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Shark Attacks Hawaii and Long Island

stock here: After Fukushima destroyed the food chain, and 90% of the krill absorbed the radiation and went to Davy Jones locker….there were a rash of shark attacks in Hawaii, enough that they started hiding them and reclassifying them. So if a guy was spear fishing, they classified it as “instigated”.

So I was surprised to find 2019 had at least 6 attacks in Hawaii. There were 6 up to May 26th!!!!!! Surprised, because I heard nothing of them.


This article states that there were 14 attacks in Hawaii in 2020 when this fatal attack happened. Which is really odd, since that was COVID year, and there were near zero tourists.

Here is a 2021 Hawaii Shark Attack



Odd, apparently ZERO in Hawaii this year?????

Video below show a Dec 2021 actual attack in Hawaii, with video of shark hitting the man, then pulling him under water!!!!

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