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This Sounds Like “How To Deliver Nanoparticles Via Vaccine” –Nanoparticles as an effective drug delivery system in COVID-19

stock here, Abstract away. November 2021.


Here is a related article that looks very fishy too…what the heck is siRNA therapy? (si = small interfering)



Background: The global healthcare sector has been dealing with a situation known as a novel severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2) since the end of 2019. Covid-19 is an acronym for Covid-19 (Coronavirus Disease- 2019). It causes a respiratory infection that includes cold, sneezing and coughing, and pneumonia. In the case of an animal, it causes diarrhea and upper respiratory diseases. Covid-19 transmitted human to human via airborne droplets. First Covid-19 emerged in Wuhan market China and it spread rapidly throughout the World. As we know nanoparticles are a novel drug delivery system. They have various advantageous effects like increasing the efficacy of the drug, safety, etc. In this review, we study about the nanoparticles and summarize how it is effective during drug delivery system in Covid-19. Chitosan is a much focused biopolymeric nanoparticle. It delivers drugs to the specific target site. In a recent health crisis, chitosan nanoparticles are one of the ways to release drugs of Covid-19, and specifically in the lungs of the affected patients. We studied and extracted our data from various research papers, review papers, and some other articles.

Objective: The main goal is to study the nanoparticles and their future aspects which is an effective drug delivery system in Covid-19.

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