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Epiphany — “They” Are Now Going to Inject Diseases and Plagues into The Animals of Our Food Supply.

stock here: if you don’t have 200 lbs of meat in a freezer, you are not paying attention.

Bear in mind, this Statement of Opinion, is not based on hours of research or a dozen smoking guns that all point that way. This is a hypothesis of what they could try next. Methinks some farmer types might have a stronger reaction than most city slickers, so not sure how much traction they can get. But a widely released bio-weapon may be something nearly impossible to “fight”.

Image below from a commenter!

6 replies on “Epiphany — “They” Are Now Going to Inject Diseases and Plagues into The Animals of Our Food Supply.”

I knew an old Adventist farmer guy, after ww2 he was
one of the Yuma homestead guys. metal smith built and flew crew on PBY
planes. blessed to grow feed and deliver it only a mile away to the feedlot
using his own home-built trailers. He said he always saw tanker trucks
loading DES feed-supplement to mix with his real feed. Part of his
reasoning to remain vegetarian, the fattening, the hormonal disruption.
Adventist vegetarians regularly walk into their nineties. Cohen the
notmilk man points out the recombinant growth hormone has been
directly responsible for fueling cancers. kids all clogged with mucus,
and the moms give more cow-milk. The bovine spongiform encephalitis
is destroying deer. Frozen rat-on-a-stick will be a new, old favorite.

Very pleased to already be living 85% off my own organic grown crops. Hoop house planted in Mar 15th this year has provided much good food even in early June. Other crops now bearing. Asparagus almost enough to live on, still, although will taper as summer heat comes.

Stock, I’ve followed your work since the days of Fuku. I think if your claim has some facts behind it, you need to let us know what they are. On the other hand, if this is just an intuition or educated guess/projection, you should state that, too. It certainly does seem entirely possible – could the 10k dead cows in Kansas be the result of too large a dose of toxins? (I have no proof of that) Anyway, I hope you can “flesh-out” your headline, no pun intended. Thanks!

Thanks for following so long!
The 10k cows got me going on this line…..
But it is just an epiphany at this time. Of course, I also just put 60 lbs of hamburger (at $2.99 a pound) in the freezer.
the 10K-Cow this is #FaF because the Cabal is attributing it to “Global Warming” aka they died of heat. But it is also reported that the old timer farmers are saying it was not the heat.

You are aware that they are burning down hundreds of food processing facilities? If not Google that.

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