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Coordinated Hit Job on Melatonin — They Especially Do Not Want You to Get A Good Nights Rest — Remember the Hit Job On Aspirin For Cardiac Health

stock here, there was another source with a hit job on Melatonin, I’ll add it if I can find it again.


We know these sociopaths are willing to murder 60000 seniors, in a snuff

job, in nursing homes…..but what else would they not do?

They recommended NOT to take baby aspirin for blood pressure control, early

last year I think….insane!

Now they are saying that Melatonin

“Taking sleep aids has been linked in prospective studies with the

development of dementia and early mortality,” she said.


Asshats…..sure some of the hypnotics were really bad, 400% increase in

cancer and such…..they are lumping melatonin into this group.

Then the asshats pretend that the time to fall asleep is the only thing

important, and not the quality or duration of sleep.

“When adults took melatonin, it decreased the amount of time it took them

to fall asleep by four to eight minutes,” Dr. Cora Collette Breuner, a

professor in the department of pediatrics at Seattle Children’s Hospital at

the University of Washington, told CNN last March.

That’s all I got to say about that……they do not want the vast population to

get good sleep.

I been using melatonin around 3mg and it does help me sleep.    At 5 I feel

groggy, but if I get up and start moving it really doesn’t matter…after 2


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