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The Phases of Evil

Been meaning to write this for a while.

What is the next phase after Ukraine? Is it only to make Putin like weak and evil? (Hint thats not working). Or is the energy inflation the most important part to crush people and make them worry. Or is there more to the plot? And what will Phase 6 be?

Phase 1: Election of a Grabby Abusive Abused Dementia Patient and an Over The Hill Cackling Slut of the right color.

Phase 2: George Floyd Snuff Film. Did you know the Cop and the Floyd were both Drug Dealers working at the same nightclub, a seedy but large joint called The Nuevo Rodeo.

Phase 3: COVID: China kicks it off with incredible, and now incredulous films of people dropping dead on the streets.

Phase 4: The Vax: Division, Deadly to the Useless Eaters, Decrease of Fertility via the ACE2 receptor sites in the Testes and Ovaries. Slow De-pop and replace us with Robots and AI as we dies off and are not replaced

Phase 5: Fear of Nuclear War, and Possible Nuclear War. Goad Russia into invading Ukraine to prevent the Cabal / NATO / UN from putting Nukes 5 minutes from Moscow.

What are your thoughts on what phase 6 will be?

Silly me. As I sat on Ala Moana beach yesterday, reading Hunger Games, it occurred to me that Stage 6 is Hunger Games. Not just expensive prices on food, but real food shortages. Farmers can’t get fertilizer, and the whole modern “method” fails without fertilizer.

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Not sure Putin is “that” white hat, he will push the button if backed into a corner. “They” think they got their pysch models so good that they can push to brink of nuclear war, and still keep things in CONtrol.

I would agree, stock. Famine, a Horseman of the Apocalypse, now makes the rounds, invited and encouraged by The Power$ That Be.



Last week, Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah appeared on Bloomberg Television to state that a “massive, immediate food crisis” is on the horizon.

Shah went full Putin excuse and said global fertilizer supply disruptions caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine would have an “even worse” impact on the crisis, slashing crop yields worldwide. He then delivered the connecting punch line (aka narrative). Shah said debt relief and emergency aid for emerging market countries are needed to mitigate the effects of the food crisis. “Debt relief” is code for plying more debt, typically by extending duration terms and thereby controls. This is classic Washington Consensus.

The food crisis and Covid lockdowns are just the excuses needed to justify sustaining the debt rollover and money printing orgy. This won’t be your standard Dementia Joe economic stimulus and loot. It will look different and more in line with the Reset promoted by the Rockefeller Foundation hack. The premise will be to save billions from starvation worldwide.

Elements of what this looks like is also being hinted at. We discussed the formulas used to reduce society to primitive states in our post “Another Plot Against Civilization.”

Now, by sheer cowinkydink, we learn that the FBI is warning against some vaguely defined cyberattack threats by “actors” on agricultural facilities. This comes at a time when a string of fires and explosions damaged major food processing plants across the country.

The notice reads, “Ransomware actors may be more likely to attack agricultural cooperatives during critical planting and harvest seasons, disrupting operations, causing financial loss, and negatively impacting the food supply chain.”

The notice states ransomware attacks on farming co-ops could affect the current planting season “by disrupting the supply of seeds and fertilizer.” Whodathunk?
[SEE link for list of food processing sites hit to date]

The faux bird flu — epidemic or pandemic? — has thus far led to the culling of millions of meat and egg-laying birds. A major hatchery shut down, restrictions on sending chicks “out-of-state” may be imposed if not all ready in place.

All this, like heavy, dark, lightning-spawning clouds approaching, now well within view, and people do fuck all — not even to prepare, much less to prevent.

Yes and Thank you. Bigtime prophecies fulfilled, Soylent Green, and I kinda gave up on doing all the work that Stock is doing and still reporting. The Elites of the World are reducing population and profiting on the deal. WalMart has a Robot floor-cleaner during shopping hours. What happened to all the Rage on Drone commerce? Everyone will have a drone. Just like the Battle Bots TV show, they don’t want citizens to have their own tactical Air Force nor Machines that can fight in the streets.

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