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Largest Psyop and Bioweapon Attack Ever Enleashed Upon Humanity

How do you know if you are the target audience of a Psychological Operation?
Look for these signs:

stock here. Saw below on a comment string, has much correct, but this is not communism, not exactly anyway. Communism is the government owned the “means of production” the factories and farms. But what is being pushed is a Techno-Marxism. Government does not directly own the companies, they all work together to own you.

  1. The presence of fear, confusion, anxiety, urgency.
  2. Use of division, anger, blame, isolation.
  3. The use of ridicule and unfounded accusations.
  4. The widespread use of censorship, suppression of contrary viewpoints and information.
  5. The use of bribes, coercion, mandates, and threats of violence.
  6. The government breaking its own rules in the interest of “national security”, “safety”, etc.
  7. Attempts to break up a sense of community.
    These techniques are well known and are used by governments and “cults” (religious, business, patriotic, etc.) They are usually very effective and often invisible. People believe they are doing the right thing. They know something is wrong, however, and must find someone, or something to blame.
    These characteristics are straight out of the playbook for communism. The communists have slowly and quietly “infiltrated” and “permeated” our society since about the 1960s. It began with the sexual revolution (based on the doctrine that we are just animals, and morals are consequently irrelevant and artificial). That led to single parent families, and angry fatherless boys, and a rise in crime. That led to welfare and government supported welfare. That led to “entitlements” and the claim that the “free money” was not being distributed fairly. More and more dependence on government followed. The national deficit becomes astronomically large and unsustainable. ..
    Communist infiltration is like a fog bank. Something impedes progress, but there is nothing to come to grips with. It is like carbon monoxide poisoning. You know something is wrong, but your mind is so screwed up you cannot figure it out.
    Wake up people! See the larger picture before it is too late!

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