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Hawaii Is Perfect Resource to “Seed” A Variant or New Bioweapon

As I sit here with what is likely a COVID variant or a New Bioweapon, it occurred to me that Hawaii is the perfect place to spread a new Gizmo.

UPDATE feeling better just 1/2 day later, but definitely still not at 75%

My last big outing with exposure to more than a handful of people was a week ago when I went to see a couple bands playing live music, there were a few hundred people and it was indoors. I guess that is perfect “incubation time” although 4 days seems like a popular number too.

I discovered that on my last trip to the mainland I took the Pulse Oximeter and Temperature devices “for safety”, so I had to phone a friend to get those replaced quickly from Walmart so I could monitor my vital signs.

After rest, nap, chicken soup, and ginger tea, I felt good enough for some research and found this.


For old people, already in a hospital setting, they didn’t show much in terms of blood pressure increate or heart rate, and even temperature. I guess they weren’t “mounting a defense”. O2, and especially declniing O2 in the face of supplemental oxygen that “didn’t work” was a kiss of death.

I would like this study for people of younger ages and in better health, and not going into the hospital already!

They created a “composite” factor using all the vital sign, they called it oddly a “Novelty Score”

This is a good simple guide

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