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Mass Formation: Ideological Subversion by Yuri Bezmenov

Dr. Robert Malone in some other videos with Mattias Desmet, Mattias corrects Dr. Malone on the addition of “psychosis” on the now famous Joe Rogan Experience.

Mattias explained that the Mass Formation is not truly a form of psychosis at all.

What I discovered though is that Mass Formation is but a symptom that naturally develops from another psychological tool of warfare called, “Ideological Subversion”.

Ideological Subversion is actually a weapon of war that Communists deployed upon America shortly after WWII. Yuri Bezmenov, a Russian KGB defector told us everything we should have been paying attention to. He revealed back in 1985 in many interviews how Ideological Subversion was already on its way to control the minds of the masses.

Great material worth checking out.

I uploaded a 15 minute compelling video that explains how the system actually works. When you understand that as the basis of what has taken place, Mass Formation naturally evolves from that system.

Many people were not aware that WW2 never stopped after military victory. During the time of “peace” that came after, communism wasn’t defeated. Marxists launched an incredibly successful attack upon the minds of the Free World.

This attack is called Ideological Subversion. It’s intent is to brainwash an unsuspecting public, teachers, politicians and business CEO’s to believe in something that goes against any form of religion, faith, patriotism and so much more.

The brainwashing is so strong that those that are under its influence cannot be swayed by facts, logic or data. Any objective facts are immediately dismissed by these people.

Entire generations of people have been ideologically subverted. Yuri Bezmenov warned us of what was taking place 35 years ago, and we didn’t listen. Now we are paying the price for our ignorance.

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