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ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement Will Kill Hundreds of Thousand Vaxxed When The Flu Comes Shortly

stock here. Sorry about all the Chinese porn in comments. My hosting has well known IPs that get attacked. I will have to come up some solutions.

The ADE reaction is something we knew about in April 2020, IF a vaccine was ever to be released. I wrote about it early on, stating that “there will be no vaccine” and there really isn’t, the Pfizer and Moderna (stock symbol MRNA by the way) and not vaccines. Their creators have called them “operating systems” and “gene therapy”.

We know from a decade of research on SARS-1 that any and all vaccines tried on animals, had a huge amount of horrific overblown responses often resulting in death of the animal. And this can be when challenged with ANY Corona Virus. The Influenza virus is a Corona Virus.

It looks like the “perfect setup”. Vaxxers will start dying en-mass, and the truth is that the Vaxxers are the one allowing mutations (not the false claim that the Non-Vaxxed are entirely responsible for mutations and extending the
“fake pandemic”). Also noted, until almost everyone has natural immunity and a broad range of B cells and T cells….CORONA VIRUS WILL NOT GO AWAY regardless of the number of vaccinated people. And you want to know why? Because there is a non human animal depository of SARS-2. So it will keep coming back.

THIS IS IMPORTANT — because it is reality and because it exposes their lies and misdirections. Smallpox was eliminated with vaccines….BECAUSE there was no animal repository of Smallpox. We won. But you can’t “win” when there is an animal repository (when animals can also get the same virus aka SARS-2).

The “vaccine” creates the Spike-S proteins by programming the humans body to make them. But a broad range of B cells and T cells is way different than a “man on man” Spike S Protein. The B and T cells form a “Zone defense” that is broad and can handle a wide variety of comers, aka Delta, Mu. Spike S is more like man on man defense where if the offensive man changes, the defense may be totally out played, and that is exactly what is happening with the Vax and Delta for one. In fact, if you are Vaxxed and get COVID the latest study from England shows that you have TWICE THE CHANCE OF DYING compared to the non-vaxxed with COVID. Other studies have shown even higher rates of death of the Vaxxed.

I’ll provide support from the source data for my analysis in another article.

Dr. Dan Stock explains the basis behind the upcoming mass dye-offs of the Vaxxed via ADE. 1% of 100,000,000 is 1 Million. I think that can definitely happen this Flu season. And it will be blamed on the Unvaxxed, even the real blame is on the criminals that be, and the Vaxxed.

And there will be Fauci with “We Never Could Have Known” about this horrible reaction with the experimental emergency vaccine. Although many of us lay people knew. BTW no relation between me and Dr. Stock, LOL

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