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Twitter Thread — VXX Dangers

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Friends, as many of you know, I’ve spent much of the last year railing about vaccine mandates and alerting people that we have not been given informed consent about the experimental gene therapy being injected into people across the globe. 🧵

At this stage, anyone who supports mandates has either been corrupted or brainwashed into believing these shots do something that they do not. This thread is focused on the possible risks that are being suppressed by those who shape the minds of the masses.

Let’s start with VAERS, the reporting system overseen by the U.S. Government. As of today, there have been 2,191,417 reports of adverse events. That is more than all vaccines combined since they started keeping records of this 30+ years ago.

While correlation does not imply causality, VAERS is the gold standard for early detection of vaccine safety. All reports are vetted by the CDC and it is a crime to submit a fake claim. The CDC has the data but has not done an investigation.

In fact, in response. to a FOIA request submitted by @ChildrensHD, the CDC admitted it never analyzed the VAERS system for safety signals at all. On its own that should be front-page news, however, I don’t believe it received any mainstream coverage.

In response to a Freedom of Information Request submitted by Children’s Health Defense, the Centers


Next, as @USMortality + @EthicalSkeptic have continuously shared, the most vaxxed countries around the world have shown excess deaths since the rollout. We’re being warned about lots of possible causes for this but it’s taboo to suggest that the mRNA may be the cause.

Edward Dowd, a financial analyst that predicted the dot-com crash in 2000 and the housing crisis in 2008, has been investigating this. A few months ago, he reported that millennials had 61k excess deaths in Fall ’21 vs the prior year.

The fact that 25-44 year-olds were dying in ’21 is suspicious (they were not dying in ’20) but the timing is even grimmer, as it coincides with the rollout of many corporate and government shot mandates. You can find Edward on Gettr (he’s suspended here)

Contrarian and sometimes lead steer. Remember to think for yourself. The Matrix is real. Imagine a w


If you’re wondering if there has been any recent movement on the excess mortality, unfortunately, the CDC has suspended the reporting of this because of a “system-wide upgrade” 🤔

While the US is not sharing its data, there signal from the EU that the shots may be harming children. As @OS5138895 said, it’s probably just a case of Coinciditis.

perhaps we see why so many countries are losing enthusiasm for this project


Next up is fertility. A couple of weeks ago, @Jikkyleaks posted a thread about how birth rates have dropped across the world. Of course, she was suspended for speaking against the approved narrative but the thread is archived and the data is undeniable.


Couple this with the huge spike in miscarriages, fetal deaths, and uterus shedding (as reported by @jesslivesMJK) and it feels like a reasonable cause for major concern.

Then there’s the study out of Israel that shows that the shots “temporarily impair semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors”. It’s another signal that should ring alarm bells but we’ve gotten nothing but silence from the media.


Anyone remotely paying attention can see that there’s been an avalanche of unexpected deaths. If you do a search for “died suddenly” on Google, there is an overwhelming number of articles about healthy, young people, including many kids, dropping dead.


What’s particularly interesting is that the causes of excess death seem to have morphed from respiratory issues in 2020 to heart-related deaths in 2022. via @ClareCraigPath

As VAERS has shown us, heart issues are a common side-effect of the covid jabs.

Apparently, though, it’s taboo to ask about the vax status of the deceased. That level of inquiry is only appropriate when people want to eat at a restaurant or visit a gym.


Those who share anecdotes that should be cause for concern are easily brushed off as anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.

Some people have even been posting montages of young people, including hundreds of elite athletes, collapsing and dying.






By the end of 2021, the deaths among athletes became so prevalent that fact-checkers had to ensure us that there was no cause for worry. Phew.

Still, instead of questioning what may be the most likely cause of this, we are now being told it’s a myriad of other causes and/or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), an ailment that seems to be gaining momentum across the world.

Just a few weeks ago,


assured us that any link between SADS and the shots is “baseless”.


I’m sure that even though


is funded by Bill Gates + big pharma they have no bias whatsoever.

Edward Dowd has also told us that Life Insurance companies are now reporting a huge uptick in claims, while funeral homes are showing a large increase in deaths. Causal? Maybe not. Reason for investigation? I’d say so.

Edward Dowd: Funeral Home & Insurance Company COVID-19 Statistics


Lincoln National, a life insurance company founded in 1905, is reporting a 40% spike in deaths, which is “unheard of” according to their CEO.

Life Insurance CEO Reveals Deaths Are Up 40% Among Working People: “Just unheard of” | Facts Ma


Dowd also reports that Disability claims have been skyrocketing. The chart is similar to the trend with excess deaths. It gets much steeper in 2021 after covid was at its most virulent and while we had “safe and effective” vaccines.

So, if something is actually wrong, why haven’t people stepped forward? They have! Every major news outlet in America should have interviewed @iambrookjackson, the Pfizer whistleblower who reported fraud in the trials to the FDA.

Fortunately, groups like @vacsafety have created a venue for Brook to tell her story. Everyone should know it since she is an American hero.

Ep#36 Excerpt: Pfizer Whistleblower


Even within the government, there have been whistleblowers. Lt. Colonel Theresa Long MD MPH stepped forward to tell people about the risks she’s seen to our armed service members, but her warnings have also fallen on deaf ears. via @TexasLindsay

Could all of this be why Pfizer & the FDA didn’t want us to see the trial data until the year 2096? Are they afraid of what we might learn? Isn’t transparency the best way to convince us these shots are as safe and effective as advertised?


For anyone remotely interested in learning about this, you can go to the source material and learn that in the first 3 months of the rollout, there were 1,223 deaths and over 42k adverse effects. So, why aren’t most people aware of this?


Why didn’t the FDA tell us that they never actually did trials on pregnant or breastfeeding women when they were telling both that they needed to get the shots to be safe? Isn’t this the organization that is supposed to inform and protect us?

For more on the Pfizer docs, you can follow the inimitable Naomi Wolf on Gettr (she’s banned here, of course) or read her critically important book, The Bodies of Others.

DPhil, Victorian Poetry. Co-Founder/ CEO, DailyClout. Author, Nonfiction Bestseller The Bodies of Ot



Now, noted vaccine proponent Paul Offit says that it “felt like the fix was in” before the FDA voted to reformulate booster shots. He was one of only 2 people on a panel of 21 to vote against it. https://youtube.com/embed/PLo2Wwa3NNA?t=720

To add insult to injury, moving forward, the FDA will not even require a clinical trial before they authorize new boosters. To anyone who suggests the FDA cannot be captured or blinded, I’d recommend reading/watching Dopesick or learning about Theranos.

FDA will not require clinical trial data to authorize redesigned COVID boosters -official


The scale of possible harm we are going to see from this, the largest science experiment in human history, is truly frightening. My hope is that more people will wake up and ask questions before it’s too late.

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