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We Know the Injection Is Causing Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Perchance Traditional VXX Is Causing Most of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

stock here, what say you?

Is it possible to test this hypothesis, using VAERS or others?


Wretched Gretchen Gaslighting Parents, Said She Did Not Shutdown Schools More Than 3 Months


Never Forget the Violence the Communist Party Brought to Your Door

stock here

Kind of wish I didn’t have to refer to twitter, but here it is. Whoever puts these compilations together is doing a great service.

Below is a good thread on Government and Big Tech Collusion to censor the truth…it’s a form of Fascism

REPORT: Facebook and Twitter worked closely with DHS and FBI to censor ‘disinformation,’ aka the truth

Pelosi “Story” Doesn’t Line Up, They Never Do. Like That Fake Bomb Story With Cesar Sayoc Right Before the Elections

stock here: this is so patently fake, it really is to the point of insulting. But they do want us to know that we are being abused.

Miles Mathis covers this “story”, and gets one understandable thing wrong, the Pelosi house is not walled and gated. That was a meme back in the day when “the wall” was all the rage and someone did a fake hit piece on Pelosi using a different property in the elite Area they live in….way too crowded for my taste at any price.


As per Miles usual, he traces families and relationships and especially when someone is “scrubbed” is a very suspicious event. And as per usual, he gets a bit too much into the family name word salad towards the end, when he has already presented compelling evidence……just saying.

We covered the Cesar Sayoc story, that was the point that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that FBI Wray was a piece of sheet. With his “these are not Hoax devices” and “they were filled with an “incendiary material” (shredded cardboard). I’ll see if I can find my old articles…in the old blog before I ratted out the “hot lots” in July 2021 and Gaggle started to systematically erase my decade of works.

Remember Cesar with the Van all covered in MAGA Trump stickers….all perfectly new, meaning they were not collected over time and placed.

Remember, this is Broward County, the most corrupt County in Florida, and the home of the Cowards of Broward and that school shooting. Also remember that Jeff Sessions was in charge of the DOJ at the time, outing him as another POS.

I found the Pelosi house on Google Earth, the broken glass (and open doors) is on the back side of the house, away from Normandie Terrace.


Back side with the deck above

Hmmm….Nancy’s neighbors have solar panels but she doesn’t. That doesn’t fit the kill fossil narrative.

PS there is no wall around her house, they are all small tight lots with 2 story buildings.

They protested in front of her house in 2007, 15 years ago!!!!

It is amazing that they live among us.


Nancy Pelosi lives here! Pelosi, the(whiteHouseSpeakerOfTheNation) American Democratic Party politician currentlyas Speaker of the United States House of Representatives since January 2019, The first woman in U.S. history to hold this position, Pelosi is the highest-ranking female elected official in United States history. As Speaker of the House, she is second in the presidential line of succession, immediately after the vice president. As of 2019, Pelosi is in her 17th term. She represents California’s 12th congressional district.

Pelosi was a major opponent of the Iraq War as well as the Bush Administration’s 2005 attempt to partially privatize Social Security. During her first speakership, she was instrumental in the passage of many landmark bills, including the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the 2010 Tax Relief Act

Nancy Pelos has a huge net worth of $120 Million, despite her small salary of $223 Thousand.

On average Senators makes $174,000 per year. As Speaker of House Nancy’s salary is boosted to $223,500. And all Senators receive a small write off for D.C. living expenses and travel. They also receive full life, insurance and retirement benefits, but this doesn’t account for her huge net worth.

Her husband Paul Pelosi has a massive net worth. In 2009 Paul spent $10 million to buy the Oakland Invaders United Football League team. The team, which was soon relocated and renamed the Sacramento Mountain Lions, was eventually shut down. Paul owns huge stakes in companies like Apple, Disney, Comcast, Facebook, and others. He owns a venture capital firm which has made some solid predictions, and even better investments. Such is the life of an average Pelosi.


Self – “Controlled Opposition”. Cancel Culture Forces Awken to Pull Punches While Still Promoting the Idea That “We Have a Voice”

stock here, similar to the Q psy-op, what is involved getting people to trust a solution is at hand, trust the plan, trust those speaking out….even though they are forced to pull punches.

Dr. John Campbell.

He was threatened by Youtube for speaking pretty clearly against the VXX, he is now 989% Redpilled, although he may not see it as intentional mass genocide. Now he just hints around “what could it be, what changed”

So I coined this term today “Self-Controlled-Opposition”

To John’s credit, I do not believe he is a weak weasel. I have watched him for 1.5 years, going through the real data, and watched as he came to the undeniable conclusions….bio-weapon and massive deaths in our future.

He has 800 to 900 other videos in which he educates on important medical information. He does not want those taken down, and after being threatened, he no longer gives the straight answer on the vxx adverse events.


Is it the Jews or the Crypto Jews (fake Jews) Getting Protection Under the Umbrella of “Anti-Semite”

stock here

Some of them definitely are “Jews”, many are those born into Judaism who are not really Jews, just assholes, sociopaths, and greedy types. Also Authoritarian, Lefties, Communists and such.

I know thy works and tribulation and poverty (but thou art rich), and I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not , but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9


Firesky [S]1 point50 minutes ago +1 / -0

Ok. But that is completely irrelevant to the subject matter of the OP.

If you want to talk about the Bible, fine. It also says of the Jews —

  • For you, brothers and sisters, became imitators of God’s churches in Judea, which are in Christ Jesus: You suffered from your own people the same things those churches suffered from THE JEWS who killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets and also drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to everyone. (1Thessalonians 2:14-15)

So if the Bible accuses THE JEWS of —

  • displeasing God
  • killing Jesus
  • killing the prophets
  • driving out the early Christians
  • being hostile to everyone
  • etc

…then that explains their hostility towards Kanye, a man who loves Jesus. And it also proves that Kanye had a valid point when he said what he said.


Slechta5614 1 point42 minutes ago +1 / -0

Its completely relevant. I encourage you to pray and ask God to show u how relevant it really is. The people Kanye is going after are not Jews. They just hijacked the name so they could have a cover.

Every single thing u listed falls on u as well. CHRIST was on the cross because your sin just like theres. Nice side step of what I said though.


South Korean Protest — Many of the Deaths Appear to Be Heart Stoppage, 80% Vaxxed

stock here, no time to dive deep on this one. Never seen a video quite like this. There must be more. I found another one, different angle, more CPR

Now it looks like 120 dead, and that perhaps a group of people “instigated” the pushing deliberately. One way to destabilize things, keep people away from fun events that “are dangerous”, just like they kept us out of bars and restaurants were we could freely speak our minds.




Posted by Sophie-Ha 2 hours ago

Police investigate a man wearing rabbit ears who allegedly instigated the crowd to push during the Itaewon tragedy




It has been confirmed that the police have investigated the so-called ‘rabbit headband’ man who is suspected of instigating the crowd to push during the Itaewon tragedy.

According to the Special Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency, the man was summoned yesterday to be investigated. The individual gave his account of the situation at the time of the accident and also explained whether he intentionally pushed the crowd.

During the investigation, the man denied all allegations that he instigated the push and denied he pushed anyone. He shared his whereabouts during the time of the incident as he denied the allegations.

Police are also identifying and tracking another woman with a rabbit headband, believed to have shoved the victims at the time of the accident.

Based on CCTV video analysis, the police are verifying the identity of a number of people who are presumed to have deliberately pushed the crowd at the time of the accident.


The search result says 50 people in cardiac arrest. But those numbers aren’t repeated in the actual article, but the search results have them.

I suspect they were edited out, after “they aren’t ready for the truth!”


Brave New World — Many Similarties to Current Events

It’s surprising that I have never read this book, and just skimmed Atlas shrugged. I was working on my library today, integrating a newly purchased set of the World Book bought for $20 from a lady who tried to give them away to churches and schools and no one wanted them.

The library is about 24′ long and 4 feet high, so its pretty substantial. I was able to discard 30 or so books that no longer held relevance in my life. The goal is complete sets of encyclopedias from every decade from 1870 to current, and I am about half done. Many of these are beautiful books, some costing $600 to $900 back in day before internet, many families financed them after door to door sales. So I am putting together a current dollar equivalent of say $40,000 for around $400.

In Brave New World, they discard history rather than just re-write history as is being done now. Y’all might want to check Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist in your area….and old set of Encyclopedias is like time travel, try it.

Spark notes on Brave New World. Your comments appreciated. Children trained to promiscuity, and the elimination of family altogether is a key theme. Psychological drug control is also large.



The Best Thing About Being A Conspiracy Theorist Is Not Getting Myocarditis / Heart Attack, Dying Suddenly


VXX Injury Is Masquerading as “Long COVID”

stock here: I mean, what a plot. I bet they didn’t even think this all the way through as they were releasing the environmental bioweapon. They didn’t think that they would be able to hide their injected bioweapon results under cover of the environmental bioweapons.

But they are fairly good at letting no crisis go to waste, and they can adapt. This close to the mid-terms I was pretty convinced we would have a new raging weapon out there.

Perhaps distraction is good enough at this point. There have been no substantive changes to prevent the mid-terms steal, so we have to assume that the Communist Party will outright steal those elections, and the subsequent rage will just play into their plan anyway.

I feel that we are getting close to the expansion of abuse…..we made you forever damage your own kids by your voluntary actions, now you too shall eat bugs. Then maybe we kill you too unless you are a good Robot maintainer.


Harari — They Try to Debunk Some Statements of What They Really Said

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  • stock here: more hubris, pretending that POS Harari IS NOT saying that people are no longer needed. That is exactly what he is saying, he has disdain for his own species. He must be Jewish and thus “above the Goyim”, to his credit “at least” he is gay, LOL.

Debunked: A quote by Yuval Noah Harari that technology will ‘replace people’ is missing context

An image containing the quote has gone viral on social media. Not the one immediately below, that is from an interview with Mark Zuckerberg, a titan of a clown. It’s all a big script, they tried to normalize Zuckerberg a month back with a podcast with Joe Rogan, it didn’t work. But they pretended that Zuckerberg was avidly wrestling with friends using Jujitsu. Seriously, do you think he actually has any friends? Would you even like to touch this piece of work unless to choke him out?

And that dumbo ear look…..never good for early childhood experiences, everyone teasing and bullying the wearer, it must be that way throughout history.

Sep 2nd 2022, 11:32 AM 4,150 Views 0 Comments

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For debunks

A VIRAL IMAGE on Facebook contains a quote from author Yuval Noah Harari suggesting that technology will replace human beings in the coming years.

The image features Harari’s picture alongside a headline: “Yuval Noah Harari spills the beans: ‘We just don’t need the vast majority of the population’.”

Text beneath that headline also reads: “Top World Economic Forum adviser Yuval Noah Harari has declared in a recent interview that the ‘vast majority’ of the world’s 7.5 billion people are simply no longer needed due to technological advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and bioengineering.”

The image has been shared hundreds of times on the social media platform, often in a way that is taken out of context to imply that Harari would like to see this happen.

This picture makes him look quite better than his Golum evil self, more of that Telsa swagger. Its a fake picture, the real Yuval is a piece of sheet.


However, in the full interview in which the quotes appear, it is clear that Harari is actually expressing his opinion on the state of the world, rather than something he wants to see come to pass.

He specifically calls the scenario in which technology replaces people as “dystopian” and suggests that humans could be part of the future in different ways, namely by adapting their skills and outlook how society functions.

Nevertheless, many posts have re-shared the image of Harari’s quote to suggest that he is advocating for a reduction in population or the replacement of humans.

“YNH is devoted to slaying future generations to decrease human population on earth,” reads one on Facebook. Another says: “These people think you’re redundant.”

Others link Harari to the World Economic Forum and its founder Klaus Schwab.

Schwab is a frequent target of conspiracy theorists who accuse him of helping to orchestrate the Great Reset, an unfounded theory which claims that elites have used the Covid pandemic to dismantle personal freedoms and establish a one-world government.

But what did Harari actually say?

The quotes come from an interview given to the Ted Audio Collective, which was posted online on 9 August, where Harari is comparing economic models in the middle of the 20th century to current economic models.

Here is the full quote which features in the image being shared on social media:

If you go back to the middle of the 20th century, it doesn’t matter if you’re with Roosevelt in the United States, or in Germany with Hitler, or in the USSR with Stalin. [When] you think about building the future, then you’re building materials are those millions of people who are working hard in the factories, in the farms, the soldiers… you need them. You don’t have any kind of future without them.

 And now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population […] because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence, bioengineering. Most people don’t contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data. And whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies will increasingly make redundant and make it possible to replace the people.

A few minutes later, Harari specifically warns that technological advancements could leave humans behind and displace traditional jobs, which may be more difficult to re-train for.

He also calls this scenario “dystopian” when suggesting that a change in perspective for how society works may be needed in the future.  

Asked if humans will need to stop considering jobs as the central goal of the world economy, Harari says: “If we can re-define building communities or raising kids as a really important job, maybe as the most important job of all and pay for that, maybe these dystopian scenarios will not come true at all.”

It is therefore misleading to suggest that Harari welcomed a reduction in the world’s population or the replacement of humans by artificial intelligence.

Rather, he warned about the consequences of a possible unwanted future in which humans find themselves less relevant because of technological advances.

The Journal’s FactCheck is a signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles. You can read it here. For information on how FactCheck works, what the verdicts mean, and how you can take part, check out our Reader’s Guide here. You can read about the team of editors and reporters who work on the factchecks here.


Wisconsin Senate: Mandela Barnes – 45 Things You May Want to Know. Ron Johnson Needs to Win or WI is Toast

Even if you don’t like Ron Johnson, you ought to be aware of who Mandela Barnes is:

Read the Beforeitsnews.com story here. Advertise at Before It’s News here.

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By Doug Ross @ Journal (Reporter)
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Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Mandela Barnes In Wisconsin (#9 Is My Favorite)!

Friday, October 28, 2022 16:09

H.R. Pufnstuf, III

  1. Barnes supports defunding the police.
  2. Barnes trashed police officers in an appearance on a Russian propaganda network.
  3. Barnes lied about being endorsed by police officers.
  4. Barnes said police officers coming from suburban areas to work in Milwaukee are “like an occupying force.”
  5. Barnes said “police don’t prevent crimes from happening.”
  6. Barnes downplayed the violent and destructive 2020 Wisconsin riots on at least seven occasions.
  7. Barnes was a founding member and previously served on the board of an organization that seeks to defund the police, end gang databases, empty prisons, abolish private insurance, end fossil fuels, oppose voter ID, and make Wisconsin a sanctuary state.
  8. Barnes wants to end cash bail.
  9. Barnes wants to release HALF of Wisconsin’s prison inmates —a notion he calls “sexy.”
  10. Barnes is part of an administration that helped release 784 inmates classified as violent — including 44 child rapists.
  11. Barnes compared emptying prisons to “combatting climate change.”
  12. Barnes thinks it’s “unfortunate” convicted felons are unable to vote from prison.
  13. Barnes backs abolishing Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  14. Barnes says it’s a “right” for illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses and in-state college tuition.
  15. Barnes called for processing illegal immigrants “immediately for a path to citizenship.”
  16. Barnes is a founding member of the state’s Working Families Party — a far-left organization dedicated to advancing radical, far-left ideas and politicians.
  17. Barnes has been endorsed by socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
  18. Barnes mocked Rep. Steve Scalise as “taking one for the team” after Scalise was shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter.
  19. Barnes casually endorsed socialism.
  20. Barnes said socialism isn’t “going too far to the left at all” and “there’s no place” for centrists in politics.
  21. Barnes wants to “stymie capitalism.”
  22. Barnes declared manufacturing jobs are “not coming back” to Wisconsin.
  23. Barnes called to “restructure our economy” to address the climate.
  24. Barnes said we must “transition our economy,” with the socialist Green New Deal as “the way forward.”
  25. Barnes supports the job-killing Green New Deal, calling it an “opportunity” for us to “change the economy.”
  26. Barnes opposes “all” new pipeline construction.
  27. Barnes refused to detail how much his job-killing climate plan would cost because people “would like to use certain numbers as a cudgel.”
  28. Barnes equated “environmental justice” to the “civil rights movement in Wisconsin.”
  29. Barnes said “we can’t remedy the white supremacy and the systemic racism that is built into all of our systems.”
  30. Barnes praised antisemitic Rev. Jeremiah Wright as “brilliant,” even after Wright accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing.”
  31. Barnes supports forcing local governments to “incorporate equity and sustainability into their budget[s].”
  32. Barnes ”liken[s]” critical race theory in public schools “to learning about science.”
  33. Barnes suggested people in Wisconsin are “a little more” racist than in other places because of “concealed carry racism.”
  34. Barnes says he “really could not care less about a Second Amendment ‘right.’”
  35. Barnes compared people who support “God, country, and guns” to the same “dangerous” rhetoric as ISIS.
  36. Barnes praised Iran’s supreme leader.
  37. Barnes called the founding of America “awful.”
  38. Barnes said the U.S. is wealthy and powerful “because of forced labor on stolen land.”
  39. Barnes said he’s “still waiting…for America to be great.”
  40. Barnes “absolutely” supports government-run health care.
  41. Barnes supports unrestricted abortion-on-demand until birth.
  42. Barnes wants to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with far-left activist judges.
  43. Barnes favors eliminating the Senate filibuster to pass Democrats’ extreme agenda.
  44. Barnes falsely claimed Biden’s student loan debt bailout “will help our economy a great deal.”
  45. Barnes said people who opposed the 2020 lockdowns were “selfish,” “privilege[d],” and have an “I-me mind.”

Gates Is Funding These Bad Actor Republicans

stock here: compare to list of What Seats Are Up For Re-Election

Democrats up for reelection in 2022:

Arizona: Mark Kelly

California: Alex Padilla

Colorado: Michael Bennet 

Connecticut: Richard Blumenthal 

Georgia: Raphael Warnock

Hawaii: Brian Schatz 

Illinois: Tammy Duckworth 

Maryland: Chris Van Hollen 

Nevada: Catherine Cortez Masto 

New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan 

New York: Chuck Schumer 

Oregon: Ron Wyden 

Vermont: Patrick Leahy (Retiring)

Washington: Patty Murray 

Republicans up for reelection in 2022:

Alabama: Richard Shelby (Retiring)

Alaska: Lisa Murkowski 

Arkansas: John Boozman 

Florida: Marco Rubio 

Idaho: Mike Crapo 

Indiana: Todd Young 

Iowa: Chuck Grassley 

Kansas: Jerry Moran 

Kentucky: Rand Paul 

Louisiana: John N. Kennedy 

Missouri: Roy Blunt (Retiring)

North Carolina: Richard Burr (Retiring) 

North Dakota:  John Hoeven 

Ohio: Rob Portman (Retiring)

Oklahoma: Jim Inhofe (Retiring): Special election to fill Inhofe’s final four years.

Oklahoma: James Lankford 

Pennsylvania: Pat Toomey (Retiring) 

South Carolina: Tim Scott  

South Dakota: John Thune 

Utah: Mike Lee 

Wisconsin: Ron Johnson (Retiring) 


Jen Psaki Called a “Wicked Fool” And She Brags About It. It Was Her Son

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">My 4 year old called me a “wicked fool” while I was putting him to bed tonight which makes me simultaneously impressed with his vocabulary and concerned about what teenage years will bring</p>&mdash; Jen Psaki (@jrpsaki) <a href="https://twitter.com/jrpsaki/status/1585431252735328257?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">October 27, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


28% Think Biden Should Run Again, 28% Think Fetterman Is Still a Good Choice After Abysmal Debate–This Deserves a Psychological Study

stock here. I am going to put up my own poll also, have not done one in quite a while. From Just The News


Funny the Zerohedge Title is “Draft Do Not Publish”, so I am preserving the whole thing. The twitters did not copy over, I’ll do a few but they are tedious.


stock here: please view the debate here on my bitchute site and sign up as a follower, only 78 now which is pretty sad. Someone even Google or other search entities has shadowbanned even my bitchute as I used to regularly get 4 to 4 thousand views. In the Brian Tyler Cohen site, they removed Fetterman’s opening statement on why he is qualified to be a swing vote for the United States. His answer “Good Night Everyone”. Wow just wow, yes we teeter on the edge of a horrible night. I’ll put that one up on Bitchute also you can see it at my channel.


The Fetterman campaign may have just watched what remained of its prospects in Pennsylvania circle the drain after tonight’s sole debate between him and PA Senate candidate Dr. Oz.

Fetterman, who suffered a severe stroke days before the May primary and cast his vote from a hospital bed, appeared unable to put together nearly a single coherent sentence throughout the entire debate while TV veteran Dr. Oz deftly and “surgically” sliced and diced his way through an hour of questioning, using Fetterman as a lifeless sparring dummy for a majority of the debate. 

Recovering from his stroke, Fetterman’s answers ranged between somewhat inept and completely incomprehensible. The ugly performance started right from the beginning, with Fetterman bidding viewers “good night” as part of his opening statement. 

It only got worse from that point forward. Fetterman was unable to coherently respond to an allegation that he hadn’t paid his taxes:

He was also unable to provide reasoning for not releasing his medical records, which would be of obvious concern due to the fact that he is recovering from a stroke and PA citizens will likely want to know that their Senate candidate is lucid:

Fetterman also seemed to take an inordinate amount of time in grasping and responding to questions as they were asked:

He tried to take several “jabs” at Oz – needless to say that none of them landed:

Fetterman: “Dr. Oz loves free money when it’s a half a million dollar on one of his down on the ranch in Florida and whether it was a $50 tax break you know about his farm in Montgomery County.” pic.twitter.com/LvLFRMb68v — Greg Price (@greg_price11) October 26, 2022

The disaster culminated in Fetterman attempting to square statements from 2018 where he said he was against Fracking with statements he made in 2022, where he claimed to be pro-fracking. 

His campaign manager similarly had a meltdown in the spin room, dropping the “F” bomb while trying to convince the media that his campaign hadn’t completely melted down. “He took it to Dr. Oz pretty f*cking hard tonight,” he said:

But no amount of spin was able to convince social media that the debate was a success.

“I can’t impress upon you how much of a disaster this debate is… I’ve never seen anything like it. This race is completely and totally over,” said Clay Travis of Clay and Buck. 

Former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of PA William McSwain commented: “That debate was hard to watch. How in the world — in a country of 330 million people — could John Fetterman be in the running for one of a hundred seats in the world’s greatest deliberative body? This is embarrassing.”

“Just so we are all clear: that was Fetterman WITH weeks of prep and specialized computer assistance throughout. So what you just saw is the very, very best Fetterman can do. Which is terrifying,” said Senior Advisor to President Trump Stephen Miller. 

Donald Trump Jr. called it “worse than any of us could have ever imagined”.


The reaction in the PredictIt voting market after the debate was stark. As noted by Steven Rattner, the former head of the Obama Auto Task Force, NY Times op-ed author and economic analyst for Morning Joethe “prediction market quickly moved against Fetterman post debate”. 

Some pundits clearly felt bad for Fetterman’s state:


While others pulled no punches for him continuing:


You can watch a full replay of the debate here and decide for yourself:


WaPo Propaganda Piece — COVID Initially Killed More Blacks, Now “It” is Killing More Whites Because of Republican Suburban Isolation Priviledge, LOL NOT

stock here, their reasoning is hilarious.

The solution is obvious, in the beginning there were a class of blacks that had poor health and took the hit.

But overall Blacks do not trust the government, they know they have been medically experimented on before, and few Blacks allowed the Injection.

So what we are seeing now is more whites taking the first 2 injections and then boosting. And they are dying, and often it is the injection directly, but the injection also makes people more susceptible to getting COVID AND and overblown immune response. Anyway, now it is about even.

Shameful, that our media is allowed to be so slanted, so harmful to the Citizens of the USA. Of the world.



Brooks Mass Murderer Abusing the Court System, Abusing the Victims and Relatives

Mass murderer Brooks, “acting” as his own attorney. Being advised by leftist public defenders and other leftist attorneys.

Imagine the feeling of abuse as relatives of the slain are “questioned” by the beast that mowed down your loved ones.

The Judge in this case, a pretty good looking female, appears to be emotionally distraught by the situation and all the antics. Perhaps that was the lefty strategy to get Brooks to push her over the edge and create a mistrial.

He’s a good boy dindunuthin

Brooks’ record of convictions

CASE: Filed September 1999, Milwaukee CountyCHARGES: Substantial battery/intentionally causing bodily harm, as party to a crimeRESOLUTION: Guilty/no contest in December 1999SENTENCE: Two years in prison – which was stayed, three years’ probation, six months in the House of Correction 

CASE: Filed February 2002, Milwaukee CountyCHARGES: Possession of THC, second-plus offenseRESOLUTION: Guilty/no contest in May 2002SENTENCE: 50 days in the House of Correction with work release, license suspended for six months 

CASE: Filed January 2003, Milwaukee CountyCHARGES: Resisting/obstructing an officerRESOLUTION: Guilty/no contest in February 2003SENTENCE: 20 days in the House of Correction 

CASE: Filed February 2010, Wood CountyCHARGES: Strangulation/suffocation (with previous conviction), battery, criminal damage to propertyRESOLUTION: Guilty to strangulation charge in April 2010SENTENCE: Three years’ probation – which was stayed, 90 days’ jail time with work release

CASE: Filed March 2011, Milwaukee CountyCHARGES: Resisting or obstructing an officerRESOLUTION: Guilty in May 2012SENTENCE: 37 days in the House of Correction with work release

CASE: Filed November 2011, Milwaukee CountyCHARGES: Possession of THC, second-plus offenseRESOLUTION: Guilty in March 2012SENTENCE: 180 days in the House of Correction with work release

CASE: Filed December 2011, Milwaukee CountyCHARGES: Possession of THC, misdemeanor bail jumpingRESOLUTION: Guilty in March 2012SENTENCE: 180 days in the House of Correction with work release

Brooks’ open Milwaukee County cases

That brings us to summer 2020.

In July 2020, Brooks was charged with a series of felonies after prosecutors say he fired a gun at his nephew outside a house on N. 19th Street in Milwaukee. After that shooting, Brooks was ordered to have no contact with a number of people, including his mother, Dawn Woods, but when he was arrested again just a couple of weeks ago on new crimes, it was his mother who bailed him out.

In early November 2021, Brooks was charged with two felonies and three misdemeanors, including second-degree recklessly endangering safety (domestic abuse assessments) after prosecutors say he ran over his girlfriend in a Milwaukee gas station parking lot. The incident left the mother of his child with a bloody face and tire tracks on her leg. According to prosecutors, he later tried to persuade the woman to not cooperate with investigators in exchange for marriage.

In that 2020 shooting case, cash bond was set at $10,000 in July 2020, online court records show, but “adjusted down” to $7,500 in August 2020. In February 2021, nine months before the Christmas parade attack, it was “adjusted down” again to $500. That $500 cash bond was posted in May 2021. Cash bond was set at $1,000 in that domestic violence case on Nov. 5, 2021.

Brooks’ mother posted the $1,000 bail in the domestic violence case on Nov. 11, 2021, but Brooks was not released from the custody of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office until at least Nov. 16, 2021. That’s when he appeared before a Waukesha County judge, by phone, in the custody of the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department for failure to pay in a child support case. A judge released Brooks on his own recognizance in that case – just days before the parade attack, which led to outrage and renewed calls for bail reform. The “low bail” and the fact that Brooks was free after posting it before he allegedly killed six people and injured dozens of others in Waukesha led to outrage and renewed calls for bail reform. At the time of the Christmas parade attack, Brooks also had an active warrant out of Nevada for skipping court on sex crime charges.


Spontaneous Abortion Associated With The Injections

We caught this early on. We also expected the decrease in fertility associated with the high quantities of ACE-2 receptor sites in the Ovaries and a fair amount in the Testes. Spike S from the Injection goes after the ACE-2 receptor sites.


The Gun Grabbers Are Coming – Incrementalism — Restrict Magazine Size — CDC Genocidal Agency Now In Charge of Data Against Clear Laws Against Exactly That

stock here: Every communist takeover starts with Gun Grabbing.


Funny phrasing, 7 other “victims” some with gunshot wounds….so pretty poor kill ratio, they had to jump up the “hospitalized” numbers, even if quickly released. At least 1 had a heart attack, they say. 10 to 1 that person was injected.

We see you Gun Grabbers.

Fog of war, or #FaF? They said…..

He had a dozen large capacity magazines, but he had several on him.
Victim on stretcher face down
Students describe firearm as “long gun” rather than rifle
Student says a white man said I am tired of all of you
One of the students had a heart attack, I bet they were injected

OBTW, the shooter was black. I expected that because of 20 news stories, none mentioned that. It took quite some time to find a picture.

Apparently Mass murder is no longer the domain of evil white men. This is all of Darrell Brooks Mug Shots.

A mass of contradictions out of the gate, although I am not suggesting this was a false flag. It was questionable to interview that distraught 16 YO girl while still near school grounds….I have never seen that happen before. So stay frosty in your thinking….gun Grabber gotta Grab.

The news pursued the husband of the slain female teacher immediately….shameful.

Reached by phone by the Post-Dispatch late Monday, her husband Stephen choked up as he said he did not want to comment yet.


And of the 16YO girl they interviewed, they also got this picture of said girl and purportedly her mom. No dad in the picture, just saying. It looks like a completely different location than were they did the video interview.


Club Of Rome: 1 Billion Is The Sustainable Number of People — WRONG!

Various people have made various “Barnum Statements” throughout history, about the future, about world population. Although I agree that we are stressing the planet, you would also not convince me that we couldn’t operate a natural base food growing system of organic principles on a scaled up version.

Greed and seeds (fake seeds) seem to be a big problem.

The Club of Rome

“We can have 1 Billion people with freedom, or 9 Billion slaves. We’re at over 7 Billion right now, so we need to bring that down to 1 Billion. I hope that culling can be peaceful and slow and equal between rich and poor.” -Dennis Meadows (author of Limits to Growth) Club of Rome

He also thinks it might be 2 Billion as long as lower levels of lifestyle are accepted. WHERE do these numbers come from?

Living in the age of the Georgia Guidestones (500M target) being blown up.