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Eye of Sauron Coronal Hole — Cycle 25 NOT Predictable Since Earth’s Magnetic Shield Is Weak and Getting Lower

stock here, the potential for large EQ and Vulcanism is high. And this “Eye of Sauron” Coronal hole just looks spooky, LOL.

Epiphany of the day. The coming back of the Solar Activity SHOULD bolster our magnetic shield AND thus block GCRs which cause clouds and volcanic activity. BUT it is different this time. We are simultaneously losing our Magnetic Shield whilst passing through the changing of the magnetic poles of the Galactic Current Sheet. Maybe we haven’t seen this since the 1/8 of the 12,000 cycle in 536 AD and you know what happened then? A massive Volcanic blast.

Seen on Facebook (on my fake account, since they won’t let me make a real account).

De Bullshyte Dodger


Any illusionist worth their mud in deception already knows the most important part of the illusion is the setting – so when you come back with the “why would they lie” bullshyte you just sound like an ignorant ass gullible twit – they lie to deceive and control you in an artificial Truman Show reality that doesn’t really exist outside of the mind of those who believe it – if I told my wife I was at the golf course when I was really at an all you can eat brothel, being at the golf course is only an illusion that exists in her head, it’s not reality – and it can only possibly exist by believing it – as soon as any investigative skepticism or doubt is casted upon the illusion, it will collapse like the house of cards it actually is – if she asks questions and investigates, the obvious cannot possibly be hidden – ALL LIES REQUIRE UNDOUBTED BELIEF TO EXIST PERIOD

“Skepticism is the first step towards truth. It must be applied generally, it is the touchstone” Diderot

You believers of the lies are their actors reciting lines and playing roles that are not your true selves, and your fascination with the lies keep you enslaved and in constant states of fear anxiety and depression, name your instinctual response to living inauthentic to your true self which is telling you deep down “this is not who I really am”

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