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Tool Debunker Provides all The Evidence of VXX Death, While Debunking VXX Death, LOL

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In a hilarious “debunk” of how athletes and entertainers ARE NOT dropping like flies because of the VXX, this tool lists many of the athletes and entertainers that are dropping like flies. His first debunk point that Jak Knight was not taken out by the Vax is that
“he died at home”


The “debunk” LOL

Did Paul Ryder Die From Vaccine On Day Of Concert?!Marion Barber III : Cause Of Death Not Vaccine SADS!Tyler Sanders Reportedly Died From Drug OD, Not Vaccine!Did NHL Player Bryan Marchment Die From Vaccine SADS?James Caan Dies At 82, Antivaxxers Blame Vaccines!Carlos Santana Collapsed From Dehydration, Not Vaccine!Did Comedian Nick Nemeroff Die From Vaccine SADS?!Travis Barker Confirmed Pancreatitis Was From Colonoscopy!Jaylon Ferguson Autopsy : Cause Of Death Was Drug OD!Did Josh Gad’s Nephew, Marco, Die From Vaccine SADS?!Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher : Cause Of Death Not Vaccine!Did Sukma Athlete Stephanie Sim Die From Vaccine Stroke?!Did Ravens Linebacker Jaylon Ferguson Die From Vaccine?!Did NBA Star Caleb Swanigan Die From COVID-19 Vaccine?!Did Tom Mann’s Fiancee, Dani Hampson, Die From Vaccine?!Fact Check : Did Gwen Casten Die Of COVID-19 Vaccine?!Why Steve Kirsch Is 100% Wrong On Justin Bieber’s Paralysis!Did Justin Bieber Blame Pfizer Vaccine For His Paralysis?!Did Justin Bieber Get Ramsay Hunt Syndrome From Vaccine?!Did Indian Singer KK Die From Vaccine Heart Attack?!Fact Check : Did Ray Liotta Die From COVID-19 Vaccine?!Did Rapper Lil Keed Die From Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine?!Did Gilbert Gottfried Die From COVID-19 Vaccine?!Why Steve Kirsch Is Wrong About Taylor Hawkins Dying From VaccineWas Bruce Willis Forced To Get COVID-19 Vaccine?!Did Bruce Willis Get Aphasia From COVID-19 Vaccine?!Did Taylor Hawkins Die From Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis?!Did Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Die From Vaccine?!Did Bob Saget Die From COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose?It’s Official – Bob Saget Died From Head Trauma, Not Vaccine!Fact Check : Did Louie Anderson Die From Booster Dose?!Fact Check : Did Meat Loaf Die From Booster Dose?!Did Shebby Singh Die From COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose?Did Betty White Die From COVID-19 Booster Dose?

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