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Neurologists Are Quitting And Retiring Enmasse, They Cannot Handle The Massive Damage Done by The VXX

stock here: full disclosure, this is just a guess. Might be very hard to get real data without many hours of work. But it is stated on this comment on a spoof video called “Eye of the Pfizer”.


I’m caregiving for a patient who has Parkinson’s disease. She is 87 and has had multiple seizures, intermittent dementia and adverse reactions to her meds. I haven’t been able to get her to see a neurologist for months. I spoke to her GP about this and he said that neurologists in the USA have been abandoning their profession in droves. He said there are 50 patients for every available appointment. My patient hasn’t seen a neurologist since last October and I can’t get her an appointment into the future. I wonder how much all the covid shot victims have shocked them into retreating… [show less]

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