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Worldwide Unusual Earthquake Activity — And Hawaii’s Mauna Loa is Peppered In A Line of Earthquakes

stock here: I really do not like the way this looks. Just 2 days ago, we published an article regarding the Havi Hits, EQs on the north side of Hawaii island, which for-tell increased activity on Mauna Loa, Kilauea, and the overall Hilina Slump which portends a potential 1000′ local tsunami.

And how weird is this….a 75 YO man, visited the Volcano by himself, Late Sunday night, and “fell in”. Sounds like he must have had COVID and “Self Sacrificed”.


The name was not released “pending further notification of family” but one commenter on a local online newspaper stated just “Dallas Watson”

And this other article talks about a 2:13 PM quake on Kilauea’s Southwest Rift Zone. They don’t even understand that this is the Combined Magma Chamber.

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