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VXX Is A Slo-Depop Mechanism. Fertility Down 30% to 35%. I Guessed This in July 2021

stock here. After I discovered the “Hot Batches” in July 2021 and published it, and was quickly wiped off the web….10 years of work painstakingly hidden from Google searches, and kicked off Blogger at the same time. I came up with the hypothesis that they didn’t want to kill off all the slaves at once, and that their intention was to replace us with Robots and AI over a few decades, so they could retain their wealth, power, privilege. Now the data are supporting that, and actually have been for a while. But I haven’t been spending much time on the tough data crunching….I know what is coming and spend energies and resources on being the most prepared.

Source Study


Noted: The Summary or Abstract of 98% of all the new medical papers exactly parrots what the Cabal wants published. They lie through their teeth to promote the idea that sperm “value” does an overall recovery in time period T3, which is about 150 days after first jab. AND THAT IS A TOTAL LIE. The data table presented just below shows although sperm volume goes down a little 6%, the density of motile (mobile) cells goes down 30%, and the mobility of what is there goes down 35%.

Isn’t that curious, all contributors are from Israel.

Noted: they present other tables that use the Median instead of the Mean (Average) which show less long term damage. But the ramification should be clear after 20 seconds of thought….Some men are almost completely sterilized, while others are only mildly effected.

Makes sense, since the batches of vaccine are quite different.

The site below covers this also. Research and findings are my own.


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