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JAMA Rolls Out The Bullcrap — The Johnson Expert Panels Showed That The VXX Can Hinder Developing a Future Broad Immunity

stock here: I didn’t anticipate this but it makes “sense”. They are trying to blame everything wrong with the VXX on something else. Check this out….it is beyond the pale that they would even try to sell this lie. Anyone who knows anything about immune system, will call this BS instantly.


Disgusting the claptrack they try to pedal……This is so far removed from saying that it interferes with COVID immunity.

As for an influence on COVID-19, one early 2021 University of Pennsylvania study concluded that preexisting antibodies to common cold coronaviruses did not correlate with SARS-CoV-2 protection.

But the overall findings have been inconsistent. Taken together, it’s hard to say which way they lean because the studies’ scope, participants, and methods have varied

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