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The Process of Politicization Using Trump As Divisive Feature Is A Key Part the New World Order Plot

I added the Trump into the issue. See farther below an article I wished to promote.

But I wanted to add the Trump effect in, because it will be used against us.

I hate to see Trump being drawn back into the conversation. His ego will allow them to draw him back in. The haters need to hate and they will.

We do not want him for President again, he fucked up big time the first go around. He needed to de-sissyfy the Military, and he needed to cleanup the corrupt local prosecutors, DA’s, judges, mayors (and stop the receiving of bad actor financers).

He did not reign in the Ashkenazi owned media, he just sparred with them. He did not break up big monopolies. He let Mueller and gang drag things out for his whole term. He got things done by executive order, and they knew they were going to steal the election (that is part of the abuse and they want us to know it too), so they knew they could reverse all the executive orders.

So we need to all wise up and to know that we need someone, but we definitely don’t need Trump. Every Patriot knew that Trump had huge support, and we also knew that they would cheat as much as they could, but neither we, NOR Trump put a stop to the failed and obviously broken election systems. The effing absuridty of tallying votes by putting them on a USB stick, it’s theater. Have stacks of paper, tallied up in a chain of command, and then add them to other stacks, and then other stacks. Use a rolled paper adding machine for further back check. It is so simple, that it begs the question….everyone wants it that way, like the FDA/CDC screwed up and un trustworthy VAERS system.

————————————– But I was just going to post this site, they have a few links within the text that take you to more detailed explanations.


The media – both news and entertainment – have now politicized nearly everything in our society as an extremely powerful mechanism of control.

Politicization is so effective at manipulating the populace because most people emotionally connect their personal belief system to the belief system of their political party, and so then any attack on their party – legitimate or otherwise – is interpreted by their brain as an attack on themselves. Reason and logic then jump out the nearest window as raw emotion takes the helm, thus making them even more susceptible to the predatory controlling influences.

This is an extremely damaging and misfortunate exploit of human nature. Worse, this exploit is as easy to execute as flipping a light switch for the majority of the population – and it is currently being employed to its maximum effect.

The largest PSYOP in history is unfolding right before our eyes, armed with incalculable amounts of human behavior data harvested from internet and smart phone usage geared toward manipulating us to walk in lock-step into the incinerator of our own destruction.

We’re dealing with a captured media and the transparently obvious military grade psychological operations they are relentlessly employing, the millions of sheep that believe their every obvious lie and preach it as gospel, and their near total obliviousness to the self-evident fact that this plandemic is a blatant takeover of the world.

Here are two essential articles detailing how politicians hack our brains with fear as a means of political control:

This Is Your Brain On Terrorism

Bio-Security and Politics


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