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Equinox Solar Flare Knocks Chinese 737 From The Sky

stock here, well that is my hypothesis. CMEs themselves take days to arrive, but magnetic and electric events (and gravitational) can travel at the speed of light….seven minutes from Sun to Earth. As Veritasium has noted, the universe is horrible to computers. All kind of charged particles and Galactic Cosmic Rays can flip the 1’s and 0’s on a computer, and the most powerful can fry portions of the computer.

I believe the Equinox CME events directly and quickly affected the ionosphere over China and dealt a death blow to this airplane. Note below in image though, the Chinese are providing quite a bit of information, and that itself is suspicious. They could be using this as a false flag, implicate a foreign agent that suicided the plane, and use it to crack down on “everything”. Maybe further disrupt the supply chains.

I have not yet weighed in on “self driving vehicles”, so throwing down….GPS cannot be relied on to guide a vehicle on a roadway. Changes to the Magentosphere can throw GPS off, way off, throwing your vehicle way off the road.

Self driving cars will need wires installed in the pavement, and really, redundant wires. So until that point, the self driving meme is really just some kind of bullshit that I can’t wrap my head around quite yet. Like populating Mars, sorry, it’s a no go. And Elon Musk supporting Ukraine…..it’s just odd.

The flare:


The plane:



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