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Lying New York Asshats Pretend That Getting Jabbed Is Good, Without Providing ANY data or even hint of the data source. Rest of the World Shows Jabs Create Death


Sure, right……from the great people who murdered their seniors in an unbelievable snuff film…..New York

While no evidence indicates that BA.5 causes more severe illness from COVID than other strains, people who have never been vaccinated, and even fully vaccinated and boosted people who were last dosed in 2021, are seeing higher hospitalization rates from COVID than in recent months. New York state’s breakthrough hospitalization rate has risen each of the last six weeks and now stands at 1.67 per 100,000. The rate is nearly seven times higher for unvaccinated people.

Well thats funny, because everywhere else in the world, they are reporting the opposite, almost all the hospitalizations and deaths from COVID are in the vaccinated, and the more boosted you are, the more you die.

SHOCKING: UK Government admits COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children

In plain terms that means vaccinated children are 45 times more likely to die of any cause and 137 times more likely to die of Covid-19!!!

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