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5 Possible Strategies of the NWO Cabals

stock here, saw this at Bitchute. I think our best mitigating factor to spoil the plans of these evil tyrannical effers, is to predict where they are going.

The Kissinger Report of 1974 is listed at the far bottom. It pretty simple they planned on reducing population growth in the 3rd world birth control, fear of being unable to provide for babies, abortion, and as an added bonus, just don’t give them enough food (starve them) with an occasion side dish of warfare.

I think I figured it out about a year ago.

  1. Quickly kill off the “useless eaters” to avoid pensions and health care costs, leaving more money in the system for them to skim off. Older people tend to be more Republican, more conservative, so kill off those votes too, to make the election swindles not as hard or obvious to pull off.
  2. Damage some of the population, so that they become financially at risk, and must rely on the Government for basic needs and health care.
  3. Reduce the fertility of the populations so that population can be reduced over time, say to around 3B by say 2050. Coined the Slo-Depop (TM). The Jabs do affect fertility, with the Spike S targeting the ACE-2 receptor sites that are a large part of the testes and the ovaries.
  4. So as not to affect their wealth, power, and privilege, the Elite have chosen the slo-depop so that the “missing people” can be replaced with Robots and AI over time. Bottom line — if they wiped out 5B people in say 2 years, the chaos and loss of wealth would be enormous.
  5. The elite are just sick and tired of even having to listen to the little people whine, after stressing people out for years on end, then put them through fear of no food, and for many, actual no food, control them via famine via destruction of food producing activites, food storage and food transportation.
  6. Outlaw the basic building blocks of life. Tax and minimize Carbon and Nitrogen.
  7. Capite?


The 1974 Kissinger report to the UN in 1974 is a pretty damning piece.···Hide replies

2 days ago


Except that he talked about depopulating the 3rd world… what confuses me now is that 50 years after that report, the Synagogue of Satan seems now hell-bent on depopulating the First World through the

  • vaxx,
  • mass non-western immigration
  • and by letting Africa’s population explode.
  • I have a hard time understanding their goals and other than the new Biontech plant in Rwanda, they seem to not care if the Blacks in Africa get the clot shot.
  • So what is it?
  • 1) Kalergi Plan full speed because the White Christian Man is the only real obstacle to the NWO and so we don’t mind the population explosion through immigration in the Core Countries of the Global order because Third Worlders are no threat?
  • 2) Kill everyone everywhere because Georgia Guidestones’ numbers requiring the genocide of 95% of the population, meaning they make the Westerners kill themselves (vaxx) because no other way to defeat Western Man and then let the natural course of things manifest and hence let Africans starve (by stopping international aid) while China & India genocide its own people?
  • 3) Reduce low-IQ Whitey numbers in Core Countries (those who believed the lies and took the shot) in order to make population levels sustainable in the First World, import significant numbers of minorities to have UN-type global to not lose the genetic diversity and representation of humans and their multiple sub-species , then empty entirely the 3rd world through some bio-toxin targeting Africans and/or Asians?
  • 4) Motherfuckers are disorganized imbeciles and have fumbled the initial Club of Rome / Bilderberg plan so many times in 50 years that the whole situation was miscalculated, has escaped their control and they are in fact murdering the wrong people – the ones who would be useful after The Great Automation?
  • 5) Satan (who allegedly hates all humans – but particularly Adamic Man) is out to murder everyone including the possessed Elite themselves, who in Trashcan Man Style (“my life for you”) don’t actually give a fuck about saving themselves and only care about the mission given to them by the Archons? –
  • THESE ARE THE 5 OPTIONS I CAN THINK OF. What is everyone’s take? Did I miss an option? Which one do you think is THE PLAN? [show less]

The Kissinger Report of 1974


and the actual document


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