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Theory: Holocaust 6M Number is Greatly Exaggerated, Today They Find Mass Grave of Ashes in Poland They Say Represents 8,000 People

stock here. Even some Jews admit that they repeatedly use the “Holocaust” as talking points so that most people are utterly afraid of saying anything bad about Jews.

A few days ago, I posted up a few stories in the comments, talking about dozens of people killed by the Nazis, and opined…how do we get to 6,000,000 with stories like this?

So they upped the ante to 8,000 in this story. Presented with no hint of facts, and actually a hint of bullshit. They stated that the “pit” was 10 feet deep, but if you were going to dispose of ashes, wouldn’t it far easier to make it 4 feet deep and just bigger, using bulldozers.

A typical cremation volume of 1 human is 200 Cubic Inch, per this resource, and typical weight is 5 pounds.


In the ABC story they say they found 17 tons total in 2 pits.

So thats 34,000 pounds, divided by 5 pounds per person = 6800. So they are in the range of rationality for their claim of 8,000.


Volume would be 6800 time 200 Cubic Inch = 1,360,000 CI

Dividing by 12 cubed, give Cubic Feet, or 787 CF.

So 2 pits, say right around 400 CF each, and at 10 feet deep per the story, about 40 Square feet.

Do I need to say anything more here? The story is now easily relegated into the status of bullshit. They made a lie about 10 feet deep to make it seem horrendous. but there is no way they would make a pit 10 feet deep and just 4 feet wide by 10 feet long.

stock out

PS they also stated that the bodies were originally buried, but then they dug them up, cremated them, and then somehow crushed the bones into powder.

In the middle of a war that wasn’t going that well.

Poland promotes this forest and does not mention any mass graves.


One reply on “Theory: Holocaust 6M Number is Greatly Exaggerated, Today They Find Mass Grave of Ashes in Poland They Say Represents 8,000 People”

since you mention it …
A while ago Iran pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was accused all over of being a holocaust denier. To this day the big lie fabricated by Christopher Hitchens sticks.
What happened was Iran hosted a history conference dealing with the topic of the founding of Israel and all the trouble since.

Ahmadinejad said in order to get to a solution of regional strife they should look at the Israel timeline and the Jewish influx to the region prior to the state creation and scroll back the time to before the strife (to pinpoint the cause of the friction).
When he said go back in time – zionist biggot Hitchens lied and made up a fake quote about “erasing Israel from the map”…. which gets quoted to this day.

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