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Polly Describes the Nazis Going Underground and Now They Are Back

The Nazi’s Went “Underground” after world war 2. Now they are back, profiting from the “Pandemic” and the Virus and the Vax Passport and such.

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NAZIs? Perhaps better, as Miles Mathis employs the appellation, Phoenicians, self-erased from history, parasitical with psychosocial, chameleon-like abilities to blend in, merge with, and, eventually take over and take down whole societies, nations, and civilizations! The analogy to “NAZIs” seems lame and misdirective to me. For example, we then get to look into a Pandora’s box of fakery and false history, always with implied reference to the biggest lie of the 20th Century.

The crime of THIS CENTURY is without precedent! We have identified the mass murderers, at least those on the front lines, putting putatively human faces on The Power$ That Be, among them, Gates, Jr., and Fauci, and a whole lot more in Big Pharma, Big Money, Big Government, Big Media, etc.

No need to invoke questionable personas and events in the rewritten history handed down and poorly taught to us.

Just my opinion.

All the criminal elements that be are participating. Polly though, is literally describing Nazi families and businesses of the Hitler era, in somewhat MM style of following the family names and especially the changed names. Not so keen on my Bosch hammerdrill or dishwasher anymore, LOL but they are great tools.

I have reviewed my newly acquired 1931 Encyclopedia, there are interesting things for sure. Like Hitler was a revolutionary but they did not present him badly and they downplayed his incarceration. I want 1941 also, and 1951, and 1961

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