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As the Jabs Cause Neurological Damage, We Spot Zombies At Food Stores, But Now They Attempt To Blame It All on Weed

stock here: what utter bullshit. Although not a “weed user” I know it has many benefits, aka FULL spectrum CBD, and limited risks unless way overused.

But now (1) ONE, I mean one, “researcher” literally “suggests” that 25% of new schizophrenia in young men is due to Weed. And then in total bullshit red herring fashion, throws out that prior to this, it was accepted to cause 5 to 10 percent of schizophreenia.

Next thing you know psilicybin mushrooms, which are awesome for treatment of depression, will shortly be suggested to cause all the mass murders!

Anything that is potentially good for you is being demonized. Remember when FDA and CDC as they murdered tens of thousands, and maybe 100 times more, recommended against aspirin to reduce blood pressure and for general good flow of blood. Right in the heart of the Vax campaign.


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