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Rittenhouse: Listen Closely To The Things Not Said. A Coverup Perchance!

I picked up a full 1931 Encyclopedia. It shall be interesting to see how that ties Hitler into Rittenhouse, as the speculation shows. Hitler gained fame by participating in a failed coup, in which he was injured and then then in a 24 day trial, that gave him great audience, was convicted of treason, and sentenced to 5 years. He only served 9 months. More at link:


From Radio Far Side


Being the kind of person who likes to let my mind rift on certain events and themes, I started thinking about why the media went out of their way to disguise the fact that all the main characters in the Rittenhouse drama were white with German last names.  I ended up running smack into Nazis, Catholics and yes, Q itself.

The surname “Rittenhouse” (Reittighaus) comes from Austrian nobility and means “of the marsh house”.  Grosskreutz is another Germanic surname meaning “Great Cross”.  Rosenbaum is yet another Germanic surname, meaning “Rosebush”.  Finally, Huber comes from a Germanic term meaning “landowner,” and implies a wealthy individual with “huben” being an appreciable amount of land.

The casual observer might be forgiven for thinking the four central characters in the Kyle Rittenhouse drama represent roll call at the Beer Hall Putsch.  In fact, the verdict was handed down on 19 November 2021, almost 98 years to the day of the anniversary of the Nazi’s attempted coup d’etat on 9 November 1923.  For the time being, I will dodge the numerology of the number 9.

On a symbolic level, Austrian nobility saved America’s heartland from a Socialist coup fomented by Catholic secret societies. 

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