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DR McCullough Rails On The Varying Toxicity of Different Batches

Hat Tip to Lot’s Wife, up in Alaska, and ripping out many great resources / information.

The jabs are licensed as experimental, so it’s reasonable to see variation in effect. Those who got duds act as Judas goats for those who hesitate. Brilliant in conception and execution. Spin a revolver’s cylinder; five are empty, one is loaded. It’s Russian roulette, dear citizen, propelled by fear, arrogance, ignorance, and a pinch of Nietzsche’s fruit cake. 

Was this from a live round? Dead at 22, cause of death “Unexpected”


Until recently, McCullough held out in support of vaccine theory and history. As a doc of 40 years, he was invested in disease intervention by vaccine. No longer. He’s washing his hands of vaccines based on verifiable lies and distortion coming from big pharma and its agency partner, the CDC.

As we tip-toe through the mine field that confronts us, advise paying attention to this guy. He’s fueled by righteous indignation but he never boils over. He’s careful and measured, like you’d expect a surgeon to act.

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