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Natural Immunity IS Long Lasting and Broad Against Variants

stock here: calling out the balderdash of the liars that be. Immunity can last a long time.

Here we show that of the 32 individuals tested that were born in or before 1915, each showed seroreactivity with the 1918 virus, nearly 90 years after the pandemic. Seven of the eight donor samples tested had circulating B cells that secreted antibodies that bound the 1918 HA. We isolated B cells from subjects and generated five monoclonal antibodies that showed potent neutralizing activity against 1918 virus from three separate donors.


I can’t believe this was allowed to be published in a Chicago paper….natural immunity is broader than vaccine induced immunity.


CHICAGO (Reuters) – A critical component of the immune system known as T cells that respond to fight infection from the original version of the novel coronavirus appear to also protect against three of the most concerning new virus variants, according to a U.S. laboratory study released on Tuesday.

Several recent studies have shown that certain variants of the novel coronavirus can undermine immune protection from antibodies and vaccines.


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