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COVID and VXX Resources

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Perhaps because the site operates on the premise that SARS-CoV-2 is real, is a virus, which is essential to the ornate and beguiling rococco of the Dialectics of COVID. I know, I express a minority opinion within minority opinions comprising the grand NO! to the insanity — and medical unhelpfulness — of facial diapers, social distancing, lockdowns, and, now, as well planned and amply funded years before, mRNA injections that appear to have done more damage than the common cold and flu that “COVID” replaced.

The main argument against the reality of a virus — natural or man-made? With all their Level 4 biosafety and bioweapon laboratories, putative “dualing banjos” (US, Inc., and China) can’t isolate, identify, and provide evidence of “a virus”, whether made in good ol’ USA or in the Wuhan laboratory with funding from the US, or Fort Detrick, or (yet another layer) naturally produced by bats.

To me, this smacks of international collusion, orchestrated fakery, and — let’s admit — a well executed hoax. Those who presume the existence of the “virus” serve — wittingly or unwittingly — as “limited hang-outs”, adding fuel to the retreat to one of the very first layers of the Dialectics of COVID, namely, VIRUS REAL | VIRUS NOT REAL.

Just my opinion. No offense intended.

None taken, however, having had the Rona myself, and known others with the Rona who lost all taste and smell, yes this is a bug that acts differently. I have also had some long COVID that cleared up with Ivermectin. Incidentally, there have been claims of isolation which seemed credible, but not early on. “They” want as much contention on the subject as possible. For instance in 2020, “they” were presenting deaths all causes, and people like me were shouting bullshit….it is no larger than 2019. “They” were leaving January 2020 out of the count and not mentioning that. They set me up, its the first major thing that I reported on wrongly.

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