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stockWrites stock’s NWO Ponderings ·Feb 21This is part of the COVID shenanigans…… Klaus Schwab — WEF — Really Do Intend To Take Away All Private Property Rights, Enslave You and Take Away Country Sovereignty have been aware of this for I guess, years. But it was so absurd that I often wondered whether this was just made up, so that normies could point to “crazy conspiracy” theorists. But I found it, amazingly preserved on YouTube so I immediately copied it, stored on harddrive, and uploaded to Bitchute. https://deeperdivedata.blogspot.com/2022/02/klaus-schwab-wef-really-do-intend-to.htmlY’all need to do that stuff also! ON the bottom bottom is a cringe worthy interview posted on Jun 25, 2021 (just about the same time that the CDC started re-coding Vax injuries and deaths in the USA as happening in another country) —posted by the Global ShapersAt the end of these still images is the video that was generated by their Twitter Post. The Twitter post has since been taken down, so it is great that someone preserved this.
denis bider replied to your comment
FYI, BlogSpot is owned and controlled by Google, and will deplatform you.

Good reminder, they when I discovered the hot lots, killer batches in July 2021 and published it, they not allowed shut down my blog, they went out of the way to wipe out 10 years of reporting on 1000 subjects. Some of them could be “found” but they would all 404. Fortunately I had a full backup from like 1 week before, so I restored and self hosted, although blogger does special coding so that things don’t work out smoothly or fully. That said I am going to migrate to WordPress (hate them too) whilst I have full control and access to my blogger, and Ill run both concurrently until I can get Google to attack free speech again…….would be awesome to set up a lawsuit.

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denis bider32 min agoFYI, BlogSpot is owned and controlled by Google, and will deplatform you.

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