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Tulsi Gabbard — A WEF “Young Global Leader”, War Hater, but Light Bird Colonel in Pyschological Operations

Mining Awareness was early on the boat with anti-nuclear activism, but with a decidedly Liberal / Lefty view. But they have always been able to think. They turned off comments many moons ago.

Mining Awareness continues to show their slant, making it hard to get the realist big picture. China is one of the main Cabal players, but just one of them. Tulsi supports Syria (and those fake murdered babies, as real as Sandy Hook) and knows that Russia has been lured/forced into a war they didn’t want by threat of nuclear missiles 4 minutes from Moscow.

But that by itself does not support or indict Gabbard.

But have a look and form your own opinion and chime in on your thoughts.

MA writes “And, for that matter, why would Biden be involved? Why not address Putin, Zelensky and NATO?”

Sorry MA but that should be beyond obvious. Biden, as the leftist controlled puppet, is responsible for illegally sending $40B for starters to support ukraine, For each tax paying citizen, that is around $270 each. For each family of four, they have been stripped of $1,080 whilst pummeled with inflation (30% to 50%) and realted high energy cost. Especially the diesel, will make farming and trucking way more expensive so that every aspect of purchasing will be forced to raise prices. High diesel will “bake in the cake” the inflated prices (which will not come down even after energy costs do come down, LOL, shortly after the fake mid-terms).

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