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Wisconsin Starts The Process Of Correcting the 2020 Election, They Throw All 10 Electoral Votes to Trump In The First Vote

stock here: The Waukesha Christmas Mass Murder by a black man, out on $500 bail after running over the mother of his child, occurred right after Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent of any wrong doing, after he killed 2 attackers and injured a third Satanic son a gun.

They chemtrailed the bejesus out of Wisconsin the next day also. I couldn’t post on WordPress, so I posted on alternate Blogger site


After this new action today….Stay frosty….Expect another false flag in Wisconsin. Another marginalized felon or accused felon, put up to no good by the FBI promising them something.

And of course, Google is suppressing the story, and then pushing the “fact checkers” to the top of the pile of horse shit. Nonetheless, this is a process, and the process was started. Those in Wisconsin all KNOW that there was a .00001% chance that Biden won the state. #FaF events all over, with Jews influencing vote processes, especially in Greenbay, but in all the big cities.



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