans’ desire to belong and connect socially is so strong that it drives our behaviors, even when they’re against our own best interests.

“Most of us would rather be fully in sync with the social norms of our respective groups than true to who we are,” according to Collective Illusions.6 Further, he says:7

“… We care about being in the numerical majority even when we don’t necessarily care about the group and even when the group opinion is merely an illusion. Acting on instinct, in social situations our brains don’t actually bother to make the distinction between appearance and reality …

Even in the absence of intentional pressure or incentives, we like to go along with what we think is the consensus because, quite simply, we’re biologically wired to do so.”

Milgram Experiment Showed the Power of an Order

The tendency to obey at any cost, even in the absence of an incentive to do so, was also illustrated in The Milgram experiment, which was conducted following the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann, who used the Nuremberg defense, or “befehl ist befehl,” which translates to “an order is an order.”

The Milgram experiment showed that people would act against their own judgment and harm another person to extreme lengths simply because they were told to do so.

The subjects first experienced a 45-volt shock themselves — so they would know what it felt like — then administered the shocks in increasing intervals. They were labeled from 15 to 450 volts — from slight shock all the way up to “extreme intensity shock,” “danger: severe shock,” and the strongest voltage, “XXX.” According to Gregorio Billikopf Encina with the University of California:8

“In response to the supposed jolts, the ‘learner’ (actor) would begin to grunt at 75 volts; complain at 120 volts; ask to be released at 150 volts; plead with increasing vigor, next; and let out agonized screams at 285 volts.

Eventually, in desperation, the learner was to yell loudly and complain of heart pain. At some point the actor would refuse to answer any more questions. Finally, at 330 volts the actor would be totally silent-that is, if any of the teacher participants got so far without rebelling first.”

Ultimately, 65% of the subjects continued through the study and administered the maximum voltage level, even though they knew it was wrong.

Obedience Persists Due to False Assumptions

Governments, corporate giants and globalists are able to shape public opinion and behavior of the masses by “manufacturing illusions of consensus.” It’s psychological warfare, the type of which we saw play out in force during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Excerpted Images from The Maui Massacre

stock here, this took some close viewing, but I think you will like my screen caps, open screen caps on one monitor and scroll through the video on another monitor. Spread the word.

Also around 7:00 watch eye witness talk about flying fireballs.

Also noted, a YouTuber, curiously named Hustle Bitch, was making great videos about the Maui Massacre, and then went radio silient for a month, nothing at all out of him. His channel was not banned, he just stopped.


New ” Massacre” in Maine — They Are Going to Use Mental Health As Defined by Any “Medical Professional” to Take Your Guns

The plot seems clear, any “medical professional” can take your guns by a determination. They will push this as far as they can. They were warned and either “dropped the ball” or let it happen to push forward their agenda.

Lets see what kind of bullshit we get from the Oval Orifice

Not to make light of the situation, but his kill ratio was very high. And they called his 308 a “military style weapon”. And he was in the Military Reserves.

In the comments…..



1 hour ago57,800,000 Americans suffer from Mental Health issues.

Sure after we have been abused and MKUltra’d for over 3 years now. Plus the financial challenges.


Debunking the Palestine Lie

stock here: This video is from 12 years ago. It puts 100% of the blame on the Palestinians, aka Arabs and Muslims.


RFK Junior is not a PANACEA

stock here: RFK Junior is not a PANACEA

Within the past four months…

For reparations.


For affirmative action.

For assault weapon bans. 

Sides with tribe who murdered his father and uncle. 


How High Energy DEW / Microwaves Work

stock here, reader submitted this summary

Microwaves superheat the metal and insta-boil wet innards of living things (trees, people). Asphalt is spared because it does not react nearly as well because no metal in which to accept heat-generating eddy currents. Grounded metal (signposts, parking meters, guardrail supports, etc) having wide path to ground do not respond nearly as promptly nor thoroughly as insulated metals, such as vehicles in rubber car tires. Metal housing wiring that is “grounded” superheats and melts because at high-frequency the thin (not wide) path to ground presents high impedance and allows eddy currents to form causing heat. The microwave weaponry likely operates at 10 GHz or higher.


Massive Car Crash and Burn, Drone and Still Pictures Showing Vehicle Damage, Wheels Don’t Melt Like Lahaina

stock here:

I found a good drone flyover, these are the best evidence. 1 or sections of the pile up caught fire, and you can see what those look like. All glass typically gone, can’t see if it fractured or melted.

Seems like there just has to be more on the gruond footage that people would have taken shortly after. Maybe those will show up.

2 Points

Lots of times the rubber wheels appear gone.

Most of the time the metal wheels are still present, although in some cases they appear gone. But in ZERO cases do we see a “river” of aluminum like we saw at Lahaina.

Any aluminum welder will tell you…aluminum cools off very quickly after it reaches melting point. If you are plasma torching aluminum, you need to make sure you have enough air pressure and CFM to blow the melted material fully clear before it solidifies again, or you will have a big globby mess. So the rivers of aluminum require a continued energy source. Like a microwave or laser.

Take a good look zoom in, or download and zoom in.


Aug 30th, Hawaii News Runs Story on Biden Giving $95M to Hawaiian Electric, and that was Their Last Show

I used to enjoy their podcast, keeping me up about my “roots” in Hawaii.


Floyd Story With Tucker Get Most Views Ever Noticed at ZH

Tucker continues to play his part….missing the real story while presenting a bit of truth……but ZH has 481,000 views on this article. It rings true with many people.


The real story?

The real story is outside the Overton window, that’s why the real story cannot be discussed.

They were both drug dealers that worked at the same Night Club, a drug filled mostly hispanic music and bar called the Nuevo Rodeo. The CIA/FBI went to Chauvin (with his beauty queen wife) and said we are going to jail you for these 3 deaths your Fentanyl caused, but there is another way….we need you to make a snuff film of your biggest competitor in the drug trade, Floyd. Don’t worry, we will get you off after some dramatics. They lied to Chauvin there, he was a useful drug dealer and played his part.

In the comments, some are not sure why this story is still important…..

“I don’t disagree but I’m not sure what the point of resurrecting that particular beast is when we’re swimming in an ocean of lies.”

2 hours ago

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it ripped the country apart, caused billions in property damage during those most peaceful protests and set race relations back a couple hundred years. So, I think, maybe, just maybe, it’s a wee bit important that we get the story straight.