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Distraction: The Whole EV Topic. EV’s are NOT RIGHT for almost Everyone, Killing Cheap Energy is Not Right for EVERYONE

stock here. Buttplug’s assertion that EVs are not just clean but also cheaper than gas vehicles is laughable. It’s mostly a way to disrupt and upset, also to get people to make bad decisions for themselves. And to disrupt the automobile and energy industries. Eff them to hell.

Key shareholders at VW had enough with woke (stupid, self destructive) CEO DIess, who wanted to pivot to all electric. What a stupid idea, I agree……


Key shareholders in Volkswagen AG VOW 0.37%▲ joined forces with labor leaders to oust Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess, who was in the midst of a push to turn the German auto company into a top maker of electric vehicles.

Mr. Diess will be succeeded by Oliver Blume, CEO of VW’s sports-car maker Porsche AG and long an ally of the Porsche-Piëch family that controls a majority of VW voting rights. Mr. Blume will retain his job running Porsche, which is slated for an initial public offering this

The Mad Jewess (you really need to visit her site, it’s edgier than mine) weighs in on EVs

LOL $300K for a Cadillac EV, me thinks NO


Investing is stupid stuff at the worst possible time, is exactly what they want you to do

Fox hits back at the inane Buttigig (what a name!)

However, experts highlighted that cheaper EVs are still more expensive than comparable traditional cars and must be charged more often due to their relatively low range. For example, the 2022 Chevy Bolt referenced by Buttigieg costs $26,595 and has a range of 259 miles while the traditional engine 2022 Chevy Spark costs $14,595 and has a range of 297 miles, according to company data.


“Customers are clever enough to figure this out despite the snow job from the electric vehicle promoters and people like Secretary Buttigieg,” Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, told FOX Business in an interview.

“It’s really kind of a con job,” Ebell said. “It may be a good deal for some people in some places under some circumstances. But by-and-large right now, it’s not a good deal.”

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