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Yeah! Palisades Nuclear Plant Shut Down For Good in Michigan!

stock here: still an anti-nuclear activist!

However, I am concerned that this also plays into the hands of the Globalists who are working actively to collapse America with high energy costs.

It’s funny that I somewhat famously broke the Fukushima story on ZeroHedge whilst they were still alternative media, and not there new form as Controlled Opposition after being bought out by the brits around 5 or 6 years ago.

Noted the comments are “unable to load”



So….The Hoover Institution Is ALSO a POS NWO Mouthpiece


The VXX and COVID Too Cause Neurological Damage, Steroids and Ivermectin Can Help Mitigate. 9 Minutes to Understand the Nervous System


The “Vaccines” Are Causing A Large “Baby Die Off”

stock here, I subscribed, admittedly, for free.


Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide

It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

Dr Naomi Wolf

May 29


I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.

The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a “baby die-off” — is underway.

The WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, a group of 3000 highly credentialled doctors, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians and research scientists, have been turning out report after report, as you may know, to tell the world what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years. By court order, these documents were forcibly disclosed. And our experts are serving humanity by reading through these documents and explaining them in lay terms. You can find all of the Volunteers’ reports on DailyClout.io.

The lies revealed are stunning.

The WarRoom/DailyClout Volunteers have confirmed: that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew by December 2020 that the MRNA vaccines did not work — that they “waned in efficacy” and presented “vaccine failure.” One side effect of getting vaccinated, as they knew by one month after the mass 2020 rollout, was “COVID.”

Pfizer knew in May of 2021 that 35 minors’ hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection — but the FDA rolled out the EUA for teens a month later anyway, and parents did not get a press release from the US government about heart harms til August of 2021, after thousands of teens were vaccinated. [https://dailyclout.io/pfizer-vaccine-fda-fails-to-mention-risk-of-heart-damage-in-teens/]

Pfizer (and thus the FDA; many of the documents say “FDA: CONFIDENTIAL” at the lower boundary) knew that, contrary to what the highly paid spokesmodels and bought-off physicians were assuring people, the MRNA, spike protein and lipid nanoparticles did not stay in the injection site in the deltoid, but rather went, within 48 hours, into the bloodstream, from there to lodge in the liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes, and, if you are a woman, in the ovaries. [https://dailyclout.io/internal-pfizer-documents-prove-knowledge-that-lipid-nanoparticles-in-mice-subjects-do-not-remain-in-muscle-but-were-shown-to-be-rapidly-distributed-in-the-blood-to-the-liver/]

Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that the Moderna vaccine had 100 mcg of MRNA, lipid nanoparticles and spike protein, which was more than three times the 30 mcg of the adult Pfizer dose; the company’s internal documents show a higher rate of adverse events with the 100 mcg dose, so they stopped experimenting with that amount internally due to its “reactogenicity” — Pfizer’s words — but no one told all of the millions of Americans who all got the first and second 100 mcg Moderna dose, and the boosters.

Pfizer skewed the trial subjects so that almost three quarters were female — a gender that is less prone to cardiac damage. Pfizer lost the records of what became of hundreds of their trial subjects.

In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected.

Adverse events tallied up in the internal Pfizer documents are completely different from those reported on the CDC website or announced by corrupted physicians and medical organizations and hospitals. These include vast columns of joint pain, muscle pain (myalgia), masses of neurological effects include MS, Guillain Barre and Bell’s Palsy, encephaly, every iteration possible of blood clotting, thrombocytopenia at scale, strokes, hemorrhages, and many kinds of ruptures of membranes throughout the human body. The side effects about which Pfizer and the FDA knew but you did not, include blistering problems, rashes, shingles, and herpetic conditions (indeed, a range of blistering conditions oddly foreshadowing the symptoms of monkeypox).

The internal documents show that Pfizer (and thus the FDA) knew that angry red welts or hives were a common reaction to the PEG, a petroleum-derived allergen in the vaccine ingredients — one that you are certainly not supposed to ingest. Indeed, PEG is an allergen so severe that many people can go into anaphylactic shock if they are exposed to it. But people with a PEG allergy were not warned away from the vaccines or even carefully watched by their doctors, EpiPen in hand. They were left to their shock.

Pfizer knew that “exposure” to the vaccine was defined — in their own words – as sexual contact (especially at time of conception), skin contact, inhalation or lactation. [https://dailyclout.io/vaccine-shedding-can-this-be-real-after-all/]. ‘Fact-checkers’ can deny this all they want. The documents speak for themselves.

Of course, people who have tried to raise any of these issues have been deplatformed, scolded by the President, called insane, and roundly punished.

Athletes and college students and teenagers are collapsing on football and soccer fields. Doctors wring their hands and express mystification. But BioNTech’s SEC filing shows a fact about which the CDC and the AMA breathe not a word: fainting so violently that you may hurt yourself is one of the side effects important enough for BioNTech to highlight to the SEC.

But not to highlight to you and me.

I was able to process all of this and keep simply reporting. But in the last few weeks the horror overcame me. Because now, the Volunteers, under the excellent leadership of Program Manager Amy Kelly, have confirmed that there is a genocide underway, intentionally driven or not. And Israeli journalist Etana Hecht has added her own superb analysis. Here is Ms Hecht’s summary of the Volunteers’ findings:

Clown World – Honk

Vaccinated Women

The topic of pregnant and nursing moms getting vaccinated under encouragement and coercion is painful. It’s painful to research, painful to write about, and painful to learn how carelessly the most precious among us are being treated. The very essence of life and nature live within pregnant and nursing mothers. Reflecting on how little regard was paid t…Read more4 days ago · 129 likes · 29 comments · Etana Hecht

It seems that there can indeed be a happenstance genocide. Reproduction itself is targeted, intentionally or not, by the mRNA vaccines. And if you know that reproduction is harmed, and babies and fetuses are harmed, and you know that this is at scale, which everyone at Pfizer and at the FDA who read these documents, knew —and if you do not stop — then does that not ultimately become a genocide?

The WarRoom/DailyClout volunteers have confirmed that lipid nanoparticles, the tiny hard fatty casings that contain the MRNA, traverse the amniotic membrane. That means that they enter the fetal environment, of course. (They also traverse the blood-brain barrier, which may help explain the post-MRNA vaccination strokes and cognitive issues we are seeing). The Volunteers have drilled deep into the Pfizer documents’ reports about pregnancy and found that the assurance that the vaccine is “safe and effective” for pregnant women, was based on a study of 44 French rats, followed for 42 days (the scientists who ran the study are shareholders or employees of BioNTech). [https://dailyclout.io/covid-19-vaccines-pregnancy-risky-business/]

The Volunteers found that while pregnant women were excluded from the internal studies, and thus from the EUA on which basis all pregnant women were assured the vaccine was “safe and effective”, nonetheless about 270 women got pregnant during the study. More than 230 of them were lost somehow to history. But of the 36 pregnant women whose outcomes were followed – 28 lost their babies.

The Volunteers found that a baby died after nursing from a vaccinated lactating mother, and was found to have had an inflamed liver. Many babies nursing from vaccinated mothers showed agitation, gastrointestinal distress, and failure to thrive (to grow), and were inconsolable.

I am hearing anecdotal reports of these symptoms in babies nursing from vaccinated mothers, now, from across the country.

The Pfizer documents also show that some vaccinated mothers had suppressed lactation, or could produce no milk at all.

Doctors, of course, are stumped by all this. Stumped.

The NIH database has a preprint study making the case that there are negligible amounts of PEG in the breast milk of vaccinated women. [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8351783/]

But what is a negligible amount of a petroleum product in mother’s milk, when you are a tiny newborn with no immunities, just arriving in the world? The NIH preprint itself reported higher levels of GI distress and sleeplessness in the infants studied, and one mother had elevated PEG levels in breast milk, and the fine print concludes that more study is needed:

“Larger studies are needed to increase our understanding of transfer of PEG into human milk, and potential effects after ingestion by the infant. Although expert consensus states there is minimal or no potential risk for the infant from maternal COVID-19 vaccination(20,21), the minor symptoms that were reported (sleep changes and gastrointestinal symptoms) could be further investigated in future studies to determine if they are related to vaccination.”

Since no babies died in the brief time frame of the tiny study, the study concluded that nursing babies suffered no real ill effects from vaccinated mothers. But the study did not follow these poor babies, with their acknowledged sleeplessness and their confirmed GI distress, to see if they actually “thrived” — gained weight and developed normally.

On such faulty science were women assured that the vaccines were “safe and effective” for them and their nursing babies.

But — four of the lactating vaccinated women in the Pfizer documents reported “blue-green” breast milk. I am not making this up. And the nursing baby who died, with an inflamed liver — the case has been buried; has not made headlines.

Coincidentally — or not — the SAME FDA that turned a blind eye to vast harms to humans, and to the subcategory of moms and babies, in the Pfizer documents, declared that Abbot, a major producer of baby formula in the US, had to close its factory. [https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/16/abbott-reaches-agreement-with-fda-to-reopen-baby-formula-plant-to-ease-nationwide-shortage.html]

Coincidentally, with little formula available and with some or many (we don’t know) vaccinated moms having compromised breast milk, it turns out that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg have all invested in a startup called “BioMilq” — which produces lab grown breast milk from mammary cells. [https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/16/biomilq-raises-3point5-million-from-bill-gates-investment-firm.html]. Reports of this startup include this Frankenstein-like language as if this is normal: “The BIOMILQ team creates its product from cells taken from human breast tissue and milk, donated by women in the local community, who get a Target giftcard in return.” [https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/03/business/lab-grown-human-milk-biomilq-health-climate-hnk-spc-intl/index.html]

As if all of this is not horrific enough, Ms Hecht drew studies from three countries — Canada, Scotland and now Israel – -to show that babies are dying disproportionately, during and after 2021, in highly vaccinated countries, and that newborns are dying disproportionately if they have vaccinated mothers versus unvaccinated mothers.

In highly vaccinated Scotland, almost twice the number of babies died in 2021 as died in baseline numbers. [https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19726487.investigation-launched-abnormal-spike-newborn-baby-deaths-scotland/]. In Ontario, Canada, 86 babies died in 2021, versus a baseline of four or five; this was a baby die-off so severe that a brave Parliamentarian brought the issue to Parliament. [https://nonvenipacem.com/2021/12/10/explosive-rise-in-ontario-stillbirths-triggers-parliamentary-questions/].

In Israel, at RamBam Hospital in Haifa, there were 34% more spontaneous abortions and stillbirths to vaccinated women as to unvaccinated women.

Jackanapes Junction

Stillbirths, Miscarriages and Abortions in Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Women

Data from Rambam hospital in Haifa reveal a stillbirth, miscarriage and abortion (SBMA) rate of 6% among women who never received a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 8% among women who were vaccinated with at least one dose (and never had a SARS-Cov-2 infection…Read more4 months ago · 59 likes · 62 comments · Josh Guetzkow

Ms Hecht also notes that menstrual dysregulation in vaccinated women is fully confirmed now by many studies, with an average of one extra day of bleeding a month (a side effect about which I warned about in March of 2021, which in turn got me called names by a CNN commentator and permanently deplatformed from Twitter).

You don’t have to know more than eighth grade biology to know that a dysregulated menstrual cycle, not to mention spike protein accumulating in the ovaries, not to mention the traversing of the bodies’ membranes, including the amniotic sac, by tiny hard fatty lipid nanoparticles, not to mention PEG in breast milk, is all going to affect fertility, fetal health, childbirth, and babies’ GI wellbeing or distress, and thus their ability or failure to thrive (let alone to bond).

And now, the babies are dying. Now scale the data from Canada, Scotland and Israel to all the vaccinated nations in the world.

What do we do with all of this?

Knowing as I now do, that Pfizer and the FDA knew that babies were dying and mothers’ milk discoloring by just looking at their own internal records; knowing as I do that they did not alert anyone let alone stop what they were doing, and that to this day Pfizer, the FDA and other demonic “public health” entities are pushing to MRNA-vaccinate more and more pregnant women; now that they are about to force this on women in Africa and other lower income nations who are not seeking the MRNA vaccines, per Pfizer CEO Bourla this past week at the WEF, and knowing that Pfizer is pushing and may even receive a US EUA for babies to five year olds — I must conclude that we are looking into an abyss of evil not seen since 1945.

So I don’t know about you, but I must switch gears with this kind of unspeakable knowledge to another kind of discourse.

I am not saying that this is exactly like finding evidence of Dr Mengele’s experiments; but I am saying, with these findings, that now the comparison may not be that excessive. These anti-humans at Pfizer, speaking at the WEF; these anti-humans at the FDA; knowing what they know; are targeting the miraculous female body, with its ability to conceive, gestate, birth and nurture life. They are targeting the female body’s ability to sustain a newborn human being with nothing but itself. They are targeting the amniotic membrane, the ovaries that release the ovum, they are targeting the lymph and blood that help support the building up of mother’s milk, they are targeting the fetus in utero, helpless.

They are targeting the human fetus’ very environment, one of the most sacred spaces on this earth, if not the most sacred.

And they know it.

I don’t know about you, and I am not proselytizing, but as you may know if you read me here, these apocalyptic days, I turn to prayer. I have started to say in public, once I had to face the fact of the die-off of the babies, that this is a Biblical time; and I mean Old Testament Biblical.

It is a time like that of the construction of the Tower of Babel — of massive arrogance against divine plans. Men such Bill Gates tamper with and seek to outdo God’s best works in lab after lab, and Tech Bros “disrupt” the human competition for their unsought-after goods and services, by targeting human processes and by ruining the bodies made in the image of God.

It is a time like that when the ten plagues assailed the Egyptians in Exodus 11:4-6:

“4 So Moses said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt.Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the female slave, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well. There will be loud wailing throughout Egypt—worse than there has ever been or ever will be again. 7”

This was the worst plague of all, the slaying of the firstborn.

It is a time of ha-Satan — Satan — “going to and fro in the earth, and […] walking up and down in it”, as Job 2 describes him.

It is a time of demons sauntering around in human spaces, though they look human enough themselves, smug in their Italian suits on panels at the World Economic Forum.

Ha-Satan – and his armies: ruining the conception, the milk, the menses, the touch, the cradling of the infant by its mother, ruining the feeding of the infant; ruining the babies themselves.

I read the Prophets a lot these days — because how could I not? I am looking for what writer Annie Lamott called “Operating Instructions.” What do you do when humanity itself is threatened? When there are professional battalions and bureaucratic departments of people who act with anathema toward the human race?

Surely there must be a clue.


Klaus Schwab — WEF — Really Do Intend To Take Away All Private Property Rights, Enslave You and Take Away Country Sovereignty

I have been aware of this for I guess, years. But it was so absurd that I often wondered whether this was just made up, so that normies could point to “crazy conspiracy” theorists. 

But I found it, amazingly preserved on YouTube so I immediately copied it, stored on harddrive, and uploaded to Bitchute. 

Y’all need to do that stuff also! 

ON the bottom bottom is a cringe worthy interview posted on Jun 25, 2021 (just about the same time that the CDC started re-coding Vax injuries and deaths in the USA as happening in another country) —posted by the Global Shapers

At the end of these still images is the video that was generated by their Twitter Post.   The Twitter post has since been taken down, so it is great that someone preserved this.



And poor Canada is so toast. They have been infiltrated. And they are not allowed to talk about him.

JOE ROGAN: Has Done A Lot Of Good “Pandemic Wise” However He Has Been Pulling Punches Ever Since They Tried to Cancel Him After The “COVID Vax’s” Are Deadly Show

stock here: Now all he interviews are comedians. They got to him, whilst allowing him to preserve his money supply and some self respect.

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   13h • 10 tweets • 13 min read Bookmark Save as PDF My Authors.@joerogan has done more to restore public health than the CDC, FDA, and NIH combined.

A brief thread of the interviews which flipped the narrative on its head. 🧵 @mentionsEp. # 1640 –

After this broadcast, discussions of Lab-Leak hit the mainstream.

‘Nuff said.

#1640 – Josh RoginListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Josh Rogin is a journalist, political analyst, and author of “Chaos Under Heaven: Trump, Xi, and the Battle for the 21st Century”.https://open.spotify.com/episode/3PW4bCu6zKsG02r6VcfAMP?si=rjIMN6t2RX6gboBEY-fQtw@mentionsEp. #1671 – &

Pierre & Bret discuss early-treatment options. Because doctors forgot that pneumonia should be treated ASAP.

#1671 – Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre KoryListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Dr. Pierre Kory is an ICU and lung specialist who is an expert on the use of the drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Bret Weinstein is a…https://open.spotify.com/episode/7uVXKgE6eLJKMXkETwcw0D?si=bB99kd6WTlWqZfDYUxOmtQ@mentionsEp. #1717 – Alex Berenson

The man who was banned for tweeting that the jabs are better conceptualized as intermittent therapy.

#1717 – Alex BerensonListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Alex Berenson is a journalist and author of both fiction and non-fiction. His latest book, “Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Ove…https://open.spotify.com/episode/1VNcMVzwgdU2gXdbw7yqCL?si=u2tzHduHRAqyTtbAwEe0hA@mentionsEp. #1718 –

Beautifully demonstrated that doctors allied with the mainstream are either clueless or will happily play dumb.

#1718 – Dr. Sanjay GuptaListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a practicing neurosurgeon, chief medical correspondent for CNN, and host of the network’s podcast “Chasing Life.” H…https://open.spotify.com/episode/6rAgS1KiUvLRNP4HfUePpA?si=TwCKKqoOSGyFU9jdN1RwDQ@mentionsEp. #1747 –

Listening to Peter bring everything the rest of us have been talking about, to the broader audience…was cathartic. Brought a tear to mine eye, ngl.

#1747 – Dr. Peter A. McCulloughListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, is a board-certified cardiologist who has testified before committees of the US and Texas Senate rega…https://open.spotify.com/episode/0aZte37vtFTkYT7b0b04Qz?si=u-Y9wG3rRTupwsvyt9Z4eA@mentionsEp. #1756 – John Abramson

If you think Pharmaceutical companies can be trusted, you got another thing coming. Dr. Abramson lays it down here.

#1756 – John AbramsonListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. John Abramson, MD, is a Harvard Medical School Lecturer, national drug litigation expert, and author. His new book, “Sickening: How Big…https://open.spotify.com/episode/64ZsPU8e2CHvWQM9lqnLEY?si=2t1BJajMR2-veMl5F0IPRg@mentionsEp. #1757 – Robert Malone

Everything you wanted, and did not want to know about the Gene-based injections.

#1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MDListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the id…https://open.spotify.com/episode/3SCsueX2bZdbEzRtKOCEyT?si=bP1qbXCUSjSd-J02FDNoNA@mentionsEp. #1780 –

Bringing the geopolitics and macroeconomics into the fold.

#1780 – Maajid NawazListen to this episode from The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. Maajid Nawaz is a former Islamist turned counter-extremism activist, author of multiple books, and public speaker.https://open.spotify.com/episode/1ugbn7cuab3mNgKbo81ajM?si=P06xS92LRpuRhs4WS6bazQ@mentionsOne day we will thank Joe for sticking out his neck, and taking the flak for daring to talk to these humans.

RT to share. 

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@RemnantMdMay 19In 2020, Western Medicine was co-opted into allowing sick people to get sicker, and instantiated management protocols that accelerated poor health outcomes. For example, if you had symptoms of community-acquired pneumonia but tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 – NO treatment. /1You were told to go home, and come back if & when your pneumonia got worse (shortness of breath from just walking). Then, we admit you for “COVID-19,” intubate you too early, give you no treatment other than supportive care. Make you DNR – Do Not Resuscitate /2Now, if anything catastrophic occurs – high likelihood of death – no resuscitation. However, if you had not tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, you would have received empiric treatment for community-acquired pneumonia. The sooner, the better. This is a common quality metric. /3Read 5 tweets

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@RemnantMdMay 12✍️ The Problem with Gene-based Injections – Part 1 The cellular environment is incredibly complex and dynamic. It is arrogant to think we can interfere, with little consequence. To understand the concerns, I take a first principle approach. 🧵 remnantmd.com/first-principl…When the injections initially rolled out, almost everyone blissfully accepted them ‘safe & effective’ By this time, it was clear who could NOT be trusted: • CDC & FDA • NIH & NIAID • Big Pharma • Anthony Fauci Then, how could we make an informed decision? /2To assess the claims, I had to make several considerations: • Background knowledge of immunology, cell biology, physiology, & infectious disease • Incorporate expert analysis – NOT corporate ‘experts’ • History /3Read 30 tweets

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@RemnantMdMay 4✍️ Viruses don’t cause cancer?! In medical training, the idea that viruses can cause cancer is taught as fact. Unfortunately, that claim is devoid of historical context, biological plausibility, as well as confirmatory evidence. 🧵 remnantmd.com/2-do-viruses-c…✍️ Background Info Discovery of viruses began as vectors for infectious disease, but slowly morphed into a field of unproven conjectures. Deadly outbreaks first, then novel pathogens, then seasonal pathogens. Eventually we got to harmless skin lesions. Then, cancer…As infectious diseases were less prevalent…there was less for virology to diagnose & treat. Post-polio era virologists were looking for a new game. Cancer was on the rise…looked like a good option. They began applying their tools to find the cancer-causing virus.Read 40 tweets

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Remnant | MD

@RemnantMdMay 1✍️How the WHO captured your Constitution. • January 2020: World Health Organization declares a Public Health Emergency of International Concern • Suddenly our lives changed, with each new restriction more absurd than the last How did this happen? 🧵 remnantmd.com/how-the-who-ca…✍️ Background Information • The WHO is the only UN program with a Constitution • The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the forum through which the WHO is governed • WHA is composed of member State Health Ministers • Health Ministers decide on policies set forth by the WHO✍️ “Health” Ministers only in name 2020 examples: • Patty Hajdu – Health Minister of Canada • Patty is not a doctor, nor researcher, nor public health expert of any sort • Her educational background is in graphic design & administration en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patty_Haj…Read 23 tweets

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@RemnantMdApr 26Principles of Medicine | #1 The more frequently you tax your immune system… …the more acutely vulnerable to infection you become.Principles of Medicine | #2 High frequency depression of immune capacity does not only make you vulnerable to infection. Immunity plays a critical role in keeping tumors at bay.Principles of Medicine | #3 Treat the patient, not the numbers.Read 4 tweets

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@RemnantMdApr 24✍️ Birth of the Latent Virus | Virology Series I am not a virologist. Recent events have motivated me to explore the field I thought I understood – at least clinically. I started by reading historical texts on the matter. Was not expecting this… 🧵 remnantmd.com/1-slow-virus-v…Since the isolation of the first virus, tobacco mosaic virus, many harmless viruses have been identified and blamed for human illness. The drug-induced SMON epidemic was blamed on viruses remnantmd.com/lessons-from-h…Researchers spent hundreds of years trying to find the microbe that caused Scurvy remnantmd.com/lessons-from-h…Read 34 tweets

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Rappoport: They Hide Many Lies Behind One Central Promoted Lie

stock here: Jon Rappoport is some enigma. He obviously promotes his books, openly. And that is fine. But this one below is a quick read, and points out critical points. Real truth is hid behind 1 unified large and obvious “facts”. Like pretending that there is 1 single Cabal responsible for everything going on.

How I assembled The Matrix Revealed: The Key Symbol
by Jon Rappoport
The key was handed to me by a colleague and friend.   In 1987, when I was researching my book, AIDS INC., I took a side road. It was prompted by a conversation I had with the brilliant hypnotherapist, Jack True. He was telling me about experiences he’d had with his patients under hypnosis.  

“Some patients encounter a ‘monolith’,” he said. “They come across a symbol that is there in the subconscious. Sometimes it looks like a closed door. Sometimes it shows up as a blank wall. Sometimes it’s a geometric shape. One patient actually called it a ‘brick sky’.”   “But in every case, it locked up the patient’s ability to recall or explore under hypnosis. It was like a giant obstruction on a road. However, these patients could describe something about the nature of the symbol. They said it was broadcasting a message: ‘THIS IS REALITY’.”  

“The patients were in awe of the symbol. It had a deep emotional effect on them. It was as if many different realities had come together to form this single symbol, like separate pieces clicking into place.”   Jack went further. He stated that the symbol induced a profound passivity in his patients…   Jack subsequently devised strategies to take apart the symbol, so these patients could rid themselves of their passivity and access huge amounts of previously blocked energies.   Well, I was shocked, because my research on my book had followed a parallel course. I’ll explain.  

The AIDS cover story that had been invented by medical researchers was all about One Reality, one disease condition caused by one virus, one label, one symbol for the condition: “AIDS”.   When, in fact, that was “the obstruction on the road” which was blocking further investigation. In fact, the whole “Oneness” myth was a lie. A gigantic lie.   A very, very convincing lie. An awesome lie.   The truth was, so-called AIDS was many different conditions (realities) which had been falsely “clicked” together, through massive propaganda.   That was the key to unlocking the puzzle. And it was the key for me to move into new territory with new energy and confidence.   I’d been stalled at the wall, but now I could advance.   The awesome symbol, “AIDS,” had been shattered to pieces.   Since the publication of my book, I’ve of course investigated a number of other subjects, and in each case, there was a symbol, a monolith, an obstruction, and in every case I’ve taken the monolith apart to discover that it’s hiding a plurality of scandals and crimes and deceptions and realities.  

The One False Unity concealing The Many.   These monoliths are very, very effective because—and this is vitally important to understand—they mirror the tendency of the subconscious mind to fall to its knees before A Single Symbol.   People gravitate to single causes, single symbols in every area of life, and they don’t penetrate further.   This is an aspect of the Matrix.   False Unities are the meat and potatoes of very high-level propaganda. They are launched in politics, economics, organized religion, science, psychology, the military, mind control, in all the academic disciplines.  

As an analogy, consider a painting in which the three-dimensional perspective has been radically shortened to eliminate the background. But the background is really where all the action is. The foreground is the false Oneness.   Grasping all of this allowed me to go further than I thought possible in putting together The Matrix Revealed. My method of investigation altered radically, and I hit paydirt.   The Matrix is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional operation, seeded with symbols that broadcast FALSE UNITY.   And these symbols collaborate with the subconscious tendency to buy those UNITIES.   Your freedom and power emerge when the subconscious tendency is made conscious and can be seen in the light of day.   That is the purpose of my collection, The Matrix Revealed.

Gun Control: A History of Mass Deaths After Gun Control Implemented

stock here: Isn’t it obvious that we need to secure the school systems. Single or 2 points of entry, armed and trained workers at the schools….they don’t need to be cops and maybe they shouldn’t be cops. They should be trained for just a handful of very specific purposes, and they should be rewarded at the end of their career. And if they fail in cowardice, they lose everything.


Turkey established gun control in 1911. Soon after, 1.5 million Armenians unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

The Soviet Union established gun control in 1929. Soon after, about 20 million dissidents unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. Soon after, 20 million political dissidents unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938. Soon after, a total of 13 million **** and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. Soon after, one million people unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. Soon after, 100,000 Mayan Indians unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. Soon after, 300,000 Christians unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Austrellia established gun control in 1996. Right now, Australian citizens are being brutalized and terrorized by their tyrannical government. 

Venezuela established Desarma La Violencia to disarm citizens in 2010. Once one of the richest countries in Latin America, Venezuela is currently free falling into violent unrest and extreme poverty. 

New Zealand expanded gun control in 2019. Right now, New Zealand citizens are being brutalized and terrorized by their tyrannical government. 

Canada expanded gun control in 2020. Right now, Canadian citizens are being brutalized and terrorized by their tyrannical government. 



The Plan For Division Employs The “Make It All About Trump”

stock here: Take a lesson from Freud’s Nephew, an early king of propaganda.

Highlight it, Polarize it, Make it “All About Trump”

Very tall forehead, large brain. But also a wide head, typical of sociopaths. The droop down eyelids also probably made him not so physically attractive as a kid, leading to bullying and his desire to screw with the world.

But this son a gun lived for 103 years!


Unusual Earthquake Activity. ALL Earthquakes are in the Northern Hemisphere ONLY

stock here: after a decade of Earthquake observation, I can’t remember another instance in which it was like this.

And we are still 4 weeks away from the Summer Solstice, there are often unusual EQ and Volcanic events right around the Solstices and Equinoxes

And this is from May 11th, a high hit on Mauna Loa. And Kona had a 4.7 EQ last week. We are in a new paradigm


Requiring the Use of all 10 Digit Phone Numbers Even in the Same Area Code — It Just Became Necessary in Hawaii, all 808 Code. It Allows Easier Spying and Social Credit Scoring

stock here. Its also a pain in the arse, they love every little inconvenience that they can throw on us. Like adding 808 to each of 600 contact names. Sheesh.

I am sure it is all about better spying ability.

Is my tin foil hat too tight? Will that protect my brain from a EMP or CME? LOL

Oh, By The Way……Remember how 311 and 313 are inherently evil numbers? The area code for Detroit is 313.


Caution! The New POX is Monkey Business Too. The Woke Will Support the Deviants (Queer) Whilst the Awaken Will Display Hatred Towards The POX Spreaders

stock here: Another way to create fear, distrust, hatred, division. Oh, let’s mention also the distraction. Part of their plan is to hit us with so much DISTRACTIONS that we can’t focus on what is really important.

Hollywood is literally writing these scripts.


CNN Consolidates All The Lies Of the Day

stock here: It is so nice of CNN to put all of the lies of the day on display in one place. Noted is the “facial recognition” and “dark past” coming back to haunt people.


Why Is Broward County So Dirty? The Scherer Family Is Part of the Problem, The Daughter is Presiding Over the 8 Year Trial of Parkland Shooter

stock here: Did you also catch that the second suspected Monkey Pox is in corrupt to the core Broward County Florida.


Let’s go back to 2002.

It was the year that Halle Berry won the Academy Award for Monster’s Ball, the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl, and then-state Rep. Roger Wishner (and current Sunrise mayor) criticized the North Broward Hospital District and got on the wrong side of then-NBHD general counsel Bill Scherer. So what did Scherer do? He propped up a Democrat named Franklin Sands to run against Wishner and got the political machine he ran at the public health system to finance tens of thousands of dollars in contributions for Sands. The money came from doctors and lawyers; Scherer and his own family members contributed about $3,000. Dr. Sein Lwin, a Burmese native who operated as something of a bagman for the political machine, was responsible for another $1,500 to Sands.

The Scherer Daughter is kind of pretty, tall, and thin. A Good start in most cases.

I would say she does at times have crazy eyes.


Utter Lunacy, They Are Stretching Out Every Controversy To Make Maximum Outrage, and Maximum Disgust With the System

Judge Sherer spent seven weeks trying to select 11 Jurors not “in the murder trial of Nikolas Cruz. They are now calling him the Florida School Shooter, instead of the Parkland Shooter of Broward County.

You remember the Coward of Broward, and then the Jew police chief who informed staff that they had no obligation to put themselves at risk to enforce public safety…..no obligation end a mass shooting?

They don’t even want to mention real facts that bring up uncomfortable truths.

Scherer, the Judge, is from a Jewish family name. Are we ever going to name the Jews? And the Jesuits, the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller. The Soros, the Kissinger, and the other bad actors, including the Chinese.



Putin’s Great Speech of 2007, Munich

stock here, once is finishing processing, it will be available here: The thumbnail photo is of a famous female chess player. Potin plays chess, Kissinger plays chess. Biden plays with little kids on his lap.



Henry Makow — A Stalwart Champion of the Hidden Truths

This one has been up on my browser for a full day. I did not want to lose it. But also scroll down, he has many great articles.

Headlines for May 22 – Pfizer Has Pills that Report You

May 21, 2022


Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.com

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explains Pfizer’s new tech to Davos crowd: “ingestible pills” – a pill with a tiny chip that send a wireless signal to relevant authorities when the pharmaceutical has been digested. “Imagine the compliance,” he says pic.twitter.com/uYapKJGDJx
— Jeremy Loffredo (@loffredojeremy) May 20, 2022

‘Imagine The Compliance’: Pfizer CEO Pitches Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla may have forgotten he was on camera this week, as he dazzled the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos with fantasies of ingestible computer chips that signal authorities when a drug has been digested.

“It is a, basically biological chip that is in the tablet. And once we take the tablet and dissolves into the stomach, sends a signal that you took the table. So imagine the applications of that – the compliance. The insurance companies know that the medicines patients should take, they take them.



Dr. Peter McCullough author John Leake join The Alex Jones Show to break down the true dangers of the monkeypox amid outbreak hysteria generated by the media and the World Health Organization.


Amazing+Polly-4194147541.jpgNEW Amazing Polly 5/20/22 – BOOM! CAUGHT RED HANDED PLANNING A MONKEY POX EVENT


Smallpox vaccine to prevent monkeypox could cause global smallpox (variola) epidemics; I warn, Do not be that stupid, understand you have damaged the immune systems of m (b)illions with COVID vaccines

Experts are saying the smallpox vax 85% effective in monkey pox; this is NOT good news, for millions/billions are now immunocompromised from COVID vax; smallpox vax, potential re-introduction of smallpox.  by Dr. Paul Alexander



GREEK.gif(Human achievement- credit snippets and snappets)

Most charities are scams



 Australians fined if they don’t vote (for one of their puppets)


The Genie’s out of the Bottle – Pete Garcia – (((Bankers))) Own the Earth


 “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money and control credit, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from the bankers and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and to control credit.” Sir Josiah Stamp, Director & President of the Bank of England in the 1920s

 disney-homo.jpgWalt Disney was Gay


The company has come out of the closet.

Doctor Exposes the True Dangers of Monkeypox Amid Mass Pandemic Hysteria https://battleplan.news/watch?id=62881e725ee58b13dbc7daf7 #AlexJonesShow

Immunization Partnership Fund

Boondoggle- The Canadian government gave money to all and sundry to promote vaccination uptake


EG. $450,000 to Blacks in BC

This project will work to empower Black community leaders in British Columbia to be COVID-19 vaccine promoters, establish a coalition of Black-led vaccination clinics, and develop vaccination promotion and management tools that are culturally responsive.

Jim Stone thinks the lockdowns are cover for transition to “wartime economy.”


1200px-Dr_Vernon_Coleman_2019.jpegDr Vernon Coleman: “They faked a pandemic, they faked a test, and they faked a cure”

The PCR test doesn’t work and it is “enormously dangerous”

Horrifying evidence 

This Is What The DNA Swab Collection Swabs And 5G Is For!!
And I’ll say this here, It’s NOT 5G, It’s 6G that this is being used with…
This is what’s it’s all about…   THE FAMILY’S PLOT…
Make no mistakes about it, This is what your tax payer money was spent on…



HUGE stockpiles of baby formula found at the border, proving the shortage was ENGINEERED by the White House to punish and starve America’s babies


 CDC about to unleash a surge of migrants into the United States—It has emerged to show that the ongoing baby formula shortage is being deliberately engineered by the powers that be. A massive stockpile of baby formula was spotted at America’s southern border, which makes sense since the White House has that U.S. supplies are being handed out to “migrants” at border facilities. As millions of Americans struggle to feed their families, the Biden regime is using their tax dollars to feed illegal aliens. The government is spending who even knows how much money buying and transporting the formula down south while grocery stores across the country run dry.


Woke University Actually Thinks Their Older Conservative Alumni Want to Support LGBTQ+ Promotion

stock: I find this amazing, and amazingly stupid, from our best and brightest.


The President’s Son Looks Horribly Aged, 20 Years off his Life in 2 Years. Hunter is Compromised and so is Robinette Joe

Drop a comment, or some soft sell links to MSM controlled opposition coverage.


Microscope Views of VXX Affected Blood

Astonishing results when vax meets blood – microscope view from Dr. Κɐvin McCaĩrn


On a recent show, brain scientist Dr. Κɐvin McCaĩrn, was asked about a video going around showing strange machine-like objects shown in ₽fizer vax in a microscope. He replied there was just a dubious source and he didn’t see others find that result but he mused about hooking up his own camera to a microscope and having a look at the vax himself.

So he just got the sample and did the look-see live on his show –
Pfizer Vaccine Test (Live Optical Microscope) Day 1 PAA165969

Since YooT00b banned him you will have to view it on his website (needs sign up).

See the astonishing report showing the creepy affects on blood this product produced.
It’s way better than Geraldo opening the sunken vault.

  • Go to McCairnDojo.com and sign in or sign up.
  • Select “Past Episodes” from the top tabs and select the episode
    “Pfizer Vaccine Test (Live Optical Microscope) Day 1 PAA165969“.

Pick this episode:

The show starts 45 min. in (audio problems) and the slide examination with the microscope starts 1 hour in. Vax meets blood is at 1:26:35 mark. Lots of contaminants at 4:07 hour mark.
He is getting a better microscope and will do more shows like this. 

A big mystery disk appears at 4:33:33 mark –