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Electrical Charges, GCRs, Lightning, Magma and Volcanos


stock here: much more needs to be done on the science here. We know for a fact that GCRs “charge up” Magmas, especially basaltic (long chain silica rich) types. And the very present OH- ions present in Magma are turned to water when you add an H+ (the vast majority of GCRs are simply H+, a Hydrogen molecule stripped of its electron).

The breaking of long chain silica formations which make magma thick and viscous, is an important parts of the eruption process. And when the other gases rise in elevation and thus less pressure, they take off like a cat chasing it’s tail. When OH- turn to water, the presence of water can reduce magma viscosity by a factor of 1000, and then that water can become water vapor and expand rapidly resulting in TONGA!

So was that massive amount of lightning yesterday a predictive precursor of the second eruption, or was it a carryover effect of the first eruption. This is a matter of great importance, and we shall revisit it after I have increased my lightning technology.

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