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Theory: Pfizer Withdrew Their Application to Jab Toddlers Because The Already Known Adverse Events Were Going to Create too Much Newsplay

stock here. This is from a site called OpenVAERS

Adverse Event Reports for Ages 17 and Younger
(from US/Territories/Unknown)

On Friday February 11, Pfizer abruptly withdrew its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application to inject mRNA into children under 5 years old.[1] At the time, the FDA and Pfizer claimed that they wanted to wait for more data on the effects of the third dose.[2] Several days later former FDA Commissioner and current Pfizer Board Member Scott Gottlieb claimed that they pulled the EUA because Covid-19 cases were so low in that population that the results were not significant.[3]

But none of these explanations suffice because all of that information was known prior to Pfizer submitting this EUA to the FDA on February 1. It makes one wonder whether adverse events in the treatment group might be the factor that neither Pfizer nor the FDA want to talk about?

So we decided to look at reports of injury associated with Covid-19 vaccines in children 17 and younger. Remember, these shots have only been on the market for a short while and only children 5 to 17 are eligible. We created a separate page called Child Reports that will update automatically as new reports come in.


We were shocked by what we found — 34,223 VAERS reports in the U.S. in this age range including infants harmed through transmission from the mother via breast milk, lots of reports of kids receiving shots who were too young (either the parents lied about their age or the doctor/pharmacy made a mistake with screening or dosing), and heartbreaking reports of myocarditis and death. You can read the 34,223 reports yourself (here). As always, the reports are not perfect, but it’s the only system that we have.

As you can see, there is already sufficient evidence to remove these Covid-19 vaccines from the market for all age groups.

Thank you for sharing the truth with others.

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