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Let’s see if this trends.

We know Joe Biden is controlled. Is he just manipulated and threatened, with perhaps his precious Hunter Biden doing hard time and being fully exposed too. “Or you become president and do what we tell you”.

Or does it go beyond that, and also include Brainwashing, getting him to believe that the things he is doing are truly the right things to be doing to help America. Because it is beyond obvious that “his actions” are the polar opposite of beneficial.

So lets take a look at 10 brainwashing techniques: You can read more here, but I want to present the sound bit summary:

  1. Deliberate Mass Hysteria
  2. Emotion/ Crisis / Repetition
  3. Divide and Conquer
  4. Controlled Opposition
  5. The Fabian Strategy (Boiling Frog, Slow Introduction of Cashless Society)
  6. Hegelian Dailectic (Create Problem, Get Reaction, Provide Solution)
  7. Debunking (The whole right side of a Google news are debunkings)
  8. Predictive Programming
  9. Scientific Dictatorship / Technocracy
  10. Indoctrination

We know Brandon is drugged up with endless cocktails, Adderall and more. They could give him anything and he would take it. Maybe they have him on some kind of addictive substance that also causes morbidity if they withhold it, and causes death if withheld long enough.

But is Brandon brainwashed? What does he need from the world at this point?

We know for sure he has an abusive personality type, multiple videos of him lashing out at people, especially the military. His first wife

And if you remember the Bush funeral were they all got special “cards” and had immediate horrific or disgusted reactions….Jill Biden’s reaction was the worst. ? Hunter effing a hooker with a hooka on the side table? The reactions were so quick it had to be visible, not a bunch of words.

So what I am saying, Jill is in on this. She is an active participant.

How does one even make a statement like this (especially while trying to kill fossil fuel usage)…..“You’re gonna see more change in the next 10 years than we’ve seen the last 50 because of the incredible, incredible change in science and technology,” Biden said. “You’re gonna see us traveling commercially in the next 20 years at 12 to 15,000 miles an hour. Subsonic speeds, supersonic speed — I mean, things are going to change.”

Here is a different take on Brainwashing, meant to be actionable.


2 replies on “#HasBrandonBeenBrainwashed”

A brief comment: Very few observers, whether veteran Beltwayfarers [can a register that as a trademark?! I knew I should have gone into marketing….] or tried-and-true CONsPiracy theorists and practitioners, or ordinary people who once knew “the true Joe Biden”, have commented recently on the (once or twice dead obvious) deployment of a body double masquerading for Biden as others did for Hillary Clinton, who herself can’t still be aline and looking so good now, years after she collapsed and looked old even then beyond her years. A candidate again for POTUS 2024??? Which body double for her made the cut?

Any way, JB the original does shit (hence, “Mr. Poopy-pants”), or, in the vernacular of The WHO, “fuck all”. You may use the phrase “Biden Regime”, for he did provide his face for the current ruling set, each and all faces on the faceless Deep State.

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