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Mission Accomplished: Marxist Government Destroys 19% of All Small Business! Bankrupt!

stock here: It became clear to me maybe in April 2020 or May 2020, that a big part of “their plan” was to decimate small business. I signed up, I may give them a few ideas……that will sure go over well.

Good Work Cabal! Mission Accomplished

According to the ICIC and Kauffman Foundation COVID Impact Tracker, 19.1% of small businesses with 1-4 employees in Honolulu/surrounding metro have closed since the beginning of the pandemic (2nd quarter of 2020). This is significantly higher compared to other metro areas around the country due to the impact of closures on dominant industries throughout the state (hospitality, retail, and tourism). As a result, business owners and residents alike are seeking innovative strategies to sustain disruptions similar to those brought by COVID-19.

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Time: 10:00AM – 11:30AM HST
For more information and details: Diversifying the Economy to Build Resilience of Hawaiʻi Small Businesses

This 90-minute event includes a presentation and panel discussion to offer small businesses, organizations that serve them, and other interested stakeholders 1) a framework to uncover opportunities unique to Hawai’i, 2) important updates impacting small businesses from state and local leaders, and 3) multiple perspectives and ideas to diversify the Hawai’i economy.

10:00-10:05     Welcome and Introduction
10:05-10:30     Presentation: Steven Bond-Smith
10:30-10:45     Mini Presentations: Senator Wakai, DBEDT, MEDB
10:45-11:15      Panel Discussion
11:15-11:30      Q&A and Closing

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