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“They” Want The Health Care System to Be Damaged

Medscape(R) News February 28, 2022   TOP STORIES YOU NEED TO KNOW TODAY     Poll: 23% of HCWs Likely to Leave Industry Owing to Pandemic       Severe COVID-19 Increases Risk for Peripheral Nerve Damage       Amid Pandemic, Nurses Also Facing Variety of Workplace Abuse       Report: CDC Not Publishing Large Amounts of COVID-19 Data       PTSD Symptoms Common in Families of COVID Patients       Sanofi-GSK COVID Vax Highly Effective; FDA Approval Sought       Children and COVID: The Omicron Surge Has Become a Retreat       US Vaccination Drive Is Bottoming Out as Omicron Subsides       ACIP ’22 Child/Adolescent Immunization Schedule: What’s New?       COVID-Related MIS-C May Be More Common Sequela Than Thought     Read all the latest news on Medscape ›

2 replies on ““They” Want The Health Care System to Be Damaged”

Besides taking CONtroll decades ago (think Rocky the Fellar), (((THEY))) have not only perverted and damaged Big Medicine, they have also overplayed their hand in the COVID Scamdemic. Setting aside unresolved questions of VIRUS (any) | NO VIRUS, I wonder who among us would actually consult with, much less agree to treatment delivered through and by a “doctor” and assisting “nurses” wearing facial diapers?? Medically useless, unhealthy, yet (((they))) donned their masks (all the better to conceal their identities, correct? just like bank robbers), signed on and pushed the plannedemic to heights hoped for, but not realized, by The Power$ That Be.

Neil Young, foolish old man he’s become, once sung it right, the needle and the damage done….He and Crazy Horse did quite the gigs, back in the day before the Plannedemic.

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