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After Judge Orders FDA to Produce Pfizer VXX Documentation Rapidly, CDC/FDA Start Rolling Out Some Truths, Pfizer VP Says “Vaccines Were Always Going to Hurt People”

stock here: Sorry this article is not up to standards, but the idea is there in the Title, some big things may happen in this week or next. Including a large false flag to deflect attention. The first link no longer works, imagine that. Also noted the “greatawakening” site, which had good info but was still pimping the Q stuff, has been snuffed out.

I would say what could happen now, Could be called PHASE 2, With all of the other preparatory “work” as PHASE 1. I think it is that big, so stay frosty.

This is my first day back in full operation after a literal operation on Monday, so I have real things to really get done. So far so good on the operation recovery, its a net positive thing, not fixing a disease. See next article that the Jab is disproportionately killing off the 25 to 44 year age group at much higher rates than other age groups.

A US judge ordered Pfizer to release the results of their v@x in 1st 90 days of the US. 1,223 deaths & over 40,000 adverse effects (some of which were permanent & disabling). Again, Pfizer’s own data – 1,223 deaths w/in 90 days in the US. https://phmpt.org/wp-content/upl


I’ll add more if I can, got actual work that must get done!

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