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It’s “Funny” That Jabbed Comedians Seem To Be Getting The Worst of the Sudden Death, Esp. After They Poke Fun At the Unjabbed

stock here: it is funny that the Jabbed as so self assured, that even after a death in their family, they do not question the Jabs. In fact they do out of there way to cover up the manner of death.

Canadian comedian Nick Nemeroff, considered a rising star in his native country, died suddenly at the age of 32.

Nemeroff was nominated for a Juno Award, Canada’s version of the Grammy, for his comedy album, “The Pursuit of Comedy Has Ruined My Life.

“It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our beloved brother Nick Nemeroff,” Nemeroff’s family stated on his Twitter account, adding, “Endlessly sweet, supportive of others, humble about his many skills and achievements, Nick lived his life doing what he loved, and that is how he will be remembered. RIP Nick. We love you.”


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