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Never Forget, 60 Second Recap Of All The Lies and Abuses of the COVID MKUltra Exploitation

stock here, this young lady does it fast. We love sound bites.

From the very beginning our regulatory health agencies have been like children changing the rules as they go. They played around with reporting high RT cycle times, low RT cycle times, only counting fully vaccinated 14 days after the second dose, to the latest boosters. When breakout cases were kicking their butts, they stopped testing the vaccinated, and reverted to high cycle thresholds for the unvaccinated.

Hospital protocols and coroner death reports are altering death reports by auto, planes, trains, suicides, Iatrogenic deaths, cancers, heart attacks and other “comorbidities as deaths “with COVID” to inflate the IR, or death rates using PCR tests the knew were in adequate to distinguish the difference between influenza, bacteria or viruses and were producing false positives up to 97% of the time.

The HHS, NIH, NIAID, CDC and FDA are playing fast and loose with the facts like Pfizer did in their drug trials. We are under a coordinated assault from a trojan horse so big it staggers the imagination. The DOD funded this bioweapon and they are killing our military and they’ve been trying to ram this transhuman tech into every arm in the world.

China and the central bankers are controlling our runaway bureaucracies and our courts. We are in deep trouble, unless we turn to Christ, to love Him more than our earthly lives. That’s the end goal for man. This life is only a temporary stop. It is a testing ground, to see who is worthy.

Heaven and hell are eternal and only those who love and look forward to Jesus second coming will be going to heaven. For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

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