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They Wanted to Get Caught On The Election, on the Plandemic. Now That Many Are Injured, They Want You to Know That They Planned Your Abuse

Election fraud? They wanted to get caught.

Plandemic? They wanted to get caught.

Their goal in doing these things was NEVER to get away with it, their goal is to destabilize societies. Their goal is to make sure that you know you are being abused.

You all are doing an amazing job at not giving them what they want, which is chaos.

But realize, as things unfold, they are NOT trying to “get away with it”, they are trying to rub your face in it, and get you to react, so there will be a veneer of legitimacy to the next stage of their plan.

Be nimble, be ready, and work everyday to improve your resilience and offense and defense and skill sets. Everyday do something important.

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