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Uvalde Debacle, Officer Had Killer In Rifle Scope Before Killer Entered School. Failed to Shoot.

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This story started out horrible, and it continues to get worse.

I covered the timeline on June 22nd

3 replies on “Uvalde Debacle, Officer Had Killer In Rifle Scope Before Killer Entered School. Failed to Shoot.”

Many of those that took the Jab will die, have morbidity, not have children. A crime against Humanity that far exceeds the overly “promoted” Holocaust.

How does one get to 6M with stories like this?
https://www.haaretz.com › jewish › 2013-08-11 › ty-article › .premium › one-mans-journey-to-id-death-march-victims › 0000017f-dec7-df9c-a17f-fedf85ea0000
Outside Auschwitz, the Mystery of a Mass Grave Is Finally Solved
Aug 11, 2013. In the Polish town of Miedzna, roughly 15 kilometers southwest of Auschwitz, is a mass grave containing the bodies of 42 camp inmates who were murdered during the death march in January 1945. The mass grave is in the local cemetery, near a large wooden church. Until last month, the victims’ identities were unknown.
https://apnews.com › article › poland-holocaust-mass-graves-7f79019cfaac33db78aaadfbd03934b4
Sites where Germans killed Jews are dedicated in Poland – AP NEWS
A man lays a candle at a new memorial at a mass grave to some 60 Jews, executed during the Holocaust in Wojslawice, Poland, on Thursday Oct. 14, 2021. It is one of many mass grave sites to be discovered in recent years in Poland, which during World War II was occupied by Adolf Hitler’s forces. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)
Holocaust memorial landscapes in Germany
Holocaust memorial landscapes in Germany encompass a large group of works dealing with the outdoor built environment. Most often these memorials attempt to keep the memory of Holocaust victims alive through dissemination of this memory to the public.

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